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Italian Quiz ideal as an introduction to Italian. Fun, informative and ready for immediate use.

Italian Quiz ideal as an introduction to Italian. Fun, informative and ready for immediate use.

This is a quiz with many rounds and varieties of questions including: *True or False - Celebrities born in Italy *Pet translations *English TV in Italy *Italian Football Teams plus many other questions about the history, culture, geography and other contextual, interesting facts about Italian. The quiz takes on bell model, starting with easier questions moving on to more challenging questions before finishing with easier ones again so that all students are able to participate and maintain interest until the end. Many questions have additional information attached to explain and provide further reference points. Some questions are asked in English with English answers, some are asked in Italian with English answers and some asked in Italian with Italian answers. This would be ideal as an introduction to Italian, as a starter for a lesson or for a fun lesson at the end of term. Any and all feedback, positive or developmental is greatly appreciated.

By Bifkin

Leicester City Champions - Presentation

Leicester City Champions - Presentation

A presentation on Leicester City and their amazing Premier League story of 2015/16 season! Ideal for form time presentations or assemblies. For more great resources or lessons see here: (All images are credited within the Power Point. Most of the images are taken from

By EngageinEnglish