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In most classes a teacher asks some probing questions to start a lesson and a few students will put up their hands to answer. It is not systematic nor effective process. Sounds familiar? This isn’t very useful for a number of reasons. If you would like to include all your students and not to leave anyone behind, there is a solution.

Research shows that daily review is a crucial component to understand new material. Beginning a lesson with a short review of previous learning is a very powerful strategy. If you spend at least ten minutes every day on review and practice of the skills needed to become instinctive and second-nature like, you can help your students to learn new material. Our working memory is very limited and by recalling the concepts and vocabulary that will be relevant for the current lesson, we make learning new things as easy as possible. This includes grammar, maths facts, numerical skills, chemical equations etc.

The purpose of using #GoForItApp is to provide active participation for all students as well as to allow the teacher to see how many students were correct and confident. On the other hand, students feel that the randomised name generator is a much fairer process than the classic “hand raising”.

By spending some time on daily review students are more able to store, remember and use the material. You can obtain this by teaching in small steps and combining short activities in the beginning of a lesson which require responses from all students.

The following list of principles when using #GoForItApp emerges from my own practice and overlaps with research on effective instruction in a classroom:
▸ check the responses of all students
▸ provide systematic feedback and corrections
▸ provide many examples
▸ create strong interconnections

What do you need to get started:
▸ access to a computer and the Internet
▸ mini-whiteboards
▸ ipad / chromebook (useful to create your own starters but not necessary)

Also available with the app:
▸ displaying questions in random order to go through starter activities
▸ displaying questions in numerical order to go through the answers
▸ tool to quickly learn student names
▸ timer

ⓘ Note: The GoForItApp works with PDFs generated from SIMS along with any PDFs containing images (.jpg or .png). An example of a class register is included, so you will be able to test the app and see how it works straight away.

ⓘ To test the app along with a starter activity, look for Compatible with #GoForItApp resources and #GoForItStarters here or look up the relevant hashtags on your browser. You can also create your own starters - more info in Helpful Tips.

ⓘ If you have access and use Mathsbox resources, there are also compatible with #GoForItApp.

Please leave a review to let me know what you think, or how this app could be improved.
Many thanks.

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