New TeacherQuick View

New Teacher

An information sheet that pupils can fill it out to give to their new teacher. Perfect for transition within a school or from year 6 to year 7. All supported with Widgit Symbols.
Metacognition Tools for New TeachersQuick View

Metacognition Tools for New Teachers

12 Resources
Save 50% with this Metacognition Resource Pack for new teachers! It’s ideal for: Enhancing metacognitive strategies Improved metacognitive reflection & awareness Increased learning power It is of particular interest to department heads looking to improve pedagogy across their team or individual teachers looking to develop their use of metacognition in lessons. This resource pack includes: A large selection of metacognition worksheets Metacognition knowlege-hunt sessions Metacognition A3 debate worksheet sessions The Metacognitive Debate Generator We’ve also included six free bonus metacognition resources in this pack! All resources are designed for KS3 & KS4 students. Check our our other metacognition downloads at You can download our largest bundle, designed for whole-school metacognition initiatives, here! All resources are copyrighted by and distributed on behalf of The Global Metacognition Institute. Copyright Adam Godwin (2019)
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New Teachers NQT PGCE

5 Resources
This bundle contains our video-worksheet pack (x10 worksheets) and 4 other resources. Buying these resources together saves you a lot of money! It’s a special offer aimed at NQTs and new teachers! . Check-out some of our most popular resources on TES! GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Hinduism (Thematic Studies Units) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) . GCSE Religious Studies Facebook Community: .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) . GCSE Sociology Facebook Community: .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Download new Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources at You can download some FREE Metacognitive Strategies here: And learn all about metacognition & self-regulated learning for free here: Join our community on Facebook!: . . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
New Teacher Bundle PackQuick View

New Teacher Bundle Pack

6 Resources
An excellent collection of resources - an ideal pack for new teachers. Pack features: * About you - complete introduction lesson getting to know your students better * 15 KS3 starter pack - 15 general original starters * Literacy Health Check - a complete literacy test lesson to see where students are in terms of basic literacy * End of term quiz - hours of fun, quiz pack * Letter card sort with starters - a lasting letter resource to instruct students on the correct layout of letters + 5 starters thrown in * Find the word 5 starter pack - great resource for Y7 students Unbeatable value! £14.50 for £5.50! Visit my shop for more great resources here:
New teacher nerves - poemQuick View

New teacher nerves - poem

A poem looking at some of the worries and concerns new teachers have about going into the classroom. Useful as a stimulus for discussion with Teacher training students, NQTs and just staff generally.
Drama Lessons - New TeacherQuick View

Drama Lessons - New Teacher

These were two lessons that I put together for some KS3 pupils that helped me to film a behaviour management video. It enabled me to get the pupils to act badly so that I could video them and interview them about new teachers. I then used the video for my behaviour management training for NQTs.
Empowering New TeachersQuick View

Empowering New Teachers

Teaching aspiring educators new tricks, with a focus on experiential learning, classroom immersion, and mentoring.
New year Teacher's PlannerQuick View

New year Teacher's Planner

The students will be encouraged to write messages to their friends and dear ones on Christmas Eve .Teach your students message writing through these Christmas cards. Get a teachers organizer and praise card template with these cards.
Teaching Interview Questions and Answers | New Teachers GuideQuick View

Teaching Interview Questions and Answers | New Teachers Guide

In this resource, I detail 18 teaching interview questions and their answers. This resource is intended to help teachers preparing for interviews and is perfect for new teachers. Example questions include: how would manage students with different abilities in class? how do young people learn? name three qualities valuable for teaching I would always recommend answers are backed up with examples from your experience as well as the information which I have detailed in this resource. Please make sure to follow me:
KS1 - Letter to new teacher LessonQuick View

KS1 - Letter to new teacher Lesson

Key Details 1/2 Lessons Writing a letter to their new teacher for the next year. -Includes: Smart Notebook Slides/Word Banks/Scaffold Easily edited for your topics Have a check of our website: there are lots of articles and resources to help out experienced teachers, ECTs and SLT alike.
The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit

1.5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Now with many versions, translated into several languages and available for free on Teacher Toolkit website. Visit here. I shared the 5 Minute Lesson Plan on Twitter. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. Over the past 6 years, I’ve developed a digital version with Angel Solutions - we have released our new beta version. You can sign up here for a 2-week trial. Designed to reduce planning time and focus on key learning phases within a lesson. Lesson planning is a habit of thought, not a form filling exercise. So, why use the 5 Minute Lesson Plan? Useful for coaching and mentoring newly qualified teachers; or with established colleagues for paired observations; designed to help teachers consider the cognitive processes required in lesson planning. Stick-ability = What will stick in students minds as they leave your lesson? What key point do you want them to remember? (supports teacher clarity and memory) Remember, watchdogs no longer require a lesson plan for lessons, but evidence of a planned lesson! However, your teacher-training provider may require (sadly) detailed lesson plans! If that’s the case, be brave and use this - lesson planning templates are for you and your pupils, not for an observer…
New Drama Teacher Survival Kit!Quick View

New Drama Teacher Survival Kit!

6 Resources
Are you an Early Career Teacher (ECT) teaching Drama for the first time? If so, here is your SURVIVAL KIT!! Included in this bundle are some key essentials that is guaranteed to make your life more comfortable moving forward and help you keep your head above water: 4 tried-and-tested schemes of work - extensive powerpoints and supporting resources Level Descriptors - essential for you and your pupils Performance script - a manageable and realistic first-time presentation opportunity (for pupils, teachers or both!)
Draft application letter for NQT or New TeachersQuick View

Draft application letter for NQT or New Teachers

Are you an NQT or new teacher applying for a new Job? Following on from my popular Head Teacher draft letter, this one is suited to those at University applying for new jobs or indeed those teachers new to the profession. This one is aimed at a Primary School application because it is one I wrote for my Daughter in law: good luck with the job hunting!
New Teacher (NQT) Literacy Display BundleQuick View

New Teacher (NQT) Literacy Display Bundle

3 Resources
Connectives display posters, which I find incredibly useful for all year groups, especially during DIRT activities (I get the pupils to 'upgrade' their connectives). Common spelling error display also included in this pack. The third resource is a literacy map which I laminate and leave on the student's desks and I refer to this when we discuss writing up paragraphs etc.
New Teacher NQT Application and Interview BundleQuick View

New Teacher NQT Application and Interview Bundle

8 Resources
In this bundle, you will find a compilation of resources perfect for making your first applications to schools and for interviews. This includes: guidance on writing your first application guidance on student panels 3 sets of potential questions for an ITT/NQT position guidance on visits to schools and how to ace this first impression 15 questions to ask your interviewer at the end of your formal interview - always the worst part of the interview when your mind goes blank! a 3 page guide to planning an amazing interview lesson including loads of top tips and advice Please make sure you follow me: