Children in the Second World WarQuick View

Children in the Second World War

We studied Goodnight, Mr Tom (the film and the book), topic books and artefacts relating to what it was like to be a child during World War II. The children wrote short diaries about what it would be like to be an evacuee or to be in an air raid during the Blitz. They used the recount genre with descriptive language, and demonstrated empathy with children in World War II.
Dunkirk - A Second World War StoryQuick View

Dunkirk - A Second World War Story

This activity is taken from MY UNCLE'S DUNKIRK by Mick Manning and Brita Granström (published by Franklin Watts in association with the Imperial War Museum). It explores the events at Dunkirk by comparing a holiday beach scene with a war zone. There is opportunity for plenty of cross curricular work, including history, geography and PSHE, as well as two worksheets to support the Pupils Writing Targets at Y 2, 3, 4 and 5.
The Blitz : World War IIQuick View
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The Blitz : World War II

Presentation explaining the Blitz and its effect on London and Britain in the 1940s, leading to the evacuation of children. Accompanied by a senses spidergram for children to record their senses and feeling if they were caught in the Blitz.
World War 2 timelineQuick View

World War 2 timeline

This can be used either as a teaching aid to help with the chronology, or printed off and laminated as a display. I have it hanging on a washing line from my ceiling and the children refer to it quite regularly. Hope it's useful.
Children Evacuation: World War IIQuick View
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Children Evacuation: World War II

Presentation outlining how children were evacuated from cities to the countryside and their experiences away from their families. Accompanied by Evacuee game (what to pack in evacuees suitcase) and writing frame for writing a letter home as an evacuee.
Maps of World War 2Quick View

Maps of World War 2

I use these maps to give students an overview of the activity across the world during the Second World War. I have found that it gives them a good 'big picture' rather than just focusing on German and Britain. have a great overview video for free on their website on WW2
World War 2 Propaganda PostersQuick View

World War 2 Propaganda Posters

A great way of introducing a new topic to a class. The PowerPoint images are printed out and put around the room. Children are given the resource sheet with prompting questions on. They go around the room and explore the images, using the questions to direct their thinking. They're encouraged to think outside of the box. A really effective and engaging way of introducing a new topic to all levels of learners. Please comment below, I have photo detectives for other topics too:) The images are all different propaganda posters that will introduce the concept well to children.
World War 2 Scheme of Work (plus resources)Quick View

World War 2 Scheme of Work (plus resources)

This is a set of plans and resources which is taught in Year 6 at our school. I've tried to upload as much as I can without breaching copywrite. I've used quite a lot of video in the plans - 'Blitz Street' as well as extracts from the old 'World at War' programmes. You can get hold of these online There's a couple of other resources I've not got digital copies of as well, so apologies for not including them. There's nothing desperately complicated, so they could be easily replicated. Nonetheless, a good starting point for anyone! Enjoy!
World War One Christmas TruceQuick View

World War One Christmas Truce

A set of teaching resources published and made freely available by by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee (Newcastle University) to commemorate the centenary of the first Christmas Truce of World War One. The resources include materials on a variety of topics within the First World War - including ideas for cross-curricular schemes of work. For more information, see the link below:
Second World War Whole School ResourceQuick View

Second World War Whole School Resource

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. This resource contains a theme for each phase of primary school from FS to UKS2 and builds up a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the war. More resources available on: Follow me on:
World War 2 Timeline Display CardsQuick View

World War 2 Timeline Display Cards

Display cards depicting the main events to affect the UK from the end of WW1 through WWII and on to the end of rationing in 1954. Please let me know if these are useful as I have other things I can upload for WW2.
Propaganda powerpointQuick View

Propaganda powerpoint

Powerpoint showing examples of propaganda used during the second world war. includes questions for children to think about and discuss.
How did World War II begin?Quick View
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How did World War II begin?

Presentation explaining how WW2 began, child friendly, lots of images. Can be shown as presentation with points for discussion or printed off as a booklet. Has accompanying worksheet for children to complete as they experience the presentation.
World War 2 PowerPointQuick View

World War 2 PowerPoint

An interactive PowerPoint with links to resources and media clips. The Causes of WW2 area is complete plus connects to resources on the Holocaust too. Suggestions to add to this resource most welcome.
World War 2: lesson plans 1-5Quick View

World War 2: lesson plans 1-5

Detailed planning covering the topic World War 2 which includes National Curriculum objectives and cross curricular links. Lesson plans 6-11 are also on TES. The file includes planning, a topic overview, smartboards, activities and adaptable resources for KS2. I used these lessons with Year 6 but they can be adapted for any year group. Please Leave feedback or comments. Thanks