Middle school English language learning resources: visual arts and architecture

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Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventures- Chapter 9

Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventures- Chapter 9

This is a fictional story, which describes a student and his English teacher' s adventures around the world. It is suitable for A2/B1 students. Chapter 9 is set in the city of Guangzhou. The story comes with a comprehension exercise and a crossword, which practises the key vocabulary.

By InspirationalEnglish

Exploring London

Exploring London

Lesson plan using a virtual tour in London. Students have to find information about popular London attractions, complete a True/False task and then design a route using Google maps.

By effiekka76

Reading Comprehension Worksheets (ESL) x 10  (80% OFF)

Reading Comprehension Worksheets (ESL) x 10 (80% OFF)

This bundle includes 20 different Reading Comprehension Worksheets suitable for upper-intermediate to advanced ESL learners. After carefully reading each story/texts, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: questions, True or False, gap filling exercises, definition matching exercises, crosswords, word searches and engage in in-depth class discussions on topics around the texts

By MariaPht

Anthony Browne A Life in Illustration

Anthony Browne A Life in Illustration

Developed for a Library lesson on picture Books / Visual Literacy - Junior Secondary A 20 Page PPT that looks at the life of Illustrator and Writer Anthony Browne. Early life, after school, 1st job, Greeting cards, Why Gorilla's, Writing career, Gorilla and other books (Piggybook,Changes,The Tunnel,The Night Shimmy, Willy Books and Zoo). Students are introduced to this wonderful author through information and visuals. All o his books were available and the PPT was a great start to an study of his stories. Would be great also for Primary classes

By teen91113

Informative writing and comprehension Leonardo da Vinci

Informative writing and comprehension Leonardo da Vinci

This animated Power Point presents the story about how Leonardo came to paint the Biblical characters of Jesus and Judas in his famous painting of The Last Supper. Students are required to answer questions from the text to identify nouns, adjectives and verbs, compound words and abstract nouns. They are then required to produce a piece of informative writing about da Vinci organising the information chronologically. As da Vinci had designed a parachute way ahead of its time, words beginning with the prefix para- are examined and pupils are required to match them to their definitions. Finally pupils are given some interesting examples of paradox to discuss with the group. This resource is intended to be used for revision of several aspects of grammar and literary understanding whilst also learning about the artist Leonardo da Vinci and his famous accomplishments. Suitable for ages 10+ of higher ability.

By jlimb

British Culture game

British Culture game

A fun, PowerPoint-based "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" activity to introduce/revise British Culture topics for ESL/EFL learners. Fully customisable: add or modify your own questions and answers. The questions are written for (young) adults but could easily be modified for children.

By eric111

Make a leaflet / pamphlet about your home town

Make a leaflet / pamphlet about your home town

A short project aimed at English or ESL students. First they have to research a town, their home town or their parents' home, and then follow these instructions to make an informative text about the place using images and writing together.

By skalett

London Tour Bus and tourism  lesson EFL TEFL

London Tour Bus and tourism lesson EFL TEFL

A lesson I made based on the resources from the British Council website https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/sites/teens/files/tour_of_london_-_exercises_1.pdf Click the sound icon to listen to the dialogue, with each mouse-click a corresponding image comes up for a basic virtual tour. There are then three activities. Students match the tourist spot to the name, number the places chronologically and guess which tourist destination has been visited based on the review given. I've also included filler activities- a word search and colouring page.

By lofford1