Elementary school Mandarin resources: weather and climate

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Mandarin Chinese-Kuaile Hanyu Booklet 1- Beginner level

Mandarin Chinese-Kuaile Hanyu Booklet 1- Beginner level

This booklet contains eight units, which cover topics including knowledge of pinyin, basic greetings, family, food and drinks, school life, time and weather, job, hobby, transportation and travel. Chinese, pinyin, and English format makes it easy for revision. Sentence structures in each lesson is provided to practice speaking. It can be used for primary and S1/S2 pupils. It's a very handy booklet for children to learn by themselves and for teacher to use as lesson materials. Pupils can also use it as a revision tool to study for assessments.

By songyanshu91

Weather Worksheets

Weather Worksheets

1. Weather Worksheet_Word Search & Word Scramble (Vocabulary Drill) 2. Weather Exercise Worksheet (Consolidate students' knowledge of learned vocabulary & further develop students' understanding of radicals) 3. Puzzle Worksheet (Two characters are included-雷&晴. These two characters have been divided into 9 parts, and they are placed in mixed order. Students need to cut out the given 9 parts and sort out their order to get the right character. Give a small prize (lollies or stickers) to the first three/five students who solve the puzzle. Once they've solved the puzzle, they can have the 9 parts glue in the provided empty 9-box grid. Ask students to colour in the radical if worksheets are printed out on white paper. )

By feitiannvh520