It can help you to:

  • Understand the principles of the Growth Mindsets
  • Cultivate Growth Mindsets in your classroom
  • Gain practical strategies to help your students embrace challenge when things get tough

Who should enroll on this course?

This programme is designed for teachers are all levels who are looking to help their students to embrace challenge, keep going when things get tough, and continue putting in effort until they master the learning they face.

It is flexible, online CPD course with over 120 practical strategies, activities and techniques for promoting Growth Mindsets. This course includes social features allowing you to interact with teachers from across the world. You will be exploring the research behind the idea and be guided through the six key areas all teachers can focus on to change the mindsets of their students.

How is the course delivered?

Mike will provide you with instructions through 15 videos covering course theory and classroom practice. You will also have access to more than 60 specially selected resource links to support you with cultivating Growth Mindsets within your classroom and be able to share your ideas and experiences with peers using our course forum. 


This CPD course covers eight development units that all teachers can focus on to change the mindsets of their students. They include:

  • Growth Mindsets: Principles and Practice

  • How the Brain Works: The Basics

  • Rethinking Mistakes and Failure

  • Embracing Challenge

  • Trial and Error

  • Getting the Language Right

  • Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking

  • Feedback Which Empowers

Growth Mindsets