Our Assessment Only route will help you to:

  • Become employed as a fully qualified teacher
  • Be promoted/and or gain more job security
  • Increase your salary by up to £7,000* per year
  • Play a more significant role in school leadership and management

Who can enrol?

If you’re a member of school staff such as an unqualified teacher then our Assessment Only route could be ideal for you. To achieve QTS via our Assessment Only route you must:

  • Be employed in a school in a teaching role 
  • Hold GCSEs at level 4/grade C or above in English and maths, plus science if you want to teach in primary 
  • Hold a degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification
  • Have undertaken at least two years, teaching experience that includes evidence of whole class teaching with sole responsibility for planning, marking, assessing and reporting on pupils’ work
  • Can provide a detailed written justification referencing a comprehensive portfolio of evidence from prior experience that demonstrates you meet the English Teachers’ Standards
  • Provide evidence of having taught in at least two schools
  • Evidence that you meet the Teachers’ Standards across a minimum of two consecutive age ranges for your chosen teaching specialism
  • Confirmation of demonstrating the required fundamental skills in maths and English as defined by the DfE. Further details will be provided following your application

To complete your application you'll need to provide:

  • Photographic ID (ie, passport or driving licence)
  • A copy of your original degree certificate and NARIC/translation, if applicable
  • A copy of your original GCSE maths and English certificate, and science if you’re applying for Primary QTS, and ENIC/translation if applicable or equivalency tests. Provisional statements of results or records of achievement are not accepted
  • Testimonies from two schools to evidence two years teaching, ie from both your current main school and a second school experience. Please use the template provided on the portal
  • Fitness to work form – we will provide this form once you receive your portal log in details

We currently offer Assessment Only in primary (age ranges 3-7, 5-11 and 7-11) and all main secondary subjects (age ranges 11-16, 11-19 or 14-19). Other subjects and age ranges may be available on request.

How is the programme delivered?

One of our experienced pathway tutors will initially meet you virtually through a Keeping in Touch meeting. This will enable you to ask any questions and plan you main meeting called a Pre-entry Assessment Visit – PEAV. They will then arrange a face to face visit in your school to perform lesson observations and review your portfolio of evidence to verify that you meet the English Teachers’ Standards and other criteria before recommending you for QTS assessment.

At the assessment, the independent assessor will observe lessons and scrutinise your portfolio of evidence and, if you’re successful, recommend you for QTS. You will then be reviewed through internal moderation processes and a QTS panel.  The Department for Education (DfE) will award QTS based on the final recommendation from these processes.

Course fees

The fee for our Assessment Only route is £3,000 excluding VAT.

Assessment Only fees may be paid for, by you or your school, in full at the start of the programme. This is a question as part of the application process. Your school may wish to pay all or part of the tuition fee as they may be able to recover VAT and make arrangements with you to repay the fee in instalments.

Course start dates

Currently monthly but additional start dates are available, please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Assessment Only route