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LittleStreams was set up in 2014 by educators and graphic designers Rebekah Humphrey-Bullen and Samuel Lovegrove. We make high quality, affordable resources for teachers and tutors, including worksheets, games, task cards and revision flash cards.

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This pack contains 48 exam style question cards covering algebra graph questions on the new (9-1) GCSE written for students aiming at grades 8 and 9.
Topics included are:
*Challenging Coordinate Problems - 4 cards
*Equations of a Circle - 3 cards
*Reading and Manipulating Quadratic Graphs. - 5 cards
*Reading and Manipulating Harder Graphs including Cubic and Exponential Graphs - 8 cards
*Trigonometric Graphs - 6 cards
*Transformations of Graphs - 10 cards
*Gradients in Real Life Graphs - 5 cards
*Velocity Time Graphs - 7 cards

The design of the cards means you can use these in a variety of ways in your classroom; as a starter or a plenary, as extension work, as homework or as a revision tool. A full answer key is included as well as a handy student answer sheet so students can write their answers on those. That way you can laminate the question cards and reuse them if that suits you.

These make great revision tools as students can pick the topics within graphs they want to focus most on.

This pack is including along with 4 other GCSE grade 8/9 topics as part of a bundle, including Algebra, Number, Geometry and Statistics.
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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


New GCSE Grade 8/9 target

Our five GCSE maths grade 8/9 target packs on Algebra, Graphs, Number, Geometry and Statistics & Probability Includes the following topics: **[Algebra](** Rearranging Equations, Binomials, Algebraic Fractions, Algebraic Proof, Quadratics with x^2 coefficient greater than one, Quadratic and Geometric Sequences, Quadratic Inequalities, Simultaneous Equations involving Quadratics, Functions and Iterative Methods. **[Number](** Recurring Fractions and Decimals, Surds, Indices, Bounds, Standard Form, Direct and Inverse Proportion, Compound Percentages, Percentage Change, Reverse Percentages. **[Geometry](** Circle Theorems, Equations of a Circle, Congruence and Similarity, Arcs Sectors and Segments, Volume, Invariant Points, Englargement of Volume given Scale Factor, Sin and Cosine Rules, Exact Trigonometric Values, 3D Trigonometry, Vectors. **[Graphs](** Coordinates, Equation of the Circle, Quadratic Graphs, Harder Graphs including Exponential and Cubic Graphs, Trigonometric Graphs, Transformations of Graphs, Gradients in Real Life Graphs, Velocity Time Graphs. **[Statistic and Probability](** Combinations and Permutations, Stratified Sampling, Probability Problem Solving involving Algebra, Tree Diagrams, Conditional Probability, Venn Diagrams including Algebra and Set Notation, Histograms including Finding Averages and Probability from Histograms, Averages Problem Solving.





a year ago

Absolutely fantastic resource. Easy to read and print, easy to understand plus some challenge in the tasks. Thank you so much!

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