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15th November 2019
Christmas tree with teacher playing festive music for Christmas play

Christmas play picks for this year's school production

It’s mid-November and Christmas still seems reassuringly far away. Unfortunately, the small children buzzing around you are going to need a bit of warning (and practice!) in order to pull off this year’s Christmas production. Luckily, we’ve scoured the site to find a variety of ready-made festive scripts to save you time during these hectic weeks.

EYFS and KS1 resources

Simple Rhyme based Christmas Concert

This is a very simple concert that we put together for our children who are predominately EAL. The songs are based on familiar tunes (mostly adapted from ones we found online) with a few basic narrator parts to link it together into a simple story. It is a 'santa' play not the Christmas story.
By kate2york

Christmas play script - Baboushka

A Christmas play script aimed at ks 1 based around the Russian story of Baboushka. Year 2 children take the speaking parts but younger classes have a song each within the play.

By hheaton

'Davey the Donkey' EYFS and KS1 Primary Christmas Show Play Script

A full and original Early Years/KS1 Christmas show play script, which is ready to perform and can also be adapted to your performance needs.

Imagine the scene: Davey the Donkey is minding his own business in his field, when three sheep suddenly appear and tell him of the dreadful fate of Santa. He’s stuck in a chimney! How will the children get their presents? Too shy to make a suggestion, Davey watches as a selection of well known Christmas characters and farm animals try and fail to release the stricken Santa. Eventually, Davey saves the day using teamwork, donkey strength and his knowledge of an enormous turnip…

This is a fun and educational story for the Christmas period, which is enjoyable for children to read and perform, as well as being straightforward for teachers to organise and direct.

Key information:
Age range: 4-6 years
Show running time: approx. 30 mins
Number of parts: up to 30+

The show is designed for a class, year group or whole school Christmas performance and contains differentiated roles, in order to allow for inclusion of pupils of all abilities.

Please see other 'Goldtopfox' TES resources for a full package for this show, including sound effects and song suggestions:
By goldtopfox

The Story of the Nativity - a playscript written by children, for children.

The Story of the Nativity is a simple, clear play script which was written by Y1 and YR children to be performed by them, following a drama session based on the Christmas story.
The script includes suggestions for carols to be sung by the children and audience, some simple stage directions, ideas for rehearsed movement and notes on costumes used.
The suggestions sheet includes ideas for performance, rehearsals, inclusion of more children and staging.
I used this with a YR/Y1 vertically grouped class, where YR took most of the speaking roles because they were so keen, after having helped to create the script! The Y1 children were narrators, prompts and lead singers.
By Traceylrobins

KS2 resources 


play concerning the nativity, using a roving reporter and the characters associated - great idea for christmas concert and dances,carols entered where appropriate

A Christmas Carol Playscripts

Planning and scripts for a brief performance of A Christmas Carol. Planning includes character analysis
By corinthian

Pantomime Script - The Inspection Before Christmas

A quick and easy Christmas pantomime

Suitable for ages 7-16 (or could make a great staff panto!)

Would make a great one-off christmas activity, or could be extended over half a term.

Leads to a 20 - 30 minute performance

14 written roles can be expanded or reduced to suit your group. All roles can be played by either gender.

Minimal props and costumes, though these can be given more attention if time allows.

A great little play that your kids, staff and parents will love!
By obsteve

Christmas Nativity Play for ks1 & ks2: Hang On, It's Christmas!

This original Christmas play can be combined with well-known Christmas carols and songs (song suggestions are included).

Spike the Star tells Bella the Bauble, Holly the Christmas Wreath and Stitch the Stocking, why they should 'hang on' and decorate the house for Christmas.

This play includes the Nativity story.
By TheMagicPoetryPot

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