Pay-as-You-Go advertising

Advertise as and when you need to

You can advertise with Tes online and/or in print. Our consultants will recommend the best level and channel depending on how difficult it might be to recruit for your role, and on your budget. Online adverts run for 28 days (or less if you wish so) and print adverts for 1 week.

  • 3 levels of advert listings – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Campaign Boosters to add to your listing, to extend your visibility, reach or target specific talent
  • Several sizes of print advert, available in the Jobs or the Leadership section of Tes magazine
  • Free Starter advert listing for all UK support and non-teaching staff roles (excludes leadership)

Ask about our discounted advertising packages, which bundle an online advert with Campaign Boosters, and help you maximise your reach while saving up to 25%.

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Online advert options

Bronze online advert

Your entry-level online advertising option. Recommended when you are not struggling to recruit.

Silver online advert

Your mid-level online advertising option. For when you want enhanced brand exposure and visibility.

Gold online advert

Your highest visibility online advertising option. Built to give you maximum brand exposure and help you overcome recruitment...

Print advert options

Colour print advert

Your print advertising option in the Job section of Tes Magazine.

Leadership print advert

Your print advertising option in the Leadership Jobs section of Tes Magazine.

More than one vacancy to advertise this year?

Check out our Recruitment Subscription options for unlimited advertising at fixed cost. Plus access our full range of recruitment services at a preferential rate, and exclusive recruitment tools and insights.