AQA - Chemistry of the atmosphereQuick View

AQA - Chemistry of the atmosphere

9 lessons to take students through the syllabus requirements for the chemistry of the atmosphere unit if studying for the trilogy exams or chemistry exams.
Atmospheric Pollutants for new AQA GCSE 2016 onwardsQuick View

Atmospheric Pollutants for new AQA GCSE 2016 onwards

This lesson covers the causes and problems of pollution, including: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulates, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Included with this resource: A powerpoint which explains the key concepts Two practical activities (be sure to carry out your own risk assessment) Activities to test understanding A worksheet. You will need access to molymods. A current GCSE textbook would also be useful but not essential.
New GCSE - Atmospheric PollutantsQuick View

New GCSE - Atmospheric Pollutants

New GCSE lesson on polluting gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels for the new AQA syllabus Learning Objectives: Describe the pollutants produced by combustion Explain the problems associated with each pollutant Discuss what can be done to reduce the carbon footprint of a country Analyse the social, economical and ethical results of the problems caused by pollutants
Earth's Early AtmosphereQuick View

Earth's Early Atmosphere

A lesson designed for top set students but easily altered for lower ability. Includes a card sort activity to show the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and a student lead research task.
New AQA 9-1 Chemistry Topic 9 Chemistry of the atmosphere - The Earth's early atmosphereQuick View

New AQA 9-1 Chemistry Topic 9 Chemistry of the atmosphere - The Earth's early atmosphere

A lesson to describe the Earth's early atmosphere and present day atmosphere together with explanations for changes in the composition of the atmosphere. The lesson includes: A card sort to accompany a video looking at developments in the Earth's atmosphere A storyboard task with descriptions A cartoon strip learning mat activity that students can annotate individually/ work in groups to explain changes in Earth's atmosphere Past paper questions with answers animated into the powerpoint
Earths AtmosphereQuick View

Earths Atmosphere

Asks students to circle the gases present in the atmosphere today as all as all as say which is unique to Earth and draw a pie chart of the composition of gases.
Atmospheric PollutantsQuick View

Atmospheric Pollutants

KS4 NEW AQA 2016 SPEC The Earth's Atmosphere Complete lesson with tasks throughout Suggested practicals
AQA Combined Science - Trilogy: C13 The Earth's AtmosphereQuick View

AQA Combined Science - Trilogy: C13 The Earth's Atmosphere

A complete set of 5 (1 hour) lessons linked to the C13 The Earth's Atmosphere AQA Chemistry specification. All lessons contain tasks, exam-style questions and all knowledge required. Lessons included in bundle: C13.1 History of the Atmosphere C13.2 Our Evolving Atmosphere C13.3 Greenhouse Gases C13.4 Global Climate Change C13.5 Atmospheric Pollutants All lessons have been rated outstanding by lead practitioners. A great, time-saving bundle. Thank you for looking, please leave a review.
AQA Trilogy C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere revisionQuick View

AQA Trilogy C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere revision

Made using the AQA Trilogy specification Contains 1 slide of activities to complete for the C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere topic I give these out at the end of each topic and also before holidays for exam preparation. I have made the boxes equal sizes so that they can be blown up onto A3 card to create revision cards for intervention/ starters/ plenaries Maths skills and RPAs are incorporated when appropriate More of these on the way for all AQA units, RPAs and maths skills. Feedback welcome
CC17a CC17b The AtmosphereQuick View

CC17a CC17b The Atmosphere

Follows Edexcel 9-1 Combined Science GCSE PowerPoint about the Early atmosphere and how the atmosphere changed. It also looks at the tests for the 3 common gases includes a simple worksheet. Made for lower ability students but can be easily adapted for higher ability students.
Earth and AtmosphereQuick View

Earth and Atmosphere

The Earth - The Earth and its Atmosphere (Key stage 3) L.O. To compare the layers of the Earth and to describe the atmospheric composition. Contains a multiple choice pre-test great for introduction for this unit.
Atmospheric PollutionQuick View

Atmospheric Pollution

L5 Atmospheric Pollution for C13 The Earth's Atmosphere AQA new spec. Detailed powerpoint that is easy to follow and provides differentiated activities.
AQA Trilogy Chemistry of the AtmosphereQuick View

AQA Trilogy Chemistry of the Atmosphere

This is the complete unit of Chemistry of the Atmosphere. As we have planned that we were tight on fitting all of the content for the AQA Trilogy course by May 2018, we carried out an intense day of Science with our current Year 10s and went through this unit in 1 day. The only aspect we haven't covered is peer review which we are going to cover later on in the year. The word document was printed out and given to all students. The power point did have slides from the board works power points, these have not been included. But slides were taken from the following ppt. - Pollutants Climate change Greenhouse gases. Atmosphere.
KS4 Chemistry of the atmosphere, lesson 1 - early Earth atmosphereQuick View

KS4 Chemistry of the atmosphere, lesson 1 - early Earth atmosphere

KS4 Chemistry of the atmosphere, lesson 1 - early Earth atmosphere (teacher powerpoint incl. student worksheets, plenary activity etc). - All student activities included within the powerpoint slide pack ready for printing out. - Student sheet appears as final slide in powerpoint & can be printed off as A4 or A3 sheet depending on student needs. - powerpoint also includes separate information posters for displaying around the classroom so that students can work entirely independently as they complete the tasks on their work sheet, allowing you to provide individual support where needed. - Leveled learning outcomes all tied in to the grade 1-9 new science GCSE structure. Suitable for teaching both Trilogy or separate Chemistry.
Changes to the Earth's Atmosphere worksheetQuick View

Changes to the Earth's Atmosphere worksheet

Aimed at KS3/GCSE students studying the development of the atmosphere. Laid out as a flow chart/timeline for students to fill in a brief description of the atmosphere at each stage and how and why it changed over time. Could be used as a summary sheet for students to fill in after class discussion/presentation of how the atmosphere changed, or as a group research task where groups look at information/data about the different stages of the atmosphere and fill in what they have found out. The second option can easily be differentiated by varying the level of information given to different ability groups.
Hazardous Earth - Atmosphere and ClimateQuick View

Hazardous Earth - Atmosphere and Climate

7 part lesson series for the Edexcel GCSE module Hazardous Earth. This is part of the module to be taught alongside Hurricanes and Plate Tectonics. Specifically designed for the new Edexcel Geography GCSE but also suitable for AQA and OCR. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks and homework also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. For more resources visit Lesson sequence: 1 - Introduction to Hazardous Earth 2 - Atmospheric circulation and ocean currents 3 - The Coriolis effect and the ITCZ 4 - Causes of climate change 5 - Managing climate change 6 - Past climates and the greenhouse effect 7 - UK weather Full module available for £10