Resolutions AssemblyQuick View

Resolutions Assembly

An assembly used on resolutions which is ideal for New Year assemblies. I have included notes at the bottom of the slides too which should help with delivery.

By Arlia89

Brexit AssemblyQuick View

Brexit Assembly

An excellent assembly that comprehensively covers the issues surrounding Brexit.

By laumorrow

AssembliesQuick View


11 assemblies focusing on a range of key foci within British schools Used within a system from Y7-Y13. Provides key discussions, videos and extracts to keep the assembly interactive.

By Halif28

Assembly on future choices and careersQuick View

Assembly on future choices and careers

I created this assembly for Year 9 students about their choices about their future. This assembly can be adapted for any year group and I have put in additional notes too. It will last approximately 15-20 minutes.

By Arlia89

Silence AssemblyQuick View

Silence Assembly

The aim of the assembly is to get the students to focus on mindfulness and the benefits of silence. This assembly is suitable at any time of year and with any year group. If you like this assembly please leave a review.

By laumorrow

Christmas AssemblyQuick View

Christmas Assembly

The assembly gives the history of Christmas and why there are so many strage traditions involved. There is also a fun quiz that the students can take part in. If you like this assembly please leave a review.

By laumorrow

Culture AssemblyQuick View

Culture Assembly

Act of Collective Worship based around the theme of Culture. Complete with moments for debate and discussion and includes audio visual material.

By hundredacre15

Assembly on litteringQuick View

Assembly on littering

A short 10-15 minute assembly about littering. Includes an inspirational video to play as students enter the assembly and a moment of reflection at the end.

By srmw

assembliesQuick View


a range of assemblies mainly aimed at Key Stage 4 students.

By beck76

Protection AssemblyQuick View

Protection Assembly

Act of Collective Worship based around the theme of Protection. Particularly relevant in the light of recent events. Contains points for discussion and audio video material about the heightened state of people's perception of safety and comfort zones.

By hundredacre15

Assembly: Sports day - Winning and LosingQuick View

Assembly: Sports day - Winning and Losing

What is a winner? This assembly looks at the characteristics of a winner and questions our judgement about what makes a winner? Speaker notes are included in this teacher led assembly. The story of Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards is told and we question whether he was a 'loser'? Useful before sports day or prior to an Olympic Games.

By chrdol72

Sustainability AssemblyQuick View

Sustainability Assembly

An assembly covering the topic of sustainability appropriate for any assembly; but geared toward Green Britain Day and reducing energy consumption in the home.

By djblake79

Fun Class Assembly  Ancient 'Greeks Got Talent!'Quick View

Fun Class Assembly Ancient 'Greeks Got Talent!'

Just finished this assembly with my Y5 class, it went so well and they loved it. It involves an 'X factor' style show where each Greek god auditions to be king of the gods, whilst telling the audience a little bit about the Ancient Greeks. It involves throwing confetti at the audience, a dance routine to music from Disney's Hercules, and a boy dressing up as Cheryl Cole....if you want. Adapt and use as you want. Enjoy.

By koolkat123uk

Look up assemblyQuick View

Look up assembly

Assembly based around the idea that life can pass us by if we do not look up (and see the big picture).

By stevemillar

Injustice Assembly - Maya AngelouQuick View

Injustice Assembly - Maya Angelou

The assembly looks at the issue of injustice and how we can respond to it through the case study of Maya Angelou. It tells the story of Maya Angelou and her life as an inspiration to the students. If you like this assembly please leave a review.

By laumorrow

RE assembly on responsibilityQuick View

RE assembly on responsibility

This is a religious assembly on the theme of responsibility. This assembly was created for my year 1 class but would also be suited to year 2, it has good ideas/story which would also be relevant to LKS2 but would need a bit of adapting for older children. This assembly includes 2 songs which the children loved singing. When it is all acted out the assembly lasts for 15 minutes which is just long enough for KS1 children.

By jessmurray10

Inspirational assemblyQuick View

Inspirational assembly

Using the term 'Phubbing'- (snubbing someone using a mobile phone!) Show the students how much they are missing by being focused on their friends digitally. Link it to progress in school- how much distraction it causes. An assembly to help the students to focus on the small things in life, enjoy your friends and family! Also has a video, I claim no part in it! Just a good resource for the end of the assembly It is a fun assembly which gets students and teachers talking, with the use of a new word! Please can you review this resource

By darkmasteruk87

Assembly. Welcome Back AssemblyQuick View

Assembly. Welcome Back Assembly

A 14 slide assembly PowerPoint for use at the start of a new term. Slides encourage students to consider how they might approach the new term. Each slide illustrates a different focus .... friendship, engagement in learning, helpfulness, involvement, fun, keeping safe, meeting targets ...... The resource is provided as a pdf and also as a fully editable PowerPoint so that you can edit to suit the particular needs of your cohort. Suitable for KS2 and 3 assemblies.

By StartEducation

SMSC- 4 assemblies for £4Quick View

SMSC- 4 assemblies for £4

A series of 4 assemblies covering each of the four SMSC aspects. Each assembly includes a PowerPoint presentation and some notes. Works well as a 10 minute assembly, allowing for time to add on notices.

By MrBetney