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Ecology Revision Placemat

Ecology Revision Placemat An A3 revision mat for the Ecology chapter in AQA GCSE 1-9 Combined Science and Biology. Includes combined Science content only and no separate Biology content. Includes answer
Ecology RevisionQuick View

Ecology Revision

This is a 3 page resource to cover the topic area ecology. It’s on A4 but should be photocopied at A3 so pupils have more space to write on. It is aimed at KS3, but could be used for lower set KS4 too.
AQA GCSE Science B7 REVISION (Ecology)Quick View

AQA GCSE Science B7 REVISION (Ecology)

An engaging lesson presentation (63 slides) and associated worksheets that uses a combination of exam questions, quick tasks and quiz competitions to help the students to assess their understanding of the topics found within the Biology unit B7 (Ecology) of the AQA GCSE Combined Science specification (specification unit B4.7). The topics that are tested within the lesson include: Communities Abiotic factors Biotic factors Levels of organisation Recycling materials Deforestation Global warming Students will be engaged through the numerous activities including quiz rounds like “Number CRAZY" whilst crucially being able to recognise those areas which need further attention
Ecology AQA TrilogyQuick View

Ecology AQA Trilogy

A revision summary powerpoint for the Ecology topic for the new AQA 2018 Trilogy specification.
NEW AQA GCSE Biology - 'Ecology' lessonsQuick View

NEW AQA GCSE Biology - 'Ecology' lessons

15 Resources
This bundle of resources contains 15 lessons which meet all learning outcomes within the ‘Ecology’ unit for the NEW AQA Biology Specification. Classification New systems of classification Communities Distribution of organisms Competition Adaptations Feeding relationships Recycling materials (water cycle) Carbon cycle The human population explosion Air pollution Water pollution Deforestation & peat destruction Global warming & the impact of change Maintaining biodiversity
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Ecology Notes A level Biology

Handwritten Ecology Notes perfect for Edexcel A level Biology. Comprised of 9 pages including Notes on the following topics: Definition of Biotic and Abiotic Factors Definition of Ecosystem, Biosphere, Succession, Plagioclimax, and Climax Community Explanation of Primary and Secondary succession Effect of abiotic factors on population (ight, temperature, wind and water, water availability, oxygen availability, and edaphic factors) Effect of Biotic Factors on population (Predation, Finding a mate, Territory, Parasitism and Disease) Definition of Intraspecific, and Interspecific competition Density Dependent and Density Independent factors. Definiton of Abundance, and Distribution Explanation of the 3 Different types of Distribution (Uniform, Clumped, and Random) Definition of Null Hypothesis How to use Students T test Notes on trophic levels and food chains Law of Conservation of energy How Energy is lost Definitions of Net Primary Production, Gross Primary Production and Secondary Production How to calculate Net Primary Production How to calculate Efficiency Diagram of Carbon cycle Definition of Carbon sink Explanation of Greenhouse effect Definition of Global Warming, Climate, Weather, Climate Change The role of Methane in Global Warming Evidence for increase in earth’s temperature Definition of Proxies,Dendrochronology and Peat Bogs How Frozen isotopes provide evidence for increase in temperature Definition of Anthropogenic, Correlation, and Extropolate. Definition of Selection pressure, Evolution, Allopatric speciation, Sympatric Speciation.
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AQA GCSE Biology Ecology Booklet

**Please see my other resources for the matching learner/revision booklets for the whole of GCSE Biology! ** This is a 25-page student booklet for Unit 7 Ecology for the new AQA GCSE 9-1 Biology. It includes notes, activities, exam questions and the associated required practicals. It is great for use alongside teaching or as a revision aid for students.
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Levels of ecological organization

PowerPoint Presentation based on levels of ecological organization. Content: Definition of ecology organization. Species Niche Populations Habitats Ecosystems Community Biodiversity Included: Definitions Visual representations Diagrams YouTube video analyses
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Ecology: Symbiosis Foldable

Students will create a foldable depicting three symbiotic relationships: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. Students will identify examples of symbiotic relationships. **This activity includes an introduction to symbiosis, entrance tickets, exit tickets, foldable, answer keys/example, and rubrics. ** The foldable can be added to an interactive notebook or used as a stand alone activity. You will receive a PDF of the foldable and a PPT of the questions and symbiosis information so you can easily project the information on your board.
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18 Resources
A bumper collection of twenty resources (worth £40 individually!) including starter activities, guides to experiments, detailed worksheets and independent research tasks on the topic of ecology. All resources are aimed at advanced level study and would best suit biology students, although some resources could well be used by geography or environmental science students. Please view the description of each resource for more details. Further resources from the same author can be found at Bioscience Rocks:
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Ecology: This ecology bundle includes of all of the cootie catchers as outlined below: Playing directions and folding Directions (with pictures) are Included. Important: All these Cootie Catchers sell for $19; as a bundle they are 25% off, for $14! There are 7 different topics, each one having multiple versions in color and black and white: ♦ Animal Adaptations ♦ Biomes ♦ Ecosystems ♦ Evolution ♦ Food Web ♦ Habitats ♦ Water Cycle
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Ecology: This ecology bundle includes of all of my interactive notebooks as outlined below: Completed facts and blank pages for students to fill out are included in all versions. Important: All these sell for $30; as a bundle they are 50% off, for $14.95! There are 4 different topics, each one comes in an accordion booklet and lapbook format and come in color and black and white: ♦ Animal adaptations: Booklet, Lapbook ♦ Biomes: Booklet, Lapbook ♦ Habitats: Booklet, Lapbook ♦ Water Cycle: Booklet, Lapbook
GCSE AQA Ecology: Organising an ecosystemQuick View

GCSE AQA Ecology: Organising an ecosystem

This resource includes 57 power point slides for four complete lessons including the work sheets, activities, learning objectives, key terms and detailed content to be taught. The topics included are Feeding relationships Material cycling The carbon cycle Rates of decomposition (biology only)
Ecology AQA Biology revisionQuick View

Ecology AQA Biology revision

Revision mat which covers the AQA 9-1 GCSE Biology specification. The resource is designed as a revision aid and covers: Adaptations, interdependence and competition Organising an ecosystem Biodiversity and ecosystems.
Jurassic Park Ecology BookletQuick View

Jurassic Park Ecology Booklet

This booklet covers most of the topic of ecology. It uses a Jurassic Park theme and can be printed off with each child having their own booklet. My class really enjoyed it! Students will be part of a team of scientific researchers who travel to Isla Nublar to dicover how dinosaurs interact with each other and their environment. A list of key words and an end of topic test are included at the end.