2D Shapes Worksheets /Activities - 2D Shape Mat, Count Trace Colour, Shape Pictures- Reception/KS1

This product contains 2-D shape activities.
Aimed at: Reception/KS1

2D Shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle/oblong, oval, diamond/rhombus, moon shape/crescent, heart, star and trapezium or trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, decagon.

<strong>Content and description</strong>
<strong>1. My 2-D Shape Mat in colour and b/w. (x2)</strong>

2-D shape mat contains all the shapes the children will be using in their activities. The mat is also needed for the 2-D quiz. There are 8 questions to be answered.

<strong>2. Differentiated 2-D Shapes Search and Colour (x5).</strong>
Children colour the shapes using the colour key.

<strong>3. 2-D Shapes Search + Answer Sheet.</strong>
There are five questions on this worksheet. Children refer to the shapes below which shows a variety of 2-D shapes inside two circles. Questions asked, e.g., ‘How many [triangles] do you see?

<strong>4. 2-D Shape Pictures (x7).</strong>
Seven 2-D shape pictures with colour key to be completed with the correct colours according to the colour key. The pictures are: - a house; rocket; cat; head with a hat; fish; face; and trees.

<strong>5. 2-D Shape Robot - 6 Questions and Answer Sheet.</strong>
This worksheet has a picture of a robot together with six questions for the children to answer.

As an extension for the more able children, when they count the shapes they can also include the colour of the shape, e.g. ‘How many triangles can you see?��� The more able children can write ‘1 triangle which is a red hat.’

<strong> 6. Count and Colour 2-D Shape worksheet (x3).</strong>
Counting within 10, children read how many shapes to trace round and colour in.

<strong>7. Match shape to correct number of sides worksheet (x2) with Answers.</strong>
This worksheet will help to consolidate children’s knowledge on the number of sides 2-D shapes have. There are 4 shapes on each worksheet. Children draw a line from a 2-D shape to the correct number of sides that shape has.

<strong>8. 2-D Shape Quiz/Activity – 8 Questions + Answer Sheet.</strong>
This is a quiz activity and the last task is to trace around four 2-D shapes and label them.

<strong>9. My 2-D Shape Picture for children</strong>
Children are given the opportunity to practise their shape knowledge and create 2-D pictures.

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