Bodies, growth and health-themed EYFS picks

Ideas on how to help younger children understand how their bodies work

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Bodies, Growth & Health-themed EYFS Picks

From head to toe, young learners have a lot to find out about how their body works and how to look after themselves as they grow up. We’ve brought together a selection of resources on TES that look at bodies, the five senses, growing up and staying healthy.

Ourselves and our bodies

For an overview of bodies, our senses and growing up, this detailed resource pack uses a variety of activities and songs that will introduce your students to the topic.

Visual learners will benefit from this PowerPoint presentation which balances simple explanations with thoughtful questions to help pupils consider what different parts of the body do.

Raise children’s awareness of their different body parts with this well-structured worksheet pack that includes labelling and matching activities, body lotto and visually-supported questions. For a more creative approach, create your own paper person with this body parts template.  

Knowing the five senses

Explore the five senses with this simple yet effective booklet for your pupils to draw on and consolidate their learning with this engaging, colourful poster. Alternatively, look at senses in more detail with this activity pack £3 which offers a range of tasks from labelling and sorting to a scavenger hunt.

How we grow, change and are different

Practise sequencing skills and help young learners think about growing up and how bodies change with this worksheet. Expand this knowledge by viewing this visual presentation of the human life cycle. 

As part of the growing-up theme, this interactive PowerPoint presentation can spark discussion about how everyone is different.

Introducing health and hygiene

Inspire pupils to look after themselves with this presentation which can be personalised with your own photographs of the school environment and review their hand-washing technique with this resource.  For a more in-depth lesson on healthy eating and looking after your teeth, this activity booklet £3 is packed full of writing templates, information sheets and drawing tasks.

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Healthy eating activity booklet £3

If you have early years resources that are health and body-related, why not publish them on TES and let us know?