BODMAS / BIDMAS Progression Bingo Package - 10 Games for £3 - Profits for Charity.

10 Bingo Games for pupils to progress their understanding of the order of operations.

BODMAS Bingo 1 = Adding and Subtracting
BODMAS Bingo 2 = Dividing and Multiplying
BODMAS Bingo 3 = Dividing, Multiplying, Adding, Subtracting
BODMAS Bingo 4 = Brackets, Dividing, Multiplying, Adding, Subtracting
BODMAS Bingo 5 = Introducing Powers
BODMAS Bingo 6 = Brackets, Powers, Dividing, Multiplying, Adding, Subtracting
BODMAS Bingo 7 = Same as Bingo 6 but with longer Calculations
BODMAS Bingo 8 = Introducing Square Roots
BODMAS Bingo 9 = Powers, Roots, Adding, Subtracting
BODMAS Bingo 10 = Brackets, Powers&Roots, Dividing, Multiplying, Adding, Subtracting

These Bingo Games are made on PowerPoint for you to project onto a screen for the class to see or use on a laptop for private tutoring.

For each Bingo Game there are 30 prefilled bingo grids on Excel for you to print on two sheets of paper. Alternatively, pupils can draw a 3x3 grid and then select their own numbers from the second slide of the PowerPoint. You can reorder the slides or make new bingo grids using the Excel formulated generator so the game can be played again.

Suitable for a wide range of ages. The game can be made easier by allowing pupils written calculation time or access to a multiplication grid. The game can be made harder by playing it in silence and limiting the amount of time for each question.

To see the general format and quality of this resource before you purchase it you can download my ‘Times Tables Bingo Package’ for free.

Any money raised from sales will go to the following charity;
Mbedza Projects Support.

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Created: Oct 29, 2019

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