OCR Chemistry: Group 2 Elements & Compounds

2 Lesson bundle covering the OCR Periodic Table Chapter on group 2 elements and compounds

Lesson 1: Group 2 Elements: Properties & Redox Reactions.

By the end of this lesson. Students should be able:

  1. To know group 2 elements lose their outer shell s2 electrons to form +2 ions
  2. To state and explain the trend in first and second ionisation energies of group 2 elements and how this links to their relative reactivities with oxygen, water and dilute acids
  3. To onstruct half equations of redox reactions of group 2 elements with oxygen, water and dilute acids and to identify what species have been oxidised and reduced using oxidation numbers

Lesson 2: Group 2 Compounds.

By the end of this lesson students should be able to:

  1. To know the reaction between group 2 metal oxides and water
  2. To state the trend in solubility and alkalinity of group 2 metal hydroxides
  3. To describe the uses of some group 2 compounds including their equations

The teacher will be able to check students have met these learning objectives through mini AfL tasks for students to complete


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Created: Jan 12, 2020

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