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100th Day Of School  Activities

100th Day Of School Activities

100th Day Of School Math & Literacy Activities Perfect for celebrating the 100th day of school. This packet includes 10 charts and their answer keys. Your students will practice their math and literacy skills using color by code. This resource contains: ========================= *Odd or even numbers *Part of speech *Count by 1 *Count by 5 *Count by 100 *Word families(--own,--ug,--ad ,--ap,--ock,--at,--all,--ice,--aw,--eel) *The Blend “bl”. *Two-digit addition with regrouping *Geometry *True or false Thanks so much! Nastaran.
Weather Chart  Y1, Year 1, Foundation Stage, Reception

Weather Chart Y1, Year 1, Foundation Stage, Reception

We've all seen weather charts with gorgeous velcro calendars. We also know they are quite expensive. This is my first upload of a Weather Chart suitable for the early years and Year 1 classes to aid spelling of days of the week, number and a good resource for establishing routine. This resource was blown up to A3 and cut and laminated. The seasons are grouped in 3 months according to colour and the Year is written on. I would recommend you getting a quality velcro board to stick this on. I find it was easy to slide in and out of behind a desk. I also purchased a second board that was red and have made Maths resources. Depending on how this one goes down with the community, I will upload more. They are more directed at Year 1. Please note: I don't have a PDF creator in order to allow you to edit the resource as you see fit. This includes a font that you may want to change. I suggest Comic Sans and, if your computer has the font, SassoonPrimaryInfant is usually a good one to use. I highly recommend you use a font that has the correct formation of the letter 'a' to aid the children. Thank you for looking at the resource and I hope you enjoy it should you decide to purchase it.
Thanksgiving Dinner Math

Thanksgiving Dinner Math

This project has students using real-world math skills to learn to perform calculations to plan a Thanksgiving dinner. They will use formulas (included) to learn how to compute quantities in recipes, how to determine percentages and use fractions, and other basic math skills used in everyday activities. Are your students always asking "When will be ever USE this??" This short activity shows students a real world use for the math skills they learn every day. This lesson was created for 7th and 8th grade, but could also be used successfully in upper elementary grades. Files included: • Teacher & Student Resources • Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner Math Activity/Handout (print and digital versions – editable) • Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner Math Activity Answer Key • Math Formula “Cheat Sheet”
Pot of gold

Pot of gold

This game is designed for Nursery /Preschool or Reception children. The Smartnote file contains an interactive whiteboard activity. Roll the die on the screen by clicking on it then find the matching number (1-6) on the rainbow and cover it by dragging and dropping a coin on it. The printable pdf file contains the matching activity for Continuous Provision. There are two levels to be used with either 1 die (numbers 1-6) or 2 dice (numbers 1-12). Add dice and small buttons or coins to cover the numbers.