This bundle contains 14 of our spooktacular Halloween Resources:

Halloween - Playing Cards Snap or Go Fish: This pack contains 52 playing cards that can be printed out onto card and used as a fun Halloween resource. We recommend that you print out TWO sets and use them and pupils can use them to play snap with the deck.Alternatively, ‘go fish’ whereby all cards are put face down on the table and pupils have to try to match pairs. In both cases the person with the most sets wins. It is entirely up to you how you prepare these cards, But we recommend that you print them out, in colour onto paper or card cut around the top and bottom card (on the top and bottom left). We then fold the middle section and glue the pieces together and laminate the card to ensure it’s durability. Alternatively, you can just use the front of the card for ease of use.

Halloween - Spooky Reward Jars: This PowerPoint Contains four spooky reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour management strategy! Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it.

Halloween - Witches Brew - Random Name Generator - Random Name Generator: This is a fun way to ensure pupil participation in lessons this Halloween season. The PowerPoint is completely editable. It has space to up to 36 pupil names. We have suggested three of the 36 slides be used as ‘teacher to answer’ but this can easily be edited depending on the number of pupils in each class. Pupils names can be added to each slide and once in presentation mode, click anywhere on slide two and a name will be generated. N.B. the same pupil can be selected more than once on this presentation.

Halloween : Design your own Halloween Costume This is a fun Halloween activity that can be used as a fun Tutor Time activity or a whole school competition. You have a choice of giving the pupils a sheet with male and female figures to design their own costume or they can choose between a male or female figure on which to design their own wacky Halloween outfits. We print these out on A3 paper and display the best submissions on the wall. Pupils have to label each aspect of their costume and on the back of this sheet write a paragraph about their design together with some Halloween facts and information about the symbolism of each item they have used.

Halloween Conveyor Belt: This is based on the Generation Game activity. Surrounding some of the symbols oh Halloween. Useful for Starter, Plenaries and mini AFL activities throughout the lesson-Pupils love this activity!

Halloween Countdown Timers : This is a really spooktacular Halloween timer selection - If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes complete with music! This is a fun countdown timer selection that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 1, 2 or 5 minute, 10 or 15 minute timers and two different styles The Halloween bubble or the Jack-o-Lantern. You can alter the timings in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer should you so wish. These Halloween timers can be copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish.

Halloween Bingo Super fun-Halloween Bingo: The PPT: 3 slides Booklet: 35 This PowerPoint contains 40 different Halloween items and 33 pre-set placemats. We have included a blank placemat for you to create your own if you so wish. We usually laminate the cards so that they can be reused by each class. Slide 3 contains 40 cards (facedown) click on a card to reveal the picture. Pupils must mark off this picture on their bingo card. The first person to mark off all of their icons is the winner.

Halloween: Full Moon Timers : This resource contains 6 PowerPoints complete with spooktacular Halloween full moon timers - If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes complete with music! This is a fun countdown timer selection that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 1, 2 or 5 minute, 10, 15 or 20 minute timers that can be used in full slide mode or can be used as a small timer in the corner of your own presentation. These Halloween timers can be copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish. Please note-Due to file size, upon purchase you will be able to download a file that will give you a direct link to these resources.

The Spooktacular Halloween Quiz : This Spooktacular Halloween Quiz is FULLY INTERACTIVE and contains spook Halloween themed music.
This can be used within lesson , during Tutor Time or during an assembly for an ‘inter form’ end of term activity/ quiz.
This PowerPoint contains 114 slides.It even comes with a team selector and an interactive score board for you to keep tabs on the team’s points. There are 10 rounds that are randomly selected using the Spooktacular Selector. These are:
Skullteasers-This round contains 5 brain teasers riddles that pupils must try to solve.
Witches’ Brew-This round contains 8 word scrambles. The first team to get the answer right is awarded the point.
Zombified-This round contains 10 Movie trivia questions.
Trick ‘R Treat-This round contains 12 slides. Each containing two doors. The team must pick a door behind it will either be a trick or a treat. Your teacher will decide what the trick or treat will be. You could choose to take a point off their overall score or some sweets/chocolate! It is totally up to you what treat or forfeit they will encounter.
Scaredy Cat- This round contains 6 hair-raising celebrities in disguise. You can take away individual bits of the disguise by clicking the answer button.
Mind’s Eye- This round contains 7 Halloween items. Pupils must choose two members of their team to play this game. They sit back to back (one facing the board, the other facing away). They will have one minute to describe to their partner how to draw the item NOT THE OBJECT ITSELF! e.g. ‘place the pencil at the bottom of the paper in the centre and draw a diagonal line up to the middle of the page’ etc. This is a tricky game. So, pupils must concentrate. You can award the point to the team that performed the best.
Boo or False- This round contains 8 Halloween statements. Pupils must use the ‘show me boards’ or pieces of paper to write down if you think the statement is boo or false. Each team will be awarded a point for the amount you get correct. When discussing the answers they can ‘Boo’ for a true statement and groan like a zombie for a false statement.
Possessions-This round contains 8 questions based on the symbols of Halloween. Once again, it is useful to have ‘show me boards’ to write down the answer.
Jack-O-Jukebox-This round contains 12 SONG SUGGESTIONS relating to Halloween. The suggested songs are in the notes section of the PowerPoint. The songs can easily be found on YouTube should you not own copies. PLEASE NOTE that we have not included the songs due to copyright restrictions, but we have included the suggested songs for your reference.
Ghostly Game- 8 items here pupils have to describe the item to the player without using the word.

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