Maps and coordinates, Environmental Awareness (natural and manmade) and Weather Chart (prediction, observation and comparing 2 different areas or regions).

Geography Environmental Awareness (natural and manmade)
3 differentiated worksheets for natural and manmade environments, plus another to check learning.
lower abilities- uses photos and labels to cut out and stick.
middle abilities- uses labels to copy or cut out and stick.
higher abilities- allows students to write their own ideas.
The last worksheet uses photos, and/or labels to copy or cut out and stick to demonstrate student's understanding and learning. This worksheet can be used for all abilities, with higher levels being encouraged to use magazines or go on the computer to find their own examples as extension work.

Geography- map and coordinates.
Includes 18 images to cut out and stick on a grid with basic coordinates (A1- E5). 
Higher abilities can draw their own island, then select and stick on the images of the places that they want on their island. There is also a worksheet for students to then find and write the coordinates of each image.

Geography Weather Chart (prediction, observation and comparing)
Use the chart to record the weather for 6 weeks in your local area, or use the 2nd chart to compare 2 places or countries. Includes 2 question worksheets for higher abilities, 1 being a recap and summary worksheet of their findings comparing 2 places/countries.
For lower ability levels- includes pictures of sunshine, clouds, snow, rain, storm, fog, frost, rainbow, and wind to help with understanding. Allows them to observe the days weather and think about what the weather will be like next week.
For higher ability levels- space to write the weather they can see and allows them to predict what they think the weather will be next week. Children could also take their own photos of the weather and stick them on the chart. A clip from BBC weather showing the latest weather forecast could be shown during the lesson, and children could be encouraged to look at different areas of the UK or another country to compare the weather in different regions. Use the 2 worksheets to compare understanding before carrying out the observations and after to check learning and understanding.



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