First Weeks Back Bundle (Back to School)Quick View

First Weeks Back Bundle (Back to School)

Looking for activities for the first weeks back to school? Download this bundle of popular transition activities for primary teachers getting to know their new classes! Save time with our popular first weeks back resources!
New school year / back to school assemblyQuick View

New school year / back to school assembly

A complete assembly with both PPT and script for the start of the new school year. The assembly features a 'how to start the school year successfully' guide with six main points including 'be prepared to fail' and 'listen'. Youtube clips featuring famous people who have failed, Mo Farrah and the benefits of being positive are included as well as the Back to School soundtrack from Grease 2 as entry music. Designed primarily for year 7 - year 11. The assembly has been written for class delivery or for one person.
Back to School - All About MeQuick View

Back to School - All About Me

Download these popular 'All About Me' activities with a fidget spinner theme! Great for back to school or getting to know you activities! The pack contains activities that can be used in the following ways: 1. An All About Me sheet for pupils to fill in the sections of the fidget spinners with pictures or words about their favourite foods, people, school activities etc. 2. A blank version of the above activity for teachers pupils to choose their own categories. 3. A game using real fidget spinners (if they have not been banned!) where pupils have until the spinner stops to talk about each category. 4. A multiple-choice quiz for pupils to make real and false answers about themselves using the fidget spinner templates. 5. A design-your-own fidget spinner activity. Check out our other popular resources: All About Me Time Capsule Summer Performance Poetry Transition Day Activity Pack End of Term Iphone Activity Booklet
Back to School : Circle Time / Ice BreakersQuick View

Back to School : Circle Time / Ice Breakers

Back to School : Circle Time / Ice Breakers Great for Primary School! This is the perfect addition to any classroom especially at the beginning of the school year! This is a FULLY INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC. The PPT consists of over 30 Slides with 12 activities and three of our fun count down timers. Use the Circle Time Selector Wheel on slide 2 to select one of the 12 Circle time/Ice breaker activities within this presentation. click on a coloured segment of the selector to start it spinning and the hand to stop it. You can then click on the selected monster to take you to the relevant activity. If you wish to be taken back to the Circle Time Selector, there is a signpost on each page. You have the option of selecting either one of the 5, 10 or 15 minute timers for each activity. The timers included are: 5 Minutes: Pirate times 10 Minutes: Ultimate Bubble Timer 15 Minutes: Balloon Timer We would love your feedback on this resource! If you like what you see, please follow us: Facebook: TES:
ASSEMBLY. Back to School Assembly January 2018Quick View

ASSEMBLY. Back to School Assembly January 2018

For January 2018. Here is a fully editable 14 slide assembly PowerPoint for use at the start of a new term. Slides encourage students to consider how they might approach the new term. Each slide illustrates a different focus .... friendship, engagement in learning, helpfulness, involvement, fun, keeping safe, meeting targets ...... The resource is provided as a pdf and also as a fully editable PowerPoint so that you can edit to suit the particular needs of your cohort. Suitable for KS2 and 3 assemblies. Good luck for the new academic year.
Back To SchoolQuick View

Back To School

No planning required! A huge back to school pack of ideas and resources to meet and get to know new classes providing an excellent way to start the new year. Contains the following activities: ✓ THE WITCH HUNT: In teams, students must work out which person has the guilty card. ✓ FIND A FRIEND: Students try to find the person who they have most in common with. ✓ TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: A fun classic. ✓ WOULD YOU RATHER: Student edition with fun and thought provoking questions. ✓ MY BEDROOM: Students draw a bedroom that reflects them. ✓ TWEETER PROFILE: That's Tweeter not Twitter! ✓ FAKEBOOK PROFILE: They should be well-practised in this! ✓ INTERVIEW A CLASSMATE: Take notes and report back to the class! ✓ SPEED INTERVIEWS: Students speed interview each other. ✓ PERSONALITY CARDS: Students are given interesting and creative roles while discussing a hot topic. Careful, someone might have the "Crazy Cat Lady" role! ✓ HOLIDAY SNAPS: With template. ✓ HOLIDAY NEWS: Students write a new report on their holiday. ✓ THE SPY GAME: Students work in pairs to draw a map and find a secret location. ✓ INVESTIGATION: Students work in teams to analyse evidence to work out how someone escaped from prison. ✓ TIME CAPSULE: Students create a time capsule for themselves to open in the future. ✓ GUESS WHO: A guess who style game where students must find a mystery classmate based on some facts. ✓ MY HANDS: Using their hands as templates, they will create a fact sheet about themselves ✓ A GOOD STUDENT: Students mind map what they think would make a good student. ✓ BINGO: Students create a bingo sheet filled with information about themselves. ✓ VID SPACE: Students create a mock video channel with video ideas of their interests. ✓ CLASS APPLICATION: Students must apply to be part of the class! ✓ THIS SUMMER I: Creative writing prompt and template. Thank you for viewing!
All about me game - back to school new classQuick View

All about me game - back to school new class

This is such a fun resource for getting to know your new class, and much more interesting than getting them to complete a transition booklet! Just open the game in Powerpoint and choose your class size. You can either play it as musical chairs or musical states its up to you- press start music will play and then stop after 30 seconds- last child standing/moving gets to choose Truth or Dare! The Truth questions are aimed at finding more out about the children, The Dares involve lots of fun tasks that your class will find hilarious!
Back to School : Quick Notes!Quick View

Back to School : Quick Notes!

Back to School : Quick Notes! This resource has been invaluable in our teaching. The pack includes three performance related quick notes that you should have printed and cut out in preparation for handing to the children at the end of the school day or lesson. It is suitable for any year group and any subject. There are three Quick Notes in total: Praise Improvement Disappointed Theses should be filled in with the relevant information about the child and handed to them at the end of the lesson/ school day. They are designed to be given to the pupil's parents as an indication of their performance. We hope that you enjoy this FREEBIE resource! We value your feedback, so if you have time please leave us a review! If you like what you see, please follow us: Facebook:


Fresh new term, fresh new start! An 18 slide (approx 10-15 min) assembly welcoming students back to school after a holiday. Includes some tips on how to ease back into studying and regaining focus on school after a relaxing break. Easily adaptable for tutor-time! Suitable for all ages!
Transition/ Back to school activitiesQuick View

Transition/ Back to school activities

A number of resources that can be used for class transition days or for the start of a new school year. Activities include: Three quizzes that children can complete in teams Setting targets and getting to know children activity sheet Classroom flag templates where children can design a class flag Rules activity where children decide from rules which are important or unimportant to then create a set of class rules from Getting to know everyone - Ice breaker activity where children have to find others that may have done a particular thing Questions and ideas - What they are looking forward to, any concerns and any questions they may have
Back to School and TransitionQuick View

Back to School and Transition

A 43 page Power Point presentation and 9 activities to use with your new class at the start of the new school year or on transition day. Slides include: Would You Rather questions Find A Friend game Conversation Starters Thoughts on new school year School Tweets activity If you like this, you might also be interested in Back to School for KS1 and KS2 If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
Back to School BingoQuick View

Back to School Bingo

FREE back to school bingo game! Help your new class get to know each other with this fun game. Give each child a Find Someone Who Board (choose the KS1 or KS2 version). Children then go around the room and find somebody who can sign their name in each box on the board. The aim is to fill up their whole board as well as to get to know their classmates better! This free resource is part of our popular New Class Poetry Activity.
Back to School!! School RulesQuick View

Back to School!! School Rules

A perfect activity for the start of a new school year. Completely customisable for your own school rules. Three spaces provided for the class to personalise the classroom rules. Pupils can draw in the boxes provided or write about the rules.
Back to School : Balloon TimerQuick View

Back to School : Balloon Timer

Back to School : Balloon Timer A fun countdown timer that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. This is a 3 minute timer. Each balloon has been set to fly away within a 20 second timeframe, but can easily be altered in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer. The balloons can all be selected, copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish! BONUS: 5 minute Balloon Timer video that can be inserted into any PPT or used as a standalone resource-No editing required!
All About Me Back to School 'Art Phone' creative lessonQuick View

All About Me Back to School 'Art Phone' creative lesson

Engage children creatively with this Instagram style, 'tech' mobile phone/tablet 'All About Me' first week back, art and writing activity. Children can learn more about themselves and their peers and teachers can get to know more about their new classroom individuals in an imaginative way. This activity invites students to cut out and make their own fold out booklet style art-phone, and then to complete the image making on the front cover and the written elements inside. The front cover: Illustrate the 9 answers to prompts with thumbnail doodles or drawings, eg age, family, favourite movie, animal etc The 2 fold out inner pages: 1. 'Let's Chat', designed in a text message style, asks more investigative questions including, How will you achieve your goals? What support do you need? 2. 'More About Me': Includes, name your 3 goals, 5 fascinating facts Open ended questions to complete, such as 'I imagine...' 'People like me because...' Considerations, how to use this activity: How can students move beyond words, and 'draw their answers' Consider the space around the images you draw How do the 9 images look collectively? Is there an emerging theme or style or colour? What colours do we associate with words? eg carrot: orange and green Work imaginatively! The included example uses a black ball point pen and felt tips The completed art-phones slip comfortably into a back pocket. They will work well pegged up as a garland or can decorate a wall, door or bulletin board. All artwork is designed by me, and is vector based, so can be enlarged without pixelating. Ideal for use as an icebreaker activity or as an art specific lesson. All original artwork ©The ImaginationBox/Diane Pagan 2016
Back to SchoolQuick View

Back to School

A fun pack of resources to get to know your new class a little better. Suitable for both KS1 and KS2 - there is a mix of worksheets which could be used for an instant display and also talking points for circle time. Resources include: All About Me Apps worksheet All About Me Puzzle Piece worksheet - ideal for an instant display Describing Me worksheet Find a Friend game My Numbers Are Game Conversation Starters for Circle Time Would You Rather questions for Circle Time You might also be interested in Back to Schjool and Transition day power point If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.