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a range of assemblies mainly aimed at Key Stage 4 students.

By beck76

Assembly. Welcome Back AssemblyQuick View

Assembly. Welcome Back Assembly

A 14 slide assembly PowerPoint for use at the start of a new term. Slides encourage students to consider how they might approach the new term. Each slide illustrates a different focus .... friendship, engagement in learning, helpfulness, involvement, fun, keeping safe, meeting targets ...... The resource is provided as a pdf and also as a fully editable PowerPoint so that you can edit to suit the particular needs of your cohort. Suitable for KS2 and 3 assemblies.

By StartEducation

Ambition AssemblyQuick View

Ambition Assembly

Assembly for ambition. A few slides on what motivated people and some really relevant videos that aim to inspire.

By Jamesstewart25

Assembly IdeasQuick View

Assembly Ideas

A collection of 3 assemblies that I have put together and that were very successful. Please feel free to leave a comment

By gav1810

Respect AssemblyQuick View

Respect Assembly

A perfect resource to use within an assembly to show important respect is. There is also important speaker information notes added in on the first slide, please read before the assembly takes place.

By studentleader

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The Assembly BundleQuick View

The Assembly Bundle

4 assemblies on the key values of Aspiration Behaviour Perseverance Respect They vary between 10-20 minutes in length depending on conversation and question and answer sessions and encourage students to consider the values long after the assembly has finished. All engaging and visually stimulating for students and teachers alike!

By MissCResources



A 15-20 minute (editable) assembly exploring how to persevere in the face of adversity. Includes key quotes for motivation and 2 inspirational clips demonstrating perseverance against severe obstacles. Students are left with questions to consider and provoke action and effort in areas they struggle in and to encourage less excuse-making tendencies. Engaging for all years!

By MissCResources

Kindness assemblyQuick View

Kindness assembly

An assembly that i used with whole of primary school about how important kindness is and how they can show it. It led to lots of discussion back in classrooms and links in with a number of RE topics.

By Sistersarah

Sleep assemblyQuick View

Sleep assembly

Following our Ofsted, I couldn’t think of anything to talk about except for sleeping!! This ppt and ‘script’ is a light hearted look at how much sleep we all need and what the position you sleep in says about you … oo- er…. It’s not as risque as it sounds!

By doozer



A 10-15 minute assembly on the importance of having aspirations, setting goals for yourself to both better yourself as a person but also inspire others to do the same. Interactive with engaging clip and questions as well as posing a question for students to think upon as they leave the assembly.

By MissCResources

Attendance AssemblyQuick View

Attendance Assembly

Excellent resource for delivering a whole school assembly on the importance of attendance. Links made to attainment and clear graphics that show students the links between poor attendance and poor outcomes. Perfect for the start of a school year or as an intervention strategy.

By Jamesstewart25

Assembly - TrustQuick View

Assembly - Trust

This PowerPoint Presentation Assembly is on Trust. It has links to videos. You can edit the content to suit your needs exactly. We are creating a series of Values based presentation Assemblies at

By BigBill

Inspirational assemblyQuick View

Inspirational assembly

I introduce the concept of heroes and talk about my heroes. One of which is my mum! Then show this powerpoint, set to David Bowies - We could be heroes (youtube) Then I talk about how any pupil in the room could be a hero, they just don't know it yet.

By mrben25

Space assemblyQuick View

Space assembly

Use the word document as our main text. The powerpoint is simply a visual element. The children also produced art work and posters to illustrate each point made.

By natsplat



A 10-15 minute (allowing for student reflection and Q&A) assembly on the importance of good behaviour, its impact on yourself and those around you and getting rid of the excuses we use for behaving badly. Lots of interesting quotes, scenarios and a clip to keep students engaged!

By MissCResources



A 15 minute assembly on the importance of showing respect to get respect with questions and engaging clips and images to inspire students to respect others.

By MissCResources

Empowerment Assembly by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

Empowerment Assembly by @TeacherToolkit

In the assembly, I take time with students to explore the meaning of empowerment. I offer definitions, school expectations and strategies for students to become in control of their own destiny. To become empowered! Throughout the assembly, the following is discussed: Slides 1 - 5: Introduction to Empowerment; Dr. Seuss. Slides 6 - 10: According to research ... plus Lamont Carey video. Slides 11 - 15: Facts about reading. Slides 16 - 20: Non-verbal literacy. Slides 21 - 25: Semiotics - the science of signs. Slides 26 - 30: Reading throughout childhood. Slides 31 - 35: Reading at school; the Gruffalo. Slides 36 - 40: Reading as an adult. Slides 41 - 45: Writing improves literacy. Slides 46 - 50: Joe Kittinger video and National Storytelling Week. Slides 51 - 55: Follow up activity in tutor time. The assembly length is 25 minutes. We know literacy can open doors. So, why do only 40% of England's ten year olds, have a positive attitude to reading? And just 46% of 16 to 24 year olds don't read for pleasure? Research suggests that students who read for pleasure do better at school. This assembly hopefully offers some encouragement.

By rmcgill

World Book Day AssemblyQuick View

World Book Day Assembly

15 minute assembly about World Book Day explaining why it is celebrated with info on charity work etc and 4.30 min video clip showing how books change lives. Perfect for this week coming March 2nd !

By mycbrentwood