This is the introductory chapter to the Principia Mission Space Diary, a unique STEM-literacy programme that allows children to follow the course of Tim's mission and make their own book.

Download the supporting Teaching Notes here:

This introductory chapter is all about fitness, physical health and mental health and helps children to understand what it takes to be an astronaut. We encourage you to print out the chapter and teaching notes and use your school's outdoor space and library facilities to complete the tasks. The chapter is also introduced in a video by Lucy Hawking and TV Presenter Dallas Campbell.


Themes and STEM Linkages: Literacy, design and technology, health living, healthy eating,
science, physical education, scientific inquiry, research and reporting.

If you would like to participate in the full Principia Mission Space Diary programme sign up for free at We are releasing a new chapter each month during Tim Peake's 6-month mission.

About the Space Diary

Written and developed by Kristen Harrison at Curved House Kids and author Lucy Hawking, and with illustrations by Ben Hawkes, the Principia Mission Space Diary is a creative, engaging book that teaches the science of space exploration in a simple way. Puzzles have been created with the help of Professor Peter McOwan at Queen Mary University in London and visual literacy expertise is provided by publisher Kristen Harrison at Curved House Kids.

The project is supported by the UK Space Agency, The European Space Agency, Principia Mission, Queen Mary University and Curved House Kids and we are also very grateful to the London Science Museum, the location for most of the videos in the programme.


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