A 10-15 minute assembly on the importance of having aspirations, setting goals for yourself to both better yourself as a person but also inspire others to do the same. Interactive with engaging clip and questions as well as posing a question for students to think upon as they leave the assembly.


A 15 minute assembly on the importance of showing respect to get respect with questions and engaging clips and images to inspire students to respect others.


A 10-15 minute (allowing for student reflection and Q&A) assembly on the importance of good behaviour, its impact on yourself and those around you and getting rid of the excuses we use for behaving badly. Lots of interesting quotes, scenarios and a clip to keep students engaged!


A 10-15 minute assembly exploring the culture and tradition behind the Festival of Lights, Diwali. Includes how it is celebrated and what it represents for different parts of India and the Hindu community. Suitable for all ages!


A 10-15 minute assembly on having a more positive attitude in life. Includes thought-provoking questions on situations in school that may provoke a negative reaction and 6 simple steps to guide students towards being more proactive than reactive. Easily adaptable for tutor time! Suitable for all ages!


A 10 minute (editable) assembly exploring how to persevere in the face of adversity. Includes key quotes for motivation and 2 inspirational clips demonstrating perseverance against severe obstacles. Students are left with questions to consider and provoke action and effort in areas they struggle in and to encourage less excuse-making tendencies. Engaging for all years!
Being proactive assemblyQuick View

Being proactive assembly

An assembly on the rewards of hard work The fable of lazy mouse and industrious mouse with a modern twist. The idea is to show them that they cannot scrounge off peoples good nature their whole lives, eventually they will be judged on what they get at school and they need to be pro active and not lazy! The assembly takes them through the fable and at the end it explains why they need to take a proactive step forward. Excellent for a start, end or middle of the year, an important message, presented in a humorous way to help students take in the message. This received praise from a visiting inspector. Ends with a video from a rocky film, not my clip! Please review this resource
Building Resilience Assembly!Quick View

Building Resilience Assembly!

This assembly aims to assist children in becoming resilient learners who are more willing to approach tasks, keep trying when tasks become difficult, and learn from their mistakes. I love giving this assembly because I feel that the key message within it is so vital. More importantly, wherever I have given this assembly (to a wide-range of students from a wide-range of contexts) it has always gone down extremely well, with students being extremely engaged and informing me of their increased resilience in the months that follow! The slides are visually engaging and well-presented, and the subject matter is tailored to the interests and needs of young people. For example, there are references to Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Andy Murray, JK Rowling and a host of other successful people in the public eye who have needed to overcome difficulties. There is also a hyperlink to a music video which utilises a 'Rude Goldberg Machine' which has been painstakingly set up, through months of set-backs and sticking points, to achieve an extraordinary result. The slides are fairly self-explanatory, but I've included to pages of notes to assist the speaker. Hope that you find this useful!
World Book Day AssemblyQuick View

World Book Day Assembly

15 minute assembly about World Book Day explaining why it is celebrated with info on charity work etc and 4.30 min video clip showing how books change lives. Perfect for this week coming March 2nd !
Fake News AssemblyQuick View

Fake News Assembly

A whole school assembly on Fake News. It guides learners through what fake news is, its historical origins, how to spot it, a short quiz and how to report it on social media.
Halloween Assembly - What is fear?Quick View

Halloween Assembly - What is fear?

A Halloween assembly that looks into the history of Halloween, traditions in the UK and around the World, the science of fear and weird phobia's. A great assembly to share with KS3 or 4 students, can also be used in Tutor Time.
Taking Responsibility ASSEMBLYQuick View

Taking Responsibility ASSEMBLY

A 10 minute assembly on taking responsibility for your actions and being accountable. It is brief but thought-provoking and hopefully encourages students to accept that sometimes taking responsibility is a huge sign of maturity.
Inspirational assemblyQuick View

Inspirational assembly

Using the term 'Phubbing'- (snubbing someone using a mobile phone!) Show the students how much they are missing by being focused on their friends digitally. Link it to progress in school- how much distraction it causes. An assembly to help the students to focus on the small things in life, enjoy your friends and family! Also has a video, I claim no part in it! Just a good resource for the end of the assembly It is a fun assembly which gets students and teachers talking, with the use of a new word! Please can you review this resource


A 10-15 minute assembly on road safety for teenagers. Some shocking statistics and information to dissuade them from being unsafe crossing roads and amongst traffic. Suitable for all ages but predominantly teenagers!
End of Term/Year Reflection AssemblyQuick View

End of Term/Year Reflection Assembly

An assembly that encourages student to self reflect on the previous term/year. It looks at the importance and benefits of self reflecting, how to identify strength and weaknesses, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes. It asks students to set targets and reflect on the previous term/year.
Black History Month Assembly - OctoberQuick View

Black History Month Assembly - October

This resource includes an assembly plan and 18 slide PowerPoint for Black History Month in October. It is suitable to use with KS2 or secondary aged children. The slideshow gives the opportunity to discuss why we might focus on black history for a month. It covers prehistory, ancient civilizations and 18th and 19th century Britain. There are 8 slides which outline key achievements of 8 different people of African or Caribbean descent, who have achieved great things in the past few centuries, from Nelson Mandela to Mo Farah. The plan gives details about how to use the slideshow. I like to lead assemblies that are interactive and relevant to the children's lives, so the plan gives plenty of opportunity for children to discuss ideas, give feedback and reflect.
assembliesQuick View


a range of assemblies mainly aimed at Key Stage 4 students.
Assembly IdeasQuick View

Assembly Ideas

A collection of 3 assemblies that I have put together and that were very successful. Please feel free to leave a comment
Respect AssemblyQuick View

Respect Assembly

A perfect resource to use within an assembly to show important respect is. There is also important speaker information notes added in on the first slide, please read before the assembly takes place.