Developing communication and language in EYFS

Innovative resources to help EYFS pupils develop their communication and language skills both in and outside the classroom

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Encourage future chatterboxes, creative commentators and active listeners with these planning packs and activity ideas

Communication is at the heart of human interaction. However, we can often forget the challenges that EYFS pupils face when trying to share their thoughts and listen to others. That’s why we've brought together this collection of  the best communication and language resources, offering different ways to promote conversation both in and outside of the classroom.

Planning resources

While communication and language activities will always form part of your planning, it can be worth taking the time to focus on these key skills and create experiences that can be regularly returned to. This comprehensive resource pack* offers a collection of scenarios for encouraging conversation in an outdoor environment. Alternatively, be inspired by this short video which shows the impact of effective communication activities through creative play or in locations outside of the classroom.  

Listening and attention activities

Give young learners the tools they need to become good listeners with these well-designed posters, which can be displayed around your classroom as a constant reminder. With help from these top tips, get pupils practising listening and attention skills by following instructions that are phrased as questions as part of this engaging game*.

Encourage students to join in with repeated refrains and anticipate events within a story using this space-themed story mat*, so that they feel engaged and are aware of how others are reacting to it too.  

Understanding activities

Build pupils’ receptive and expressive language by encouraging them to articulate where something is in relation to something else with these illustrated preposition cards Meanwhile, this minibeasts guessing game relies upon learners interpreting the hints given to them in order to work out which animal is being described.

When reading to the class, take advantage of these simple bookmarks, packed full of questions to check understanding during and after the story.  

Speaking activities

Motivate pupils to begin using complex sentences to verbally express their ideas by working through this illustrated zoo-themed presentation. For a longer term approach, why not regularly refer to these circle time cards as a way to help your class talk in a range of tenses about past experiences, future dreams and feelings?   

For a group challenge, try this 'I have, who has?' card game* which is reliant on young learners listening to their peers and matching what they hear to the cards in front of them.

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