Classroom Management: "Rules of the Rug!"Quick View

Classroom Management: "Rules of the Rug!"

This is a packet of mini-posters for the “rules of the rug!” Young children in preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and even first grade will delight in learning the “rules of the rug!” Teach them the rules and procedures and they will not forget them all year! You will find seven mini posters with eye-catching borders that are sure to grab the attention of the learners!
Classroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!Quick View

Classroom Management ~ Talking Tickets!

This packet is a great idea for classroom management! In this packet, you will find six sheets of “Your Turn To Talk Tickets!” Students might place two or three tickets at the top corners of their desk during a direct instruction activity. When a student has a turn to talk in response to the activity, after speaking that student can give you one of his/her tickets. When the student’s tickets are gone, he/she can not talk again until the activity is different. You can make many, many variations for these tickets! Additionally, there are six other pages of “You Owe Me” tickets. These tickets might be issued to students when they forget and interrupt instruction and other students’ learning. These tickets state that they will owe you time! These tickets suggest that time is taken in increments and not all at one time!
Classroom Management PlanQuick View

Classroom Management Plan

This is a great resource if you are asked to turn in a classroom management plan and have no idea where to begin! Perhaps you are a new teacher and haven't thought about it? Or maybe you're a seasoned teacher who has never had to put it in writing? Sections Included: Rules and Expectations Organization Discipline Tardies/Absences Classroom Procedures Classroom Jobs All sections are filled with details that I used inside of my classroom - Obviously, this may not work for you. The document is in Microsoft Word format, so you can change things to fit your needs!
Classroom Reward Coupons for Behaviour ManagementQuick View

Classroom Reward Coupons for Behaviour Management

This is a set of highly motivating, no-cost classroom reward coupons to go with your behaviour management system. My students absolutely LOVE getting these coupons and really work hard to earn them. The best rewards are ones that are meaningful to the student. Letting them choose their own is an incredible motivator. There are 25 different reward coupons: • Sweet Treat - Pick from candy jar • Extra computer time • Chalkboard Bandit - Write on chalkboard • Yum Yum Chew Some Gum • Game Day - Pick a game for the class • Teacher's helper • Homework pass - Skip an assignment • Pick a Job - Choose any job for the day • King of the Class - Wear a crown for the day • Lunch with teacher • Lunch with a friend • Skip morning work • Pick A Pen - write with a pen for the day • Positive phone call to parents • Extra recess for class • Neat-O Feet-O - Take your shoes off in class • Sit by a friend • Story Selector - Pick a story for the teacher to read • Desk Duty - Sit at the teacher's desk • Pick from the treasure box • Pencil Pass - sharpen your pencil whenever you want • Hat Day - Wear your favorite hat to class • Classroom Comedian - Tell a joke to the class • Lucky Leader - Be the line leader for the day • Fuzzy Wuzzy - Wear your slippers to school There are 8 reward coupons per page.
Classroom Management: October Positive Notes of Praise!Quick View

Classroom Management: October Positive Notes of Praise!

This is an awesome set of notes for positive praise for the month of October. The set of three different positive praise notes are set against an October background and will bolster the motivation level of your students and will be a great source of encouragement. These notes can be given daily or weekly attached to signed papers. It is a great way of communication. Notes include statements such as: "I helped a friend, I tried hard, I finished all of my work,... etc."
Give Me Five Classroom Management PostersQuick View

Give Me Five Classroom Management Posters

Give Me Five! is a simple way for students to remember what to do when you want their attention. Teach this highly effective strategy at the beginning of the year when you go back to school. You get a set of four posters that are ready to use for " Give Me 5 " classroom management strategy. Print out the design you prefer, sizing to 8x8 or 12x12. I recommend using card stock and laminating for continuous use and durability. Display in the front of your room when you go back to school where it is highly visible and demonstrate what you want students to do when you say, "Give me Five!" Practice often during the year. My students also all respond with "Yes, Ma'am!" or "Yes, Sir!" and raise their hand. The posters remind students to do these five things: 1. Eyes on me. 2. Mouth is silent. 3. Ears are listening. 4. Hands are empty. 5. Body is still. Finally, they must Do it Fast! ©HappyEdugator.
Punch Cards and Incentive Charts Reward Bundle Classroom ManagementQuick View

Punch Cards and Incentive Charts Reward Bundle Classroom Management

Motivate Students To Achieve Specific Goals With These Colorful Punch Cards and Incentive Charts These punch cards feature 10 spaces you can punch out when students accomplish a preset goal. When all 10 have been punched out, students can return the card to you for a reward. Use an unusual punch so they can't punch their own circle. (not that they would) These can be used for behavior, homework, working hard, achieving a skill etc. They can be printed on card stock and cut out. There are 8 cards to a page. This a bundle of 35 reward punch cards. This bundle also contains 12 Incentive Charts with 2 to a page. The list below details the themes. Aloha Camo Kids Ladybug Stars Puppies Apples 3 Bees Camping Christmas Construction Dr Seuss Ecology Fairy Tale Fall Frogs Halloween Hollywood Nautical Pirate 2 President's Day Rock N Roll Star St Patrick's Day Valentines Wizards
Busy Bees Classroom Jobs ChartQuick View

Busy Bees Classroom Jobs Chart

This is a classroom jobs chart in a cute little busy bee theme. The set includes job chart header, 24 different job cards (plus 3 blanks), and student name cards. Jobs include: door holder line leader light monitor office manager paper passer mail carrier table washer teacher's helper chair stacker pencil patrol clean team librarian homework checker weather reporter caboose substitute plant patrol calendar captain computer technician weather reporter lunch count zoo keeper bathroom monitor material manager table captains
20 Growth Mindset Classroom PostersQuick View

20 Growth Mindset Classroom Posters

20 Unique Poster Designs for your classroom or hallway! Growth Mindset themed posters to encourage students! Also check out the accompanying poster designs, teacher notes, worksheets, and more in the growth mindset bundle! Poster & Banner Messages: "There are no failures, just discoveries." "Everything you don't know is something you can learn." "The more you use your brain, the more brain you'll have to use." "Mistakes are proof that you are trying." "View challenges as opportunities for growth." "Nothing will work unless you do." "Change your words. Change your mindset." "The expert in anything was once a beginner." "All things are difficult, before they are easy." "F.A.I.L - First Attempt in Learning" "There is no substitute for hard work." "Failure is not an ending. Make it a beginning." "Get ready! Get set! Learn!" "I cannot do this YET!" "Every mistake you make is progress!" "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." "My super power is I Keep Trying." "Speedy work is not the best. Slow and steady passes the test!" "Choose to challenge yourself. That is how you learn." "Believe in Yourself. Mindset is Everything."
Growth Mindset Classroom BannersQuick View

Growth Mindset Classroom Banners

20 Unique Designs of Growth Mindset banners for your classroom or hallway! Full Color and Low Ink Versions Included 2 sizes Included Growth Mindset themed banner for the classroom. Check out the preview to see an example of each of the banner designs. Also check out the accompanying poster designs, teacher notes, worksheets, and more in the growth mindset bundle! Use them all or mix and match the ones you prefer! Laminate them, thread a ribbon through punched holes or staple to a ribbon and hang them to encourage your students! You can mix and match whichever ones you would like to use. Print them 1 or 2 to a page, cut out, laminate and staple to a ribbon to display in your classroom, on a bulletin board or in the hallway.
STEM Posters for the ClassroomQuick View

STEM Posters for the Classroom

STEM Posters for the Classroom includes 12 posters. (Plus, a black and white copy of each one.) Each poster prints in a 8.5x11 size standard sheet of paper. 1 Poster has the STEM acronym and kid pictures that match science, technology, engineering, and math students. There are also the 7 engineering design process words that are in a cute rhyming verse. 4 Posters include a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topic. Each picture includes 4 words that describe each STEM job. 7 Posters include the engineering design process. Each poster lists a process and 2 or 3 questions about what the student should be thinking when they ask, imagine, plan, create, test, improve, and communicate. Check out the preview for a better look at the 12 posters. Hang these posters in your room to help students remember and think about the process as they solve problems in the classroom. I also made the clip art myself. These are original!
Anti-Bullying Classroom PostersQuick View

Anti-Bullying Classroom Posters

(3) Anti-Bullying classroom posters that measure 8.5" x 11", but can be printed larger at a print shop. This product includes a high quality pdf (very large file) and JPG files of the same posters that are smaller files and more appropriate for printing at school. Inspirational and colorful. Anti-Bullying messages are bright and colorful that will look great in any elementary classroom. Be Assertive Be CALM STOP Bullying 2017 A Space to Create Art
Classroom Posters, Inspirational SayingsQuick View

Classroom Posters, Inspirational Sayings

(6) Classroom posters that measure 10x14. This product is a high quality pdf. Inspirational and colorful. A welcome addition to any classroom. Bright, Colorful Elementary classroom decorations. They read: You matter. Do your best to do your best. Less talking, more learning. I promise you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell. -Walt Whitman Work hard and be Kind Mistakes are proof that you are trying
Classroom Economy SystemQuick View

Classroom Economy System

PURPOSE: This real-to-life, year-long simulation allows students to see what earning a paycheck feels like as well as many other life events we all run into concerning money: reoccurring bills, loans, second jobs, banking paperwork, and of course debt. Don’t just print out classroom dollars for your students to shuffle around – using my guide they will set up a checking account, fill out bank deposit slips, complete job applications, balance a checkbook and so much more. Every single piece of “grown up” paperwork I have created looks just like the real thing! Start making your students take responsibility for their own learning and homework – the student's income is determined by how hard he/she works and how well money is managed…what rewards will your students earn? WHAT’S INCLUDED: This product contains: ☆Instructions ☆Realistic Application for Employment ☆Blank Checks Printable ☆Check Book Register Printable ☆Checking Deposit Slips Printable ☆List of Fines & Tickets ☆Housing Application (with parent letter) ☆Paycheck Spreadsheet (for paying students) ☆Spending Money Options & Rewards ☆Student Info Packet STORY: Middle schoolers are absolutely obsessed with money. However, it may come as no surprise that the vast majority have a very poor concept of money in terms of income and expenses. So I decided I wanted a better setup than printing out hundreds of classroom dollars to constantly have to hand out. This system is certified teacher-tested and classroom-approved. One week I forgot to hand out paychecks and nearly everyone in the class had to remind me that they needed to get paid! This system will have them hooked. If you choose to purchase this product, you will receive a no-frills, all-inclusive, easy-to-implement system that fosters responsibility and money sense in a more mature manner than the "class bucks" of elementary school. These are the skills many young high school and college graduates are lacking - money sense is THE MAIN WAY we use math everyday. Don't let your students leave your classroom without it! POSSIBLE EXTENSIONS: This system leads to plenty of good conversations about money and the real world. It also can easily extend into the world of interest / loans / credit cards if you so choose. MATERIALS/PRE-REQS: Besides this file, you may require: ☆A folder for each student to hold documents ☆Calculators for students to use on payday
Classroom Posters - Motivational MessagesQuick View

Classroom Posters - Motivational Messages

Why not display these visually stunning posters in your classroom? Each one encourages students to really engage with their learning and maintain an open, growth mind-set. All messages are positive in nature and will really help develop a positive atmosphere in your learning space. All 40 images are provided as jpeg images so that they can be printed at a range of sizes or even inserted into slideshows or your own documents. This is a zip file for speed of download.
Classroom Rules Poster Multi-ColoredQuick View

Classroom Rules Poster Multi-Colored

This poster measure 24" x 36" and will need to be printed on an over-sized printer. Or you can scale it down when printing to fit onto a smaller page. It is a high resolution pdf file. This is a free item. Please leave detailed feedback especially if you are unhappy with something! Thanks, and enjoy!
Growth Mindset Classroom Teacher NotesQuick View

Growth Mindset Classroom Teacher Notes

20 Unique Teacher Note Designs designed to reinforce the messages from the Growth Mindset Poster Collection. Growth Mindset themed teacher notes to encourage students! FULL COLOR LOW INK COLOR BLACK & WHITE Also check out the accompanying poster designs, teacher notes, worksheets, and more in the growth mindset bundle! Note messages: "Congratulations on your discoveries! I'm so proud of you!" "You should be proud of what you learned! Awesome job!" "You used your brain to its fullest today! Keep it up!" "You tried so many strategies in your work! Way to go!" "You made it through that challenge and grew! So proud of you!" "You put in the hard work necessary to succeed! Wonderful work!" "I noticed how you changed your words and your mindset! Phenomenal growth!" "With all that practice, you will be an expert in no time! Nice!" "When things got difficult you didn't give up! Remarkable work!" "I noticed! You did not let your mistakes slow you down! Your determination was inspiring!" "Your hard work really paid off! Way to measure up!" "Magnificent job turning a failure into a beginning! Stupendous!" "You did such a super duper job learning today! Way to keep an open mind!" "So proud of you for not giving up! Your perseverence and determination will take you far!" "Check out your progress! Stay on the same road to succeed!" "Your great attitude is making a big difference!" "Keep trying! I know you can do it!" "Well done taking your time on your work! You did great! Don't stop now!" "I am proud of how you chose to challenge yourself. You learned something new! Super!" "You believed in yourself! Awesome effort!"
Growth Mindset PLEDGE Poster - Morning Routine Classroom PledgeQuick View

Growth Mindset PLEDGE Poster - Morning Routine Classroom Pledge

This unique and original poem in a poster format was written by my two sons and I to celebrate them learning a growth mindset and wanting to share that with younger grades. (they are aged 7 and 9) Also included is a mini-pledge sheet so each student can have a copy to keep at their desk!