Bulletin Board Letters for Back to SchoolQuick View

Bulletin Board Letters for Back to School

Just in time for back to school! Bulletin board letters that can be printed (PDF) on colored paper or scrapbooking paper, then laminated, and cut. This bulletin board product includes all capital letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, punctuation marks, and keyboard symbols. See preview images above. This bulletin board product also includes the transparent PNGs for you to use in PPT and manipulate to your chosen size - smaller or larger. This is not a font. This is a PDF for printing onto colored paper and the individual PNGs (clipart).

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Back to School BundleQuick View

Back to School Bundle

This 12-page file includes all of my most popular resources for back-to-school at 45% off! Handout ~ Alphabet Handout ~ Pronunciation and Word Stress Worksheet ~ Pronunciation and Word Stress Reading + Worksheet ~ First Spanish Class Handout ~ Classroom Objects and Useful Phrases Reading ~ First Week of School Reading + Worksheet ~ My School Worksheet ~ Cognates

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Back to School PowerpointQuick View

Back to School Powerpoint

Need a back to school powerpoint presentation for parent night? Getting ready for open house? This is a Powerpoint presentation / template so you will be able to rearrange the slide order to suit your needs. You will also be able to delete any slides that you don't want in the presentation. Here are the slides that are included: •Welcome to our class •Meet the Teacher •School Info •Attendance •Related Arts •Specials •Ways to help at home •Ways to help at school •Classroom Management •Important Info •Breakfast •Snacks & Lunch •Things to Remember •Dress Code •Special Events •Birthdays •Homework •Sending Money •Classroom Procedures •Don't Forget •Transportation Info •Curriculum •Grading •School Supplies •Contact Information •Wish List •Our Schedule •Communication •Questions AND 5 blank slides to customize for your own needs!

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Back to School Ratio and ProportionQuick View

Back to School Ratio and Proportion

Now is a great time to buy this 36 page complete unit. This plan includes topics, steps and procedures, tips, 4 good-sized worksheets, and an end of unit test. My students have gained tremendously from this complete lesson plan. They are swift to explain the facts and differences between ratios and proportions, where before the development of this format, they could not. The topics are aligned to the Common Core and PA standards (6th and 7th) and also CMP3 math curriculum. If you need any grade level or subject in math, please visit My Shop.

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Back to School Student SurveyQuick View

Back to School Student Survey

Back to School Student Survey. This student survey is a VALUABLE tool to learn about the students in your class. This back to school student survey was designed for students in any subject area. Enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my store! Ms. BlajicLittle Tots Learning

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Back to School DebatesQuick View

Back to School Debates

What better way to start school than to let your students DEBATE over some of their classroom rules! In this fun back-to-school activity, your students will enjoy diving right into public speaking, debate, and English/rhetoric on day one! This is a no-prep (except for just printing it off!) activity! It's a lighthearted practice in persuasion. Take a break and watch your students construct and defend their arguments! Just divide up the students how you want, hand them each their packet, and let them start preparing the debate! This activity includes two policy propositions: should fidget spinners be allowed in the classroom AND should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? **This product is a bundle and DOES include my Fidget Spinner Debate Activity- no need to buy both!** A simple and fun way to have your students practice their persuasion skills. When I teach debate, I teach using propositions of fact, value, and policy. This particular activity is completely propositions of POLICY.

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Back to School Game SpinnersQuick View

Back to School Game Spinners

Back to school spinners. Set of 3 colorful game spinners comes with adding and take away worksheets. Spin and Add plus Spin and Take Away. Can use paper clip to put spinner arrow on the spinner. Best laminated for durability. Great resource for math centers.

By CoyLearning

Back to School Daily Reading Comprehension FREEBIEQuick View

Back to School Daily Reading Comprehension FREEBIE

1 FULL week of August's Daily Reading Comprehension is FREE forever with this download. Enjoy 1 week of daily reading comprehension worksheets for 5th grade. Thinking of buying a full month (or more) of daily reading comprehension activities? Check this out and give it a try in your classroom before you commit! This week-long activity is a fictional story about going back to school. Written on a 5th grade reading level, it is perfect for daily morning work or homework. Great for standardized test prep, these passages have the feel and re-reading of a close read with more structure. Questions are grouped by type so that students focus on one main skill a day. Monday - students read the passage and answer questions about main idea, theme, and the general form of the text. Tuesday - students re-read the passage and answer multiple choice, standardized-test styled questions. Wednesday - students re-read the passage and answer character or setting questions about the text. Thursday - students re-read the passage and answer GUM (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics) questions about the text. Friday - students re-read the passage and answer short-answer, written response questions about the text. Text is in American English.

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Back to School Geometry Worksheets and ActivityQuick View

Back to School Geometry Worksheets and Activity

This Back to School geometry math packet includes a study guide, worksheets, lessons, assessments, and great diagrams for assorted topics in geometry. With this bundle I have added Area, Perimeter, Volume, and Measurement The study guides include discussion of slope, graphing coordinates (graphing equations for the advanced learner), patterns, pi, and area and circumference of a circle. The worksheets follow along with each topic. Included is a special bonus-Geometry fun cards with MLB team logos on each card can be used as flash cards, geometry game or as an assessment of understanding of diameter, radius and chord. It's a great and productive activity that you can use for years and years when you laminate the cards. This is a great plan for the visual learner. You’ll find tons of fun math products in My Shop.

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Operation Next Year/Back To SchoolQuick View

Operation Next Year/Back To School

This adorable bundle includes: 1. Operation: End of School Year Student Advise sheet for NEXT years students. 2. Operation: Back to school Student Questionnaire Questions connected to Game parts are: 1. Tell me about what is near and dear to your heart. (What do you love?) 2. WRITE about your GOALS this school year. 3. What is your WISH for this class? 4. What are FUN things you do in your spare time? 5. How do you like to learn? How can I help you learn?

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Back to School (Middle Grade) BundleQuick View

Back to School (Middle Grade) Bundle

Save $5 for buying the bundle! This is all you need to start the school year off right. This bundle includes everything from your classroom procedures to your first PBL to help students learn the processes in your classroom. Each section builds greater and greater community and student autonomy for the school year. Included in this bundle: *Classroom Processes and Behavior Kit *Classroom Norms *Bloom's Taxonomy Practice *Interactive Spiral Set Up Kit *Document Based Question Cheat Sheet *Classroom Government Kit *Why do we need to learn history? *Digital Citizenship: is Digital Access a Right? If you enjoy my lesson please follow my store, to receive updates when I post new products. And if you would be so kind, please leave me a comment. Please check me out at: Thank you, Ms. Furnas

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Kites Classroom Display Bundle - EDITABLE - (Back to School)Quick View

Kites Classroom Display Bundle - EDITABLE - (Back to School)

Soar to new heights this year with this amazing FULLY EDITABLE kites classroom display BUNDLE. Remove the hassle from your Back to School Preparation… just print, cut, laminate and work out where to put it in your classroom!!! You may wish to customize the headings to alternatives such as... Flying High in Grade…. The Sky is the Limit in Grade… Soaring into Grade…. Or add a photo of each child to your kites... It's all here, READY TO GOout of the box, or awaiting YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH A COMPLETE PACK TO DECORATE YOUR CLASSROOM WHAT YOU GET Name Labels Tub / Locker Labels Kite Templates Cloud Templates Letter Templates Comes either in FULL COLOR or BLACK & WHITE options A template for the tail is also included, I just used curling ribbon and glued the bows on, but you could use string, streamers, paper, there are many options... **********************************************************************************

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Back to School Multiplication Fans for Practice and ReviewQuick View

Back to School Multiplication Fans for Practice and Review

A fantastic back to school students’ math tool for both learning multiplication tables and for review. Ideal for 3rd grade up to 5th grade. Perfect for a back to school activity, math centres , assessment and homework, these fans are a fun, interactive and handy tool that can be used for reference over and over as the children become familiar and confident with their multiplication facts through this reinforcement. These can be used as a classroom tool to refer to daily, easily kept in individual desks. The children will become familiar with the math facts as they see them more frequently, right at their fingertips. Included: 13 fan slides of the multiplication facts from 0x through to 12x + cover slide. Mix and match as necessary. Teacher suggestions as to how to assemble the fans as learning tool. You can find more ideas, resources and FREEBIES for the IB PYP in my store and on my blog. Included are complete units of inquiry for each theme. Enjoy! Susan Powers www.PYPteachingtools.com

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Back to School IB PYP Portfolio Cover SheetsQuick View

Back to School IB PYP Portfolio Cover Sheets

These IB PYP cover sheets can be used for the on-going working binder and/or for the IB PYP Portfolio. These sheets are designed to be used as a mini reflection sheet as the you introduce each new unit of inquiry. There are two forms of the portfolio sheets and are created to make the children think about the new central idea and the lines of inquiry as they write them on the cover sheet. The second type asks the children to think about the new central idea and to illustrate their thinking about it, along with noting down any questions/inquiries that may have as you introduce the unit. UK & USA spelling. They are great to separate each unit of inquiry within the daily working binder or to use as a cover sheet for each unit within their portfolio. I have used these sheets also within our Student Led Conference preparation. Easily differentiated and suitable for grades 2-6. You will find a collection of 12 new unit sheets, titled with the name of each theme. Use them with: Introducing new units. End of unit reflections Portfolios Student Led Conferences . You may also be interested in my unit planners and reflection pack & other IB PYP resources which can be found in my store or on my blog. I have complete units of inquiry for each theme as well as resources to build understanding of the Learner Profile, Attitudes and Key Concepts. Enjoy! Susan Powers www.pypteachingtools.com

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Secondary Back to School Kit with Social Studies EmphasisQuick View

Secondary Back to School Kit with Social Studies Emphasis

This awesome bundle is an excellent BACK TO SCHOOL KIT! Most of it can be used across all Secondary subjects. All of it is EDITABLE. FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! Kit includes: 4 editable syllabus of different styles Operation Back to School Student Questions Worksheet Pokemon Get to Know You Questions Worksheet Customized Class Coupon Creative Homework Pass Unique Multi - Class Hallway Pass Meaningful parent and student back to school letters A Student Interest Inventory A TAKE HOME Detention form (VERY UNIQUE reflection - behavior intervention) Telephone Call Documentation Form NEW: ALL 10 POSTERS now INCLUDED from my Unique history posters, sold separately in my store ***MOST of this material can be used for ANY CONTENT! *Note- I have the kept the wording “as is” from my own syllabus to ensure that the document was easy to understand. You WILL need to edit this document before you use it to reflect your personal information, course name, grade level, textbook that you’re using, etc

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