Pi Day
This resource contains a fully editable and informative 62-slide PowerPoint presentation on ‘pi' and ‘Pi Day’ which falls on 14th March. It is also a useful resource for Pi Approximation Day on July 22nd.

The PowerPoint makes reference to:

- The history of pi - Babylon and Egypt - Rhind Papyrus
- Archimedes calculations - Pythagorean Theorem
- Origin of pi symbol – William Jones and Leonhard Euler
- Pi formulas for the circumference and area of a circle
- Infinite nature of pi
- World record holders for memorisation of pi digits
- Piems and mnemonics for pi digits and formulas
- Pi Day
- Different ways Pi Day is celebrated
- How hat size is determined by pi
- Albert Einstein sharing his birthday with Pi Day
- Pi dingbats
- Suggestions and ideas for Pi Day activities

The PowerPoint also contains hyperlinks to:

- Display of the first million digits of pi
- Pi rap ‘Lose Yourself In The Digits’
- Math Antics - Circles, area and circumference of circle, pi
- Pi-Search Page - search the first 200 million digits of pi
- Pi Domino Spiral

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Pi Dingbats

This resource contains a pi-themed dingbat game / puzzle. It's in powerpoint format and there are two versions. One provides the answers as you go along, the other provides the answers at the end of the quiz. This is an ideal fun resource for Pi day which takes place on 14th March.

More Pi Day Resources

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