Classroom Management Behaviour PostersQuick View

Classroom Management Behaviour Posters

The best, most humorous classroom management posters available anywhere! brings you a set of fun posters with a serious message to brighten up your classroom & reinforce essential classroom management messages.

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Classroom management strategiesQuick View

Classroom management strategies

This ebook from explains how to deal with the seven most common classroom behaviour problems... Please leave an honest comment/review. Thank you! :-)

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Managing behaviourQuick View

Managing behaviour

Fully resourced lesson includes: 1hr PP, clip, worksheets, differentiated fully, complete 1 hour lesson with accompanying worksheets, different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Suitable for PSD ASDAN/PSHE

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Reward Coupons for Classroom ManagementQuick View

Reward Coupons for Classroom Management

These 50 student reward coupons will help your students become more effective and efficient students in the classroom. It will promote good interpersonal relationships to others, build self-confidence, and instill good habits. *Use these rewards to students who are “caught in the act” of doing good. *Use these rewards with difficult students to improve on their behavior. *Allow them to choose their student rewards. *Use them to reinforce good behavior. Reward Coupons: 1. My Life, My tunes- Listen to music while working 2. I like my new seat- Pick your new seat 3.Woo-Hoo- Free Assignment Day 4. Project Buddy - Pick your project partner/s 5.DJ for a Day- Pick songs for the class to listen to 6. Yum, yum Gum- Chew Gum in Class 7.President for A Day 8.5 Bonus Points - For Project 9. Teacher's Right Hand- Teacher's Assistant for the Day/ Week 10. Very Important Person- Sit on Teacher's Table 11. Apps Time- Play game using gadgets during break time 12. Sleep In- Skip Bell Work 13.Tech Time- Extra 5 minutes on the computer 14. Mad Hatter- Wear your cap or hat to school 15. I love RECESS- Extra 5 minutes for Recess 16. Free Time is Fun- Extra 5 minutes of Free Time 17.Positive Note for Home- Teacher writes a positive note to your parents about student and performance 18. Positive Call for Home- Teacher calls parents to give positive feedback 19. Too Cool for School- Wear shades/sun glasses to school 20.Almost on Time- Get Away Late Pass and more....

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Classroom Management Hand Signals CustomisableQuick View

Classroom Management Hand Signals Customisable

This 210 page pack includes many combinations to suit your individual style and classroom needs. The following hand signals are included with 8 in each set to create a large variety for you to customize. **Pencil **Tissue **Water **Drink **Bathroom **Leave Seat **I need help **Question **Comment **I'm done **Finished ** Got It ** Yes ** Quiet There are 3 sets- a blue set, a green set as well as a chalk set. There are 14 posters to use in the classroom as anchor charts for your kids :)

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Reward Jars-Behaviour ManagementQuick View

Reward Jars-Behaviour Management

This PowerPoint Contains two reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour management strategy! Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it.

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Classroom management strategiesQuick View

Classroom management strategies

This gives a very effective two models of discipline that teachers can use in their classrooms. This two models will help a lot for newly joined teachers to control their classrooms.

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Classroom ManagerQuick View

Classroom Manager

Quickly create a seating plan and pick a student at random: 1. Add a class by selecting 'Insert New Class' on Add-ins toolbar (macros should be enabled for workbook to function). 2. Paste in student names on the left. 3. Enter place numbers on the right for each pupil. 4. Select yellow button to generate a random pupil (ensure that box is checked in top left cell). 6. Data values can be entered for each pupil such as additional personal details or an incentive based points score system. If you like this free resource then check out some of my premium resources. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest @hatchtag73.


Behaviour Management CPD Session!Quick View

Behaviour Management CPD Session!

This CPD session offers an engaging and original approach to improving behaviour management practices. Grounded in educational research, this CPD session is interactive, well-structured, and has been successfully tried and tested. The aim of the CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise behaviour management even more effectively in lessons, and it achieves this by embarking upon the following learning journey: 1. Fully understanding the various reasons for challenging behaviour; 2. Observing and analysing behaviour management practices through a Youtube video; 3. Evaluating the main behaviour concerns in the participants' school/classrooms 4. Gaining familiarity with a range of research and theory suggesting the best methods and strategies for a number of different challenging situations; 5, Planning effective behaviour management strategies to prevent and combat challenging behaviour in the participants' real-life classrooms. Included in this pack are: Full PowerPoint presentation, a hyperlinked video for analysis, cards fro the Diamond Nine activity, a top tips helpsheet, instructions for the main group task, and guidance for trainers/ presenters. All images and videos are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide.

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Behaviour Management: Seating PlansQuick View

Behaviour Management: Seating Plans

A 14 slide presentation on the pros and cons of different types of seating plans with a focus on behaviour management. Also includes a tried and tested method of seating classes with behaviour issues to improve the learning atmosphere. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

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Classroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!Quick View

Classroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!

This packet is a great idea for classroom management! In this packet, you will find six sheets of “Your Turn To Talk Tickets!” Students might place two or three tickets at the top corners of their desk during a direct instruction activity. When a student has a turn to talk in response to the activity, after speaking that student can give you one of his/her tickets. When the student’s tickets are gone, he/she can not talk again until the activity is different. You can make many, many variations for these tickets! Additionally, there are six other pages of “You Owe Me” tickets. These tickets might be issued to students when they forget and interrupt instruction and other students’ learning. These tickets state that they will owe you time! These tickets suggest that time is taken in increments and not all at one time!

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Classroom behaviour management toolkitQuick View

Classroom behaviour management toolkit

This behaviour management toolkit has been designed to support learning in the classroom and to offer strategies to avert low level disruption, often the cause of lack of engagement in the classroom. I hope the suggestions help you to create a positive learning environment in your classroom. Good luck.

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Growth mindset classroom  displayQuick View

Growth mindset classroom display

A colourful classroom display to help develop a positive, growth mindset. Includes the images as well as 8 negative phrases and 8 positive ways of approaching tasks to make your own display and to show students how to change the ways they approach learning and different challenges. I have also condensed the images into a smaller A3 style poster to be printed with ease and to save time rather than cutting out all the individual pieces. Suitable for all subjects!

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Hand Signals Kids Theme Classroom ManagementQuick View

Hand Signals Kids Theme Classroom Management

This 77 page pack includes many combinations to suit your individual style and classroom needs. The following hand signals are included with 9 different hand signals in each set to create a large variety for you to customize and create your own. **Pencil **Tissue **Water **Drink **Bathroom **Leave Seat **I need help **Question **Comment **I'm done **Finished There are 10 posters to use in the classroom as anchor charts for your kids as well :)

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Classroom Management Warning CardsQuick View

Classroom Management Warning Cards

Behavior Management Warning Cards. Classroom management tool.. Slip quietly on a desk and don't stop teaching! Be prepared for the beginning of the year or anytime you need a behavior plan. Explain to your students when they come back to school at the beginning of the year that you will expect them to follow your classroom expectations. Give them examples of positive and negative behaviors Tell them that once you give a verbal warning, you expect the behavior to stop. If it does not, and you have to address the issue again, they will quietly, without disrupting instruction, be given a behavior warning card. Just put it on their desk and don't stop teaching! They must sign it, date it, and write the behavior they are being warned about on the back and return it to you. You keep the card for documentation, which is useful for parent conferences or in the event of an office referral. Includes a plain set without name and date if you wish to use repeatedly without documentation. Includes cards with place for name and date, blank cards with a line to write on that you can customize, Last Chance cards, Stop! cards, and Oops! cards...which you can use as you choose. Enjoy! - HappyEdugator

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Classroom Management: Reward VouchersQuick View

Classroom Management: Reward Vouchers

These classroom management reward vouchers are a perfect addition to any behaviour system. They are a low cost resource that the children love! Simply print and laminate the vouchers and give them to your children who are working hard or showing good behaviour for them to redeem at an appropriate time. There are 22 vouchers levelled from 1 – 3, 3 being the best rewards and should be used as a rarity. You can either let your children choose which reward voucher they want (from the correct level) or have a lucky dip system in place. I have noticed a huge difference in my class since introducing these vouchers. They have worked magic for me! Contents: Level 1: - Pillow Time: Sit on a pillow for half a day - Chair Half Day: Sit on the special chair for half a day - Pick A Pen: Choose one of the special pens to write with all day - Story Picker: Choose a story for the teacher to read to the class - Wear A Hat: Wear your favourite hat to school for a day - Any Job You Want: Choose a class job to do for the day Level 2: - Extra Recess: You get 2 minutes extra recess - Board Artist: Use the whiteboard as your canvas, get creative! - Sit By A Friend: Sit by a friend for 1 lesson - Game Master: Pick a game for the class to play at the end of the day - Extra Tech: 5 minutes extra computer or tech time - Toy From Home: Bring in a toy from home to play with during recess - Pillow Time: Sit on a pillow for a day - Chair Day: Sit on the special chair for a day - Desk Upgrade: Use the teacher’s desk for a lesson - Reading Break: Take 5 minutes, have a relax, and read a book Level 3: - Extra Recess: You get 5 minutes extra recess - Call Home: Your teacher will phone your parents to tell them that you’re a super star - Sit By A Friend: Sit by a friend for 1 day - Extra Tech: 10 minutes extra computer or tech time - Mystery Box: Take a lucky dip from the box - Table Treat: Your whole table gets 2 minutes extra recess I hope your class enjoy this as much as mine have!

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Classroom Management: Effort ThermometerQuick View

Classroom Management: Effort Thermometer

Classroom management resource / display which was created to help children think about how much effort they are putting into their learning. They must move their name-tag on the thermometer according to how much effort they are putting in. It fits in well with Growth Mindset. It can be used in a few ways. Self Reflection: At the end of or during a lesson the children place their name-tag onto the effortometer depending on how much effort they think they are putting in. Teachers Assessment: During the lesson the teacher can move names around depending on how they are working. I sometimes give a reward token (see our store) if a child reaches the top of the scale. This has made a huge difference in my class as children are starting to become aware of what they are capable of. I hope it does the same for you!

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Classroom Management Behavior TrackerQuick View

Classroom Management Behavior Tracker

Easy to use positive behavior intervention support (PBIS) / classroom management tool that allows teachers to document student behavior performance from anywhere in the classroom and make notes for future reference. Download the preview to see how easy this resource is to use!