NQT RQT New Teacher - CPD Training Professional Development BundleQuick View

NQT RQT New Teacher - CPD Training Professional Development Bundle

10 Resources
In this bundle, you will find 9 resources which would be useful for new or training teachers. These include a range of specific training teacher CPDs as well as generals CPDs and documentation or guidance which would be helpful to new staff. effective seating plans CPD - how to use seating plans effectively in classrooms the importance of routines CPD - how to establish and maintain routines for behaviour management and learning differentiation CPD - how to differentiate for students of various abilities stretching high ability students CPD - how best to stretch your more able students a CPD on how students learn and revise including covering top tips on improving learning and creating new pathways in the brain a video on how to be an awesome form tutor - tops tips on how to be a form tutor effectively 3 compiled lists of CPD courses - free from Future Learn and Open university and other websites - great to direct staff to for free training 1 compiled list of improving vocabulary development and resources - great boosting literacy in your lessons, which is key to access great grades and learning in any subjects Remember to follow me on: facebook.com/teachcoach
New TeacherQuick View

New Teacher

An information sheet that pupils can fill it out to give to their new teacher. Perfect for transition within a school or from year 6 to year 7. All supported with Widgit Symbols.
New Teachers' Standards Evidence Tracker templateQuick View

New Teachers' Standards Evidence Tracker template

Thought I would share this as I prepare to start recording evidence in my NQT year: - PDF of the New 2012 DfE Teachers' Standards - an evidence 'tracker&' template - a One-pager of the new standards, for easy reference - folder dividers to print out for the NQT evidence folder.
Draft application letter for NQT or New TeachersQuick View

Draft application letter for NQT or New Teachers

Are you an NQT or new teacher applying for a new Job? Following on from my popular Head Teacher draft letter, this one is suited to those at University applying for new jobs or indeed those teachers new to the profession. This one is aimed at a Primary School application because it is one I wrote for my Daughter in law: good luck with the job hunting!
New Teachers NQT PGCEQuick View

New Teachers NQT PGCE

5 Resources
This bundle contains our video-worksheet pack (x10 worksheets) and 4 other resources. Buying these resources together saves you a lot of money! It’s a special offer aimed at NQTs and new teachers! . Check-out some of our most popular resources on TES! GCSE Religious Studies Buddhism (20 Lesson Unit) Buddhism (Thematic Studies Units) Christianity (Thematic Studies Units) Hinduism (20 Lesson Unit) Hinduism (Thematic Studies Units) Islam (Thematic Studies Units) . GCSE Religious Studies Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReligiousStudiesGCSE/ .    GCSE Sociology Resources Complete Units (Whole Course) . GCSE Sociology Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sociologygcse .  AS/A2 Revision Sessions OCR Religious Studies AQA Philosophy AQA Sociology .  Philosophy for Children (P4C) The Ultimate P4C Resource Pack The Debating Society Toolkit Philosophy Boxes . Download new Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning Resources at www.globalmetacognition.com You can download some FREE Metacognitive Strategies here: https://www.globalmetacognition.com/free-downloads And learn all about metacognition & self-regulated learning for free here: https://www.globalmetacognition.com/blog Join our community on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EducationalMetacognition/ . . Other Tools A3 DIRT Worksheet (15+ 5-star ratings!) KS3 RE Units
Metacognition Tools for New TeachersQuick View

Metacognition Tools for New Teachers

12 Resources
Save 50% with this Metacognition Resource Pack for new teachers! It’s ideal for: Enhancing metacognitive strategies Improved metacognitive reflection & awareness Increased learning power It is of particular interest to department heads looking to improve pedagogy across their team or individual teachers looking to develop their use of metacognition in lessons. This resource pack includes: A large selection of metacognition worksheets Metacognition knowlege-hunt sessions Metacognition A3 debate worksheet sessions The Metacognitive Debate Generator We’ve also included six free bonus metacognition resources in this pack! All resources are designed for KS3 & KS4 students. Check our our other metacognition downloads at globalmetacognition.com You can download our largest bundle, designed for whole-school metacognition initiatives, here! All resources are copyrighted by and distributed on behalf of The Global Metacognition Institute. Copyright Adam Godwin (2019)
New Teacher Bundle PackQuick View

New Teacher Bundle Pack

6 Resources
An excellent collection of resources - an ideal pack for new teachers. Pack features: * About you - complete introduction lesson getting to know your students better * 15 KS3 starter pack - 15 general original starters * Literacy Health Check - a complete literacy test lesson to see where students are in terms of basic literacy * End of term quiz - hours of fun, quiz pack * Letter card sort with starters - a lasting letter resource to instruct students on the correct layout of letters + 5 starters thrown in * Find the word 5 starter pack - great resource for Y7 students Unbeatable value! £14.50 for £5.50! Visit my shop for more great resources here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/EngageinEnglish
Tes New Teachers GuideQuick View

Tes New Teachers Guide

The NQT guide to classroom practice. Whether you are new to teaching or have new teachers beginning at your school this new term. What’s inside? New teachers share their NQT highs and lows Making ends meet on a teacher’s salary Getting to grips with your school’s culture How to be successful without being perfect Plus guides to building relationships, dealing with challenging behaviour, mentor relationships, workload hacks and much, much more.
New teacher nerves - poemQuick View

New teacher nerves - poem

A poem looking at some of the worries and concerns new teachers have about going into the classroom. Useful as a stimulus for discussion with Teacher training students, NQTs and just staff generally.
New Teacher NQT Application and Interview BundleQuick View

New Teacher NQT Application and Interview Bundle

8 Resources
In this bundle, you will find a compilation of resources perfect for making your first applications to schools and for interviews. This includes: guidance on writing your first application guidance on student panels 3 sets of potential questions for an ITT/NQT position guidance on visits to schools and how to ace this first impression 15 questions to ask your interviewer at the end of your formal interview - always the worst part of the interview when your mind goes blank! a 3 page guide to planning an amazing interview lesson including loads of top tips and advice Please make sure you follow me: facebook.com/teachcoach
Drama Lessons - New TeacherQuick View

Drama Lessons - New Teacher

These were two lessons that I put together for some KS3 pupils that helped me to film a behaviour management video. It enabled me to get the pupils to act badly so that I could video them and interview them about new teachers. I then used the video for my behaviour management training for NQTs.
Empowering New TeachersQuick View

Empowering New Teachers

Teaching aspiring educators new tricks, with a focus on experiential learning, classroom immersion, and mentoring.
Guide to Lesson Observations - Reflection & Providing constructive feedback - NEW TEACHERS, NQT, PQuick View

Guide to Lesson Observations - Reflection & Providing constructive feedback - NEW TEACHERS, NQT, P

A Easy to follow guide to observing lessons & improving reflective practice ** ** ideal tool if either: you have been asked to observe a lesson & you are not confident giving feedback you are a NQT or trainee teacher wanting to get more out of observing teaching The document explains the objectives of lesson observations, pinpointing what you should be focusing on & looking for. **It also contains a really handy guide with questions and prompts to use to record feedback during lesson observations ** i.e. What is the pace of the lesson ? is students work challenging & engaging? what behaviour strategies are implemented?
New year Teacher's PlannerQuick View

New year Teacher's Planner

The students will be encouraged to write messages to their friends and dear ones on Christmas Eve .Teach your students message writing through these Christmas cards. Get a teachers organizer and praise card template with these cards.
Learning Walk/ Teacher Development ChecklistsQuick View

Learning Walk/ Teacher Development Checklists

These comprehensive checklists have been created to aid school leaders when performing learning walks with a particular focus e.g. questioning, differentiation, etc. Clearly structured and organised, they present a central idea surrounded by a breakdown of a number of its key components. For the user, this layout provides a simple reference list of each of the desirable skills, categorised appropriately. The checklists also provide an alternative to regular feedback methods, which often focus too heavily on the standard or ‘judgement’, as opposed to being a developmental tool. Alternatively, these are really handy for teachers looking to develop their practice in the key teaching areas listed below. Included in the pack are checklists for: -Questioning -Differentiation -Utilising Resources (including support staff) -Engagement -Building Literacy Skills -Planning and Expectations -Building Learning Power -A blank template for you to design your own based upon your own focus Note: The checklists offer a range of desirable strategies that teachers should look to implement over time - it would be damaging to expect teachers to utilise each of these strategies in every lesson! Many Thanks
King Lear Teacher ResourcesQuick View

King Lear Teacher Resources

Includes: - An 87 slide presentation containing scene by scene summaries and questions - Character quotes - Notes on the similarities between the plot and the subplot
Notes for new teachers - Preparing for observationsQuick View

Notes for new teachers - Preparing for observations

Observations are about learning more than teaching. The importance of demonstrating progress during observations can therefore not be overstated. Progress is what observers are looking for; it is considered to be the best indicator of the quality and extent of learning, as facilitated by the teacher. This 14 page e-book includes tips for planning ahead, lesson components and during the observation.
New Teacher Teaching Interview Questions: ITT, RQT, NQTQuick View

New Teacher Teaching Interview Questions: ITT, RQT, NQT

3 Resources
In this resource you will find all three sets of potential interview questions for newly qualified teachers - staff who have just qualified and finished their PGCE or have done 1 year teaching and will be applying and interviewing for their first or second posts as teachers. This totals over 60 potential questions. Follow me on: facebook.com/teachcoach
New Year New Teacher Social StoryQuick View

New Year New Teacher Social Story

Social story about preparing a child for a new teacher and new classroom.  The book contains spaces to fill in the name of the new teacher and other details to personalise the book to the specific child. The point of a social story is to use a patient and reassuring tone to teach children about social situations in a way that can be easily understood. Social stories can be useful for any child who is struggling to understand a situation or concept or needs help to understand a social skill or social cue, expectations, perspectives, common responses or is troubled about an upcoming event but social stories are particularly useful for children on the autistic spectrum for whom social cues can be challenging and who often suffer anxiety if they do not know what to expect from a situation. These books should be used over and over to reinforce the point so I would suggest either putting the pages into a display book or laminating and binding them. Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Children’s Illustrator:  www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kari-Bolt-Clip-Art Terms of Use The original purchaser is granted the right to photocopy, use or display this material for his/her educational use without limitation. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means in order to provide use to another person without express written permission from the author and publisher unless additional licenses or group licenses have been purchased. Copying any part of this product and placing it on the Internet in any form (even a personal/classroom website) is strictly forbidden.