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Give your school staff a voice and understand how you can retain your talented teachers

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Staff wellbeing surveys

Prioritise staff wellbeing

If you’ve happy teachers who are delivering great lessons to the best of their ability, you’re more likely to have happy pupils with better outcomes.

With Ofsted's increased emphasis on teacher wellbeing and its impact on pupil wellbeing, Staff Pulse helps you understand how your staff are feeling and develop action plans around any issues and pressures they’re facing within your school.

Once an action plan has been put into place, staff can see that they’re been listened to and that they, and their opinions, matter.


How are school staff really feeling?
Staff wellbeing report October 2020

How are school staff really feeling?

Over the past year, schools have been using Staff Pulse to carry out extensive surveys with their staff. Our new report distils the anonymous results to demonstrate how staff are feeling and how this can impact your school.

Education specific questions

With questions developed by a psychologist, the short surveys capture employee feedback across 21 different categories, including: workload, support, communication and enjoyment. In anonymous scoring and commenting on given statements, staff can be totally honest about how they feel and how you can support their wellbeing, without fear of judgement or repercussions.

Staff Pulse categories and questions
custom questions

Custom questions

Our survey questions are comprehensive and cover the main areas of staff wellbeing, but if you’ve a particular set of concerns, you can add custom questions. You can select up to three custom questions to ask for each survey.

Coronavirus related questions

With Staff Pulse, you can ask specific coronavirus related questions. Through the custom questions feature, you can choose from a selection of nine optional questions. You can edit these questions to suit your own individual situation or simply use them as a guide to writing your own.

Coronavirus questions
Anonymous conversations

Two-way anonymous conversations

Conversations gives you the ability to respond to comments, opening up lines of communication with your staff and allowing an anonymous conversation to begin. You can offer help and advice for staff who've indicated they're struggling or stressed, showing your staff you're listening and trying to make improvements.

Build a great school environment

Staff want to feel valued and appreciated. Acting on the feedback you receive from Staff Pulse is an essential part of the engagement process. The results from the surveys will help you to identify actionable insights in both strength and problem areas from which you can create an action plan for improvement.

You can share the steps you’re taking with your staff to help them to understand why you’ve taken a particular action and encourage their participation in future surveys.

Staff Pulse action plans
Staff Pulse dashboard

Access real-time data

  • How many staff completed the survey
  • If staff are generally satisfied at your school
  • Scores across each of the categories so you know which areas you need to prioritise in your action plan
  • Specific comments on survey questions to help form the basis of your action plan
  • Benchmark scores across each of the categories against a national average

See how it works

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Schools recommend us

I am extremely pleased with the insight to my staff that Staff Pulse has given me. By gathering weekly snapshots, I am able to build a picture of how my staff are feeling, where the strengths are and, more importantly, where people feel enhancements could be made. 

Rob Campbell
ClareMont Primary and Nursery School, UK
Source: email feedback May 2020

Staff Pulse has provided an exceptional insight into the feelings of our staff, we have been able to show areas we have improved upon quickly and collected valuable comments on specific areas that staff want to comment on.

Chris Humphries
director of performance
Ace Schools Multi Academy Trust
Source: email feedback September 2019

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The information collected here will be used to contact you about Tes services that you have shown an interest in. You can opt out of email messages by following the unsubscribe link on our emails. To find out more, please see the Tes Develop Privacy Policy here.

Tips and guidance to support schools

We’ve gathered together top tips, guidance and support for staff wellbeing, as well as product demos and developments from our team in these helpful resources for schools.