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11 AQA German GCSE Revision Mats  Themes 1, 2 and 3. Differentiated.

11 AQA German GCSE Revision Mats Themes 1, 2 and 3. Differentiated.

I have created these revision mats on AQA's key topics to aid my students with their writing revision. Each mat is divided into the following sections: Definite delights, the past tense, the future tense, the conditional tense, attention-grabbing adjectives and showstoppers. Key languages is modelled for students to feedforward into their writing exam. The topics covered are: Theme 1 1) Customs and Festivals 2) Self and Relationships 3) Food and Drink 4)Technology and Social Media Theme 2 5) The Environment 6) Health and Fitness 7) Poverty and Homelessness 8) Where do you live Theme 3 9) School 10) Comparison between German and English schools. 11) University or work?
Guck mal!

Guck mal!

This is based around p32/33 in Stimmt 2 but also includes an authentic German TV schedule with a reading activity on the ppt and some translation sentences based around gern and justifying opinions.
KS4 GCSE German Keyword Quiz Collection - Vokabeltest

KS4 GCSE German Keyword Quiz Collection - Vokabeltest

This is a temporary offer to celebrate Oktoberfest! It includes 4 key-word tests based on the GCSE specifications: -Cinema & TV -Food & Eating Out -Describing myself and my family -German Customs & Festivals The questions take a number of formats. Differentiation can be achieved by adjusting team sizes (or, indeed, having students work individually). Question instructions are in German, and the presentation features high quality graphics and animations.
MFL Posters - Language Icons

MFL Posters - Language Icons

These posters are designed to promote learning foreign languages in schools, the choice of 'language icons' covers many successful people in sport, science, music, film. The main aim of this campaign is to show to students that learning languages enhances chances of success in life.