Celebrating the UK's patron saints

Sian Evans
17th February 2017
Images of UK patron saints including St Andrew, St David, St George and St Patrick

Uncover the legends of St David, St Patrick, St George and St Andrew with these engaging EYFS and primary resources

Although celebrated to varying degrees in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK’s patron saints day form a fundamental part of national tradition and offer the chance to share legendary stories that have been passed down through the generations.

Whether you are looking for introductory assemblies, creative activities or curriculum-based tasks, we’ve hand-picked a range of innovative resources to help you to honour the patron saints in your classroom.

St David’s Day – 1 March

Give your students a potted version of the history of St David using this illustrated presentation before testing their listening skills with the accompanying quiz. Follow this up with a range of creative lesson ideas, including dragon mask-making and imaginative writing tasks, using this comprehensive resource pack.

Bring Welsh culture and traditions into your maths classroom with these numerical reasoning challenge cards, ranging from baking puzzles to eisteddfod problem solving. Meanwhile, KS2 pupils can continue to develop their comprehension skills with these themed information sheets, covering the life of St David and his contribution to the spread of Christianity in Wales.


St David's Day Assembly/Quiz

A very quick powerpoint that I made to use in an assembly for Foundation Stage-Key Stage Two. Consists of a brief history of who St David is, some photos of how St David's Day is celebrated and then an 8 question quiz. Could do with more photos adding to make it a bit more exciting but thought I would share it with St David's Day coming up on 1st March! Hope it&'s useful!
By clojo_jojo


Resources included are as follows:

40 pdf files.
Information pack about St David’s day origins and traditions, key word cards, photo pack of Wales, maps of Wales.
Large lettering, display borders, long banner for title, backing paper, buntings, happy st David’s Day poster, resources sack tag, topic title page
Dragon face masks in colour and black and white, hand puppets in colour and black and white. drawing activities, writing and drawing frames, reward charts, colouring pages, badges, word search, writing booklet cover, booklet to make, Wales and St David’s flags in colour for display and to colour in, alphabetical order worksheet, bingo game, diary writing sheet, mind map, sentence writing sheets, size order dragons cards.
By ReachOut Resources

St David's Day Numerical Reasoning and Challenge Area

Ready to use challenge cards and resources to develop numerical reasoning and mathematics skills. Resources include: making spinning daffodils; planning an eisteddfod; and baking Welsh cakes. Each activity includes related numerical reasoning challenges.
By CullyEducation

Saint David's Day - Texts and Comprehension Questions

This resource contains a set of four information sheets and comprehension questions with answers on Saint David's Day which is celebrated on the 1st of March. St David is the patron Saint of Wales.

The content of the comprehensions include:

- The life of St David
- His contribution to the spread of Christianity in Wales
- How Saint David's day is celebrated in Wales and Welsh communities around the world
- Saint David's and Wales' emblem

You may also be interested in:

Saint David's Day Presentation

This resource contains a 52 slide, fully editable and informative PowerPoint presentation on the life of Saint David and Saint David's Day celebrations.

The content of the presentation is the same as the information texts. The PowerPoint includes hyperlinks to a short video about Saint David (7 minutes) and to the Saint David's Day parade in Cardiff. (5 minutes).

Save money and buy both resources in a bundle at a discounted rate.

Saint David's Day Presentation and Texts and Comprehensions

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By Krazikas

St Patrick’s Day – 17 March

Discover more about the origins of St Patrick’s Day with this easy-to-understand presentation, which is ideal for giving young learners a brief introduction. For older students, this detailed assembly with accompanying worksheets offers a more thorough exploration, including traditional food, music and dance as well as the history of the leprechaun.

Alternatively, set your students the challenge of investigating the celebrations independently before articulating their research with help from this writing frame. To delve further into Irish literary traditions, why not try some of the engaging activities in this resource pack, such as writing a limerick or creating a shamrock-themed acrostic poem?


St Patrick's Day

A simple PowerPoint introducing St Patrick and how the 17th March is celebrated.
By choralsongster

St Patrick’s Day - PowerPoint and Worksheets

St Patrick’s Day - PowerPoint and Worksheets

This download includes a detailed 36 slide PowerPoint explaining all about Saint Patrick and St Patrick’s Day. It covers the important parts of the celebration; Who Saint Patrick was and his life; when and what Saint Patrick’s Day is; how people celebrate and explains what a leprechaun is.

This download includes:
- Complete 36 slide PowerPoint
- Three versions of a the 4 page differentiated worksheets
- Answer sheet

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By The Ginger Teacher

St. Patrick's Day | Writing | Writing Prompts | Story Starters

‘A Bit O’Writing for St. Patrick’s Day’ offers you a range of Graphic Organisers and Templates to help engage and encourage students to write about St. Patrick’s Day.
Includes: original limericks, non-fiction text, writing prompts and an array of different formats. Posters are also included.
The ideas in this pack may be used as whole group activities or split through small groups, depending on skill and choice.
Blackline versions are also available, where appropriate, should you wish to save on ink.


There are 10 writing activities in total.

♣ P1: Cover
♣ P2: Teacher Notes
♣ P3: Act 1: Three Wishes
♣ P4: Act 2: All Things Green!
♣ P5: Act 3: How to Catch a Leprechaun
♣ P6-8: Writing pages for Act 3
♣ P9: Act 4: Pot of Gold
♣ P10: Act 5: I am Lucky Clover
♣ P11: Writing Limericks Poster
♣ P12-13: Two original sample limericks
♣ P14: Act 6: Limerick Template
♣ P15: What is a Leprechaun? (original text)
♣ P16-18: Act 7: Describe the Leprechaun
♣ P19: Act 8: Shamrock Acrostic Poem
♣ P20-21: Act 9: Facts About Ireland (Interactive)
♣ P22: Act 10: Celebrations
♣ P23-39: Blacklines
♣ P40-41: TOU/Credits



St. Patrick’s Day Puzzles

St. Patrick’s Day Colour By Code

St. Patrick’s Day Bundle

Teacher’s Toolkit St. Patrick’s Day

By TeachersToolkit

St George’s Day – 23 April

Fully embrace the feast day of St George with this activity booklet, packed full of different ways to introduce your pupils to the history and legacy of the national celebration.

For a more detailed examination of the famous dragon slayer, this animated presentation provides an engaging and accessible retelling of the legend. Similarly, this booklet template is a great way for learners to consolidate their understanding of the story by filling in the gaps with descriptive sentences and imaginative illustrations.

Or, test your students’ code-breaking skills with this fun activity, which simultaneously teaches them about the patron saint and pattern spotting.


St. George's Day Activity Pack (Presentation and Activity Pack for KS1/KS2)

Resource Title
St. George's Day Activity Pack (Presentation and Activity Pack for KS1/KS2)

Age/Year Group
Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Total Pages in download
❤ 34

File Type

Resource Content
❂ The History of St. George
❂ St. George and the Dragon Reading Comprehensions (2)
❂ St. George Presentation
❂ 14 NO Prep Printable Worksheets

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By PollyPuddleduck

All about Saint George

PowerPoint outlining information about St. George in addition to a retelling of the legend using animations. Comic Sans font used throughout. Comes with themed writing frame for classroom use.
By bevevans22

St George and the Dragon

This file makes an 8 page booklet with spaces for illustration. On each page the students write a sentence continuing the story. Optional sheet of pictures included for title page
By flyingheron

St George's Day

Celebrate the patron Saint of England with our themed activities for KS1 and KS2!

Be a super sleuth. Discover the secrets of St George with our code breaking activity.
By Mathsright

St Andrew’s Day – 30 November

Lead a whole-school assembly using this informative presentation, covering the history of the saint as one of Jesus’ first disciples and his influence on Scottish traditions. Equally, this collection of worksheets gives pupils an overview of Scottish history, including a look at the origins of the flag.

Explore the meaning and celebration of St Andrew’s Day in Scotland and other countries by getting to your class to complete these comprehension questions. Finally, wrap up any themed lesson with this word bingo game, designed to help learners recognise the meaning of some commonly used Scottish words.


St Andrew's Day Assembly

I adapted a great resource (for KS1) that I found on this site when leading an Infant Assembly about St Andrew’s Day. It was used in a Catholic School but can be easily amended to suit your needs.

By gritzy

St Andrew's Day Activity Pack KS1/KS2

This is a set of Worksheets which can be used to teach about St Andrew's Day and the Story of Saint Andrew. They are Microsoft Word and Publisher Documents so can be adapted to meet different needs.
Fun quick and easy to use; simply print off and hand out.

It includes the following:
1. Information text sheet explaining who was St Andrew
2. Comprehension questions
3. Acrostic Poem ST ANDREW
4. Activity Sheet - looking at the Scottish Flag and designing your own
5. Scotland Fact File
6. Recount Frame - How St Andrew became Scotland's Patron Saint
7. Story Board Worksheet - Telling the Story of St Andrew
8. St Andrew's day word search and answers to the word search.
By PrimaryTopicTeacher

St Andrew's Day Reading Comprehension

Saint Andrew's Day is celebrated in Scotland and other countries on November 30th. This resource consists of an information text about the day, it's meaning and how it is celebrated both in Scotland and other countries, along with linked comprehension questions to challenge children's understanding of the text.

Includes pictures in the information text to make it more interesting and engaging.
Suitable for KS2 and easily adaptable.

UPDATED 29/11/2017
By Stephanie Reed

Scottish Language - Word Bingo Game

A bingo game to assess ability to recognise the meaning of some commonly used Scottish words. Children have to select the Scottish word for words read out by adult . Suitable for St Andrew's Day, Burn&'s Day and other Scottish festivals.
By MrsHutchison

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