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Restless Earth

This is a unit of work which is part of a KS3 Scheme of Work. Within this unit we cover a wide range of aspects which include; - Plate Techtonics. - Natural Hazards. - Earthquakes. - Volcanoes. - Developed World vs Undeveloped Problems - associated with these hazards.
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Restless Earth

AQA spec A resources which refers to the Nelson Thornes text book which supports the course - can easily be adapted for other specs though!
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Restless Earth AQA A Geography

Revision sheet for The Restless Earth module designed to fit with AQA A Geography specification. This sheet was created to encourage building of revision notes at home for unenthusiastic C-D students! It is designed to be printed on A4 paper. BUNDLE DEAL! This resource is part for a series of resources which you can buy as a bundle. Please see my other resources. You can download the weather and climate revision resource for free. Please comment and rate to let me know what you think and if there could be any improvements
Restless Earth Support BookletQuick View

Restless Earth Support Booklet

This booklet supports a series of lesson and is designed for Entry Level/SEND students to allow them to access the key elements of science. If used in a mixed ability class, these booklets allow students to keep pace with the rest of the class whilst personalising the challenge and support they require. The booklet is part of a series of booklets with a variety of tasks including matching keywords and definition, scaffolding, extended answers, research and a lot of practical work with matching results tables/graphs. Some of the diagrams have had to be removed for copyright.
The Restless Earth song lyricsQuick View

The Restless Earth song lyrics

Complete lyrics for GCSE Restless Earth course for CCEA and AQA Apologies for the singing! The purpose is to encourage active learning from the students.
Revision - The restless earth GCSE AQAQuick View

Revision - The restless earth GCSE AQA

Powerpoint for GCSE AQA students. Includes tasks, sample answers, videos, key pointers for topics topics covered: Volcanoes, Supervolcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis Case studies - Kobe earthquake, Haiti earthquake, Iceland volcano, Africa volcano, Boxing day tsunami, yellowstone supervolcano
Tectonics and The Restless Earth Q&A revision packQuick View

Tectonics and The Restless Earth Q&A revision pack

Students and parents can test themselves using the question and answer activities to learn and retain the content needed for the examination. The questions are largely focused around the AQA specification but can be applied to both EdExcel and OCR. My students have RAG these and put them onto flash cards for the questions that they find the most difficult.
The Restless Earth Case Study Revision CardsQuick View

The Restless Earth Case Study Revision Cards

Revision postcards for GCSE Geography AQA A The Restless Earth. Includes case study overview cards for: Montserrat volcanic eruption, Alps fold mountains, Haiti 2010 LEDC earthquake, Christchurch MEDC earthquake, Yellowstone supervolcano and Japan 2011 tsunami. Postcards include example exam questions.
The Restless Earth Common Core eBook PDFQuick View

The Restless Earth Common Core eBook PDF

The Restless Earth Common Core workbook is a book of 10 common core lessons that covers plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, subduction, sea floor spreading, tsunamis and more! Students will also develop and practice higher order thinking skills. This workbook is a great resource for the classroom, homeschooling, academic enrichment, intervention, and summer learning!
AQA GCSE Specification A - The Restless Earth - 10 Lesson Topic BundleQuick View

AQA GCSE Specification A - The Restless Earth - 10 Lesson Topic Bundle

A 10 lesson bundle which includes PowerPoint presentations, activities and past exam questions with relevant mark schemes ideal for teachers teaching year 11 students who are revising for the Restless Earth topic. My year 11 students will be revising 6 topics within the year 11 academic year and i have therefore condensed previous lessons in order to hit key information which is needed in order to prepare for the summer exams. Exam questions form plenary/homework tasks in order to consolidate learning/revision and work on exam technique up until exam season.
AQA Entire Restless Earth Topic 22 hours and workbookletQuick View

AQA Entire Restless Earth Topic 22 hours and workbooklet

This resource contains 22 hours worth of lessons for the AQA GCSE Restless Earth topic. It also includes a work booklet from start to finish. Structure of the Earth Plate Boundaries Tectonic Distribution Fold Mountains and Ocean Trenches Fold Mountains Case Study Types of Volcanoes Mt St Helens Case Study Super Volcanoes Earthquakes Kobe vs Haiti Tsunamis Tsunami case Study