The World News Crossword - March 25th, 2018

The World News Crossword - March 25th, 2018 is a simple pdf document that can be downloaded in minutes, saved to a flash drive, ready to be used ‘in a flash!’

There are 4 crosswords in this resource. The main crossword is made from events in last week’s news. Facebook’s value fell by $58 million. No wait, $58 BILLION. Why? India put 11 vigilantes away from life. Why? Australia’s cricket captain cheated. Why? The US probably began a trade war with China. Israel admitted attacking a Syrian nuclear reactor as a warning to Iran. Turkey and the US both sent oil exploration ships to Cyprus.

The puzzle is a simple way for students to learn about what happened in the world last week, but it’s even more valuable when it prompts them to discuss why these events occurred.

There are 3 more puzzles. One is about France, another is about Austria and the third is all about Egypt.

Crosswords are an excellent tool for supporting research skills, logical thinking and problem solving, and of course students have to write neatly.

Solutions for all the puzzles are included.

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