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Growth Mindset

Tutor time or PSHE - 5 fully resourced lessons: 5x 1hr PowerPoint, 20 worksheets, 5 clip links with differentiated questions, all activities differentiated with clear LOs to three levels of measurable progress. All with starters, plenaries - planned to be Good-Outstanding (as well as enjoyable) throughout. 1. What is a Growth Mindset and how can we achieve it? 2. How can we be resilient and achieve success? 3. What is aspiration and why do we need it? 4. What are interpersonal skills and why should we develop them? 5. How can we improve ourselves through smart targets? There’s easily 8 hours worth of planning gone into this, so I hope it saves you time and you find it value for money. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Growth Mindset: Growth Mindset PSHE / Tutor Time

Tutor Time or PSHE Growth Mindset Pack - Detailed and well differentiated, 1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, KS3/ KS4. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education
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Growth Mindset Resources and Activities

A collection of display resources and question prompts for children that I used to develop a Growth Mindset culture in my classroom. It includes: Growth Mindset learning questionnaire. How smart do you think these people are? What kind of smart are you? (x 8) Link to a fantastic videos series to teach children about different mindsets and the brain. Fixed and Growth mindset statements. Using praise in the classroom prompts. Three before me display. Growth Mindset activities. Successful learner display materials etc. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading. Please look for the large files (Flip -chart and PDF) which contain all the resources without the Paws & Clause watermark.
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Tutor Time PSHE (aspiration, resilience, growth mindset)

More added! PSHE resources: 5x hrs of fully resourced lessons complete with starters, worksheets, clips, well differentiated to three levels. 1. How can we reach our aspirations? 2. How can we be resilient? 3/4 (Double lesson) How can we celebrate our positive achievements? 5. Resilence assembly 6. aspiration assembly 7. Growth Mindset lesson. 8. Mental Health assembly Also includes a pack of praise postcards to boost positivity. I use all of these myself as a Head of PSHE and I really hope you find them excellent value. Please leave me a review and I'll send you any other resource of your choice for free. MORE PSHE RESOURCES
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Growth Mindsets

CPD for staff and 4 sessions of Tutor Time, different for each year group on Growth Mindsets
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EYFS Growth Mindsets Resource Pack

Growth Mindsets help children to develop a love of learning, to be determined, resilient and to achieve success. This set of six guides gives you 150 strategies, activities and techniques you can use to develop Growth Mindsets in the EYFS setting. The guides cover the six key areas of Growth Mindsets - Effort, Feedback, Language, Challenge, Metacognition and Trial and Error. Every idea is presented clearly and concisely, making it as easy as possible for you to implement them. There is also a highly practical focus throughout. Each guide also contains a reminder sheet you can use to keep yourself focussed on promoting Growth Mindsets. With these guides on hand you will be able to do everything necessary to help your children to learn, grow and succeed.
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Growth Mindset Planning and Resources

This growth mindset intervention can be run as a whole class, or group. The lessons will take 40 mins to an hour and are suitable for children from about 7 years old. Learning Objectives: M – I understand how making MISTAKES can help me learn. I – I understand how seeing success can INSPIRE me. N – I understand the importance of the words ‘NOT YET‘. D – I understand what it means to be DETERMINED. S – I can celebrate SUCCESS and understand how that makes me feel. E – I understand that EVERYONE is different but that EVERYONE has the potential to succeed. T – I know how important it is to THINK positively and have a ‘can do’ attitude to learning. Included in the pack: 7 lessons, each corresponding to a letter from ‘MINDSET’. ‘A mistake that made my brain sparkle and grow’ worksheet. ‘Who inspires you? Who is your hero?’ worksheet. ‘My Goal’ worksheet ‘Questionnaire’ and ‘Bookmarks’. ‘What have you been successful at?’ worksheet. 2 different puzzle pieces Everyone is different poster Display heading Rubbish bin/Treasure chest Positive/negative cards for sorting Mindset certificate 7 Posters 'Mindset'
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Growth Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset Motivational Posters These 20 fun, bright posters can be used to encourage a growth mindset in your classroom and are perfect for any age range. Simply print out and display to create a culture of success, perseverance and motivation. Included in this bundle: 20 A4 motivational growth mindset posters (19 portrait, 1 landscape)
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Whole School Marking Stickers - Growth Mindset

• Contains 13 growth mind set sticker designs • Can be used for praise, reward and recognition and feedback within and outside of the classroom • A4 Sheet containing 65 stickers • Can be re-printed and used multiple times - it saves you more than buying them online • Editable document - you can move pictures and change borders if needs be to print. Instructions • Very easy to print - simply print onto A4 label sheet • To be printed onto Mini Address Label Stickers, 65 labels per sheet, 38.1 x 21.2mm. • These can be found through YPO, Amazon, Avery etc. • Double check whether stickers need to be face up/down on your printer. Please see my other marking stickers that are available Examples on my blog:
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Growth Mindset Activity Pack - supporting your pupils to develop a better mindset

An activity booklet with 9 thought-provoking activities to support your pupils to improve their mindset. These activities are designed to encourage pupils to dig deeper and understand themselves better. Guide them through these activities and alongside teaching, they should start to understand how to improve their mindset. There are two questionnaires, one for the beginning of the project and one meant for when you have promoted a growth mindset for a few months. You can use this to analyse change. Any questions, just ask!
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Positivity Questionnaire. Growth Mind-sets.

Challenge your students to consider how positive they are about life, learning and pretty much everything. The questions will provide students with a score with a corresponding statement that outlines their particular mind-set. A nice starter activity for group work based on positive or growth mind-sets. Suitable for KS3 and 4.
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Growth Mindset Poster Set

Display resource (and photograph of how I have deployed) to promote Growth Mindset in the classroom. Growth Mindset (see: Carol Dweck) is a popular educational theory that focuses on how students develop skills of reflection and raise their aspirations for their own progress. We all have students that spring to mind as using those "It's too hard", "I can't do it", "It's good enough" phrases about their work - having a display in the classroom that provides the language to help them move past that 'Fixed Mindset' barrier can support them in shifting their approach from "I can't do it" to "I can't do it yet... but I'm working on it."
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A Growth Mindset

An illustrated story introducing the Growth Mind-set Characters from the Elli project. Read how Bear and Elli set off to find a new home for Bear. Elli introduces Bear to a host of friends to help him overcome the problems he encounters on his journey. Children quickly identify with the different characters’ traits to help them overcome their own barriers to learning. Visit my shop at to get the motivational stickers, display posters and colouring sheets that go with this story. Thank you Sue
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Growth Mindset Escape Room - No Prep!

The Growth Mindset Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode inspirational quotes from famous figures about growth mindset. Students will learn facts and quotes from Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Disney. The Growth Mindset Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. Students are given a secret code name and sent on a secret mission to save Milly’s math grade! The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit code based on the decoders/clues. Each clue and code is different. The codes require students to think differently to decipher or decode them. Some codes are easier than others. Some codes require critical thinking to determine what a letter/symbol stands for. Each code will reveal an inspirational quote from a famous figure about growth mindset. The use of secret code will keep your students engaged while competing to find the final ID code. No props needed!! Students can report the final ID code to you. If you wanted to, you could purchase a 4 digit lock that you program, but it is not necessary at all! This is a NO PREP, PRINT & GO Activity! Students are sent on a “secret mission” and given a back story to ignite their active learning skills. They are given a code name which makes them feel as if they are part of the secret mission. Students practice hands-on, practical problem solving skills all while learning about growth mindset. Your students will be inspired to think outside the box! The best age range for this resource is 8+. Please look at the preview to determine if this resource works for your age group. Younger students may need some help with some of the more difficult codes. You can use the pre-labeled clues or you can challenge older kids to choose/find the decoder that works for each of the clues. The availability of two sets of codes offers differentiation for your learners. A set of labeled and non-labeled decoders are included. Once your students try one of my escape rooms, they will beg for more! This activity is for all types of learners, especially kinesthetic. In addition to learning or reinforcing the subject matter, my escape rooms encourage teamwork and critical thinking. As a “timed” challenge, students will be engaged from beginning to end. An answer key and teacher directions are provided. Time needed: 30-60 minutes A 30 page PDF is included.
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Growth Mindset Assembly

The purpose of this assembly is to encourage students to reflect upon the potential of growth mind-sets. Especially good to run before an assessment point or during revision periods. All videos and songs are embedded. Assembly starts with questioning about what a growth mind set could be before showing a video clip of ‘People Are Awesome’ showing humans completing amazing feats. Teacher to link this back to how they all have growth mind sets. Teacher asks again what a growth mind-set could be. Teacher the shows video of how a growth mind-set can help students achieve (example the tortious and the hare). Students are quized on example of what could be considered a growth mind set or a closed mind-set. Finishes with a prayer. Delete school banner and replace with your own logo.
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Resilience Assembly - Persistence - Learning Power - Growth Mindset

This assembly explores what it means to be 'resilient'. Tackling the importance of perseverance and not giving up. It uses a positive role model (Andy Murray) and reflects on how he had a dream and had to adapt a range of strategies to ensure he was resilient and able to achieve his dream. Two video references (Will Smith and 'How to get out of the dip')