Fractions: Year 3 Fractions / Tenths PowerPoint Lesson For White Rose Maths Small Steps

This resource contains a fully editable and interactive 80-slide PowerPoint lesson designed to support the delivery of the White Rose Maths (WRM) small steps scheme of work for Block 5, Year 3 Number - Fractions - Week 10.
The PowerPoint covers
- tenths
- counting up and down in tenths
- dividing objects/shapes into 10
- dividing quantities by 10
- dividing one-digit numbers by 10
- tenths expressed as decimal fractions
It contains explanations, examples and opportunities for pupils to practise what they have learned.
This resource would also be appropriate for older SEN students due to the highly visual nature of the PowerPoint.
Click on the link for White Rose Maths Scheme Year 3 Week 10 and 11 Fractions resources and Worksheets.
Year 3 Fractions Spring Term Week 10 Block 5
Year 3 Fractions Spring Term Week 11 Block 5
A consolidation pack for the Spring Term for Year 3 is also available. See below for details.
White Rose Maths Scheme Year 3 Fractions Spring Term - Week 10 - Block 5
This resource has been designed to consolidate the work undertaken in the White Rose Maths Scheme small steps Year 3 programme delivered in the Spring Term Weeks 1-11. It contains resources for the following blocks of work
- Money
- Length and Perimeter
- Multiplication and Division
- Statistics
- Fractions
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