10 wellbeing questions you need to ask your staff

With Ofsted and other international inspectorates now taking a closer look at wellbeing, it’s important to consider a clear, whole-school wellbeing response.

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The last year has had a huge impact on teaching staff. In many school, wellbeing issues are coming to the fore caused by a variety of factors.

Creating a community of teachers who enjoy their work and leave school happy is surely the ultimate aim of any senior leader. Beyond the fact this ensures a thriving workplace and boosts retention, there’s research to suggest that happy teachers drive higher attainment from their pupils. But despite the best efforts of schools, this goal may seem one that's permanently just out of reach, and almost impossible in the current climate.

What can you do better when it comes to improving staff wellbeing?

In our free guide we’ve collated 10 essential questions that you should be asking your team to help facilitate meaningful conversations about staff wellbeing, This guide looks at results from over 64,000 responses to 10 questions taken from Tes’ staff survey tool*, Staff Pulse, and will help you benchmark those responses and take action on staff wellbeing.

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*Responses are taken from Staff Pulse questions completed between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021.

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