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Read, match, complete, Halloween crossword+Halloween quiz (key included)
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Hysterical Halloween Sentences Activity

With a Mad Libs style, this card game is such a fun way to engage kids as they learn to build sophisticated sentences and move away from the ordinary. With vivid verbs to add to Halloween themed subjects and prepositional phrases, they can create a myriad of mix and match. The rigour is increased with the task of identifying their subject and predicate within their created sentences, together with ensuring that the subject and verb matches. Have fun this Halloween season or any season with this hysterical activity perfect for literacy centres, guided reading and independent work. Great fun for 3rd-5th grades. Included in this printable packet: •16 subject/noun cards •16 adverb cards •24 verbs/action cards •20 prepositional phrases •Recording sheets •Gravestone shaped recording sheets for synonyms •Instructions for creating the gravestone craftivity If you like this, you may also be interested in my other literacy activities. Halloween and Thanksgiving Cause and Effect The Best Challenging Game of Guess the Character Traits and many more in my store. Enjoy! Susan Powers
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Halloween Math Puzzles for Middle School

Have some fall or Halloween fun in your middle school math class with these no prep math activities. The content features order of operations, equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents, integer operations, and logic puzzles... and all of the activities feature a fall favorite, trick or treat candy! Candy Corn Order of Operations All your students will need is a pencil and the page. The students should use the middle of the candy corn to work the problem and write the answer in the bottom of the candy corn. The shape of the candy is perfect to guide your students to show correct work on order of operations. An answer key is included. You can also have your students color the candy corn after they have checked their answers. Trick or Treat This is a fall take on true or false. Students read each scenario about equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents. They decide if it is a “trick” or a “treat”. If it is a “trick” the students should make a change to make it a “treat”! For a fun variation, let your students earn a small candy or other seasonal treat for each question that the prove is a treat or turn into a treat! The answer key is provided. Collecting Candy Let your students go trick or treating right in their desks! To play this game print a recording sheet for each student and a game board. The students can share a game board between 2 or 3 students or each have their own. You will need to provide: dice and player tokens. Students multiply and combine integers to see who can score the most candy. This game can be played again and again at any time of the year! Logic Puzzles There are two different types of logic puzzles included. Both have an answer key. Just print them out! Save paper by printing these front and back. You may want to provide scratch paper for students to show work and space for their thinking. Although these activities are themed around fall and trick or treat candy, the term Halloween is not used at all, if that is an issue for your students or your class. Feel free to check out the preview to see if this resource meets your students' needs!
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GCSE FRENCH: French Halloween Jeopardy Game - Halloween Français

This French Halloween Jeopardy Game is a lot of fun during the month of October. Students get very excited about playing Jeopardy in teams and they learn a ton of fun vocabulary with a Halloween theme. This game would be wonderful to play along with my French Halloween Taboo Game because the same vocabulary is used. I would recommend having students learn the vocabulary first, then play Jeopardy, then play Taboo. My students love it and they learn SO MUCH new vocabulary. They will look forward to coming to French class!
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How about some Halloween Patterning Fun? Have your students participate in Halloween and Math at the same time! A great way to keep your students learning math on a busy and fun day! A fun way to review Patterning! Two extra sheets have been added to reflect the two different ways of saying "Happy Halloween!" & "Trick or Treat!" 10 pages.
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French Halloween Taboo Game - Halloween Français

Play this French Halloween Taboo game and have some fun! Playing games and having fun is when learning really happens in French class. I love to play the game Taboo with my students. French taboo is a game that is east to modify and use with beginners and advanced students alike. Your students will learn a lot of new and useful vocabulary while preparing for and playing this fun game. French Halloween Taboo includes: Quizlet study set with 129 terms, all including images and pronunciation by a native French speaker (not a computer generated voice). Share the Quizlet link provided with your students a few days before you plan to play the game in class, and they'll really feel prepared. 35 different Taboo game cards to create a deck that you will print and cut out for as many teams as you need (black and white & color versions provided). Game instructions for both beginner and advanced students. Powerpoint presentation version of the game to project and play as a class. Object of the game: One player tries to get his teammate to guess the word at the top of a card. The player must give clues, but he can't use any of the Taboo words in his description. The taboo words are those written beneath the word at the top of the card. Teams score points for each word successfully guessed, and the team with the most points wins.
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Halloween in America and questions about your Halloween

This lessons contains 10 Facts about how people celebrate Halloween in the USA. A true and false task and some questions to speak about how each students celebrates Halloween. The true and false task helps students learn about halloween by inference, and having them correct the false statements they practice English syntax and vocabulary. This lesson is suitable for ESL students at an intermediate level aged 10 to 15 (grade 5 to grade 9).
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Halloween Fun Activities 2017.

Treat students to a bit of Halloween fun with these 5 activities. Mask designs to color in and cut out, monster coloring sheets, spooky images for inspiration and for coloring, a word-search and a Halloween mental math activity. Have fun!


ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT is 3 pages filled with Halloween fun. A Halloween poem for easy reading, crossword puzzle, word jumble, true and false questions and KEY for the teacher! + HALLOWEEN BOARD GAME. HAPPY HALLOWEEN - HAVE FUN!
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Halloween Math - Decimal Operations

Halloween Math Decimal Operations Fall Math Decimal Operations Mixed Operations: Adding decimals, subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals, dividing decimals Two activities in this product - decimal mixed operations maze & decimal mixed operations color by answer coloring page Maze contains 20 problems and Color by Answer contains 20 problems all practicing decimal operations (mixed). View problems in preview file before purchasing. Answer Keys Included No prep, just print!
HALLOWEEN QUIZ 2017. Slideshow and printable formats included.Quick View

HALLOWEEN QUIZ 2017. Slideshow and printable formats included.

Why not buy 40 slide illustrated quiz which can be shown as a slideshow. Each question and answer has it's own slide. Questions are also provided on one printable sheet so that you have a choice of formats. Free for new buyers with code OUTSTANDINGOCT. An ideal form time activity in the week running up to the half term holiday. Questions vary in difficulty. Suitable for Junior and Middle school. Answers included in both the slideshow and the printable document. We hope that you are happy with this purchase. Happy Halloween!
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A Halloween Drama Circle Activity

Drama and Halloween! It brings out the risk-taking, creativity in all kids and everyone has so much fun! These printable cards are just one of my drama circle activities that I use to practice the trans-disciplinary skills of cooperation, social, communication and thinking to name a few. One card begins the round and each child has to act out the instructions on their card, following on from the previous card. The language within this activity focuses on the IB attitudes and the Learner Profile traits, thus reinforcing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the IB’s academic vocabulary. It is great for literacy centers activties as well as cooperative group work. This drama was designed for my 5th graders as a fun review of the speaking and listening strands. The theme is around a few of the world traditions surrounding Halloween, with humour added. Simply gather the children into a seated circle, shuffle the cards and distribute a card to each child. The start card leads the way and the children have to read their own instructions on their card and then listen and look for the actions and words from the acting of each person so that they know when to take their turn. This is developing listening and observational skills as well as communication, presentation and thiking skills. Not every card requires speaking; some ask only for miming. There are 25 cards within this packet, an instruction card and title card for your centers if you wish. I have also included additional blank cards for your own use. The drama cards can be used for 3rd-6th grade and used within a whole class scenario or smaller groups, where the children are given several task cards to read and act from. The concept of drama circles I a great ice-breaking activity or a fun review of the IB language. It works well as a refresher of the trans-disciplinary skills prior to the Exhibition also. You can find more ideas and freebies for the IB PYP on my blog at www.PYPteachingtools.com. Enjoy! ~ Susan Powers
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Skip Counting - Halloween Theme

This resource reviews skip counting by numbers 1 through 10. Included in this packet are: Write on/Wipe off Cards -10 cards per number Hundreds Chart - One per number. Each highlighted for skip counting except number 1 Recording Sheets for each number allowing students to document 5 cards One Recording Sheet for random numbers Students will write the correct numbers on the cards using a dry erase marker. They will record answers for 5 of the cards on the worksheet. The Hundreds Chart may be used to assist the student or be used to check answers. Just print, laminate and cut the cards. Store them in a zip lock baggies or envelope.
Halloween Battleship Board GameQuick View

Halloween Battleship Board Game

This is a game to practice Halloween vocabulary. English Battleship is a game for two players where you try to guess the location of five ships your opponent has hidden on a grid. Players take turns calling out a row and column, attempting to name a square containing enemy ships. The game is played with two players. Each player gets a game sheet with two grids and five ships. There is one length 5 ship, one length 4 ship, two length 3 ships and one length 2 ship. The goal is to sink all of your opponent's ships by correctly guessing their location. Students secretly place their ships on the lower grid. Each ship must be placed horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) across grid spaces, and can't hang over the grid. Ships can touch each other, but can't both be on the same space. Players take turns firing a shot to attack enemy ships. On a turn, students will call out a letter and a number of a row and column on the grid. Their opponent checks that space on their lower grid, and says "miss" if there are no ships there, or "hit" if they guessed a space that contained a ship. Students will mark their guesses on their upper grid, with an “X” for misses and a check mark for hits, to keep track. When a ship is hit, students will put a check mark on that ship on their lower grid at the location of the hit. Whenever a ship has all of its’ length spaces checked off they must announce to their opponent that he/she has sunk their ship. The first player to sink all opposing ships wins. (ships are included on page 2) Visit our Website for Free Samples, Special Savings and Online English Classes: eslfungames.com
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Halloween Checkerboard Board Game

This is a game to practice Halloween vocabulary. Checkers is played by two players. Each player begins the game with 12 colored discs. The board consists of 64 squares, alternating between 32 black and 32 red squares. Each player places his or her pieces on the 12 black squares closest to him or her. Black moves first. Players then alternate moves. Moves are allowed only on the black squares, so pieces always move diagonally. Single pieces are always limited to forward moves (toward the opponent). A piece making a non-capturing move (not involving a jump) may move only one square. A piece making a capturing move (a jump) leaps over one of the opponent's pieces, landing in a straight diagonal line on the other side. Only one piece may be captured in a single jump; however, multiple jumps are allowed on a single turn. When a piece is captured, it is removed from the board. If a player is able to make a capture, there is no option. the jump must be made. If more than one capture is available, the player is free to choose whichever he or she prefers. When a piece reaches the furthest row from the player who controls that piece, it is crowned and becomes a king. One of the pieces which had been captured is placed on top of the king so that it is twice as high as a single piece. Kings are limited to moving diagonally, but may move both forward and backward. Kings may combine jumps in several directions, forward and backward, on the same turn. Single pieces may shift direction diagonally during a multiple capture turn, but must always jump forward (toward the opponent). A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. In most cases, this is because all of the opponent's pieces have been captured, but it could also be because all of his pieces are blocked in. With all moves, students will fill in the blanks, use photos or written prompts to use the target language. if students give the correct answer they can remain on their spot until their next turn. If students give the incorrect answer they must go back to their previous spot and wait until their next turn to try again. (Each game includes a checkers cut up sheet. All checkers games must be printed on legal size paper.) Visit our Website for Free Samples, Special Savings and Online English Classes: eslfungames.com
Halloween Theme Centers and ActivitiesQuick View

Halloween Theme Centers and Activities

Halloween Theme Centers and Activities are perfect for 2nd and 3rd Grade Classrooms. It has over 50 pages of reading, math, writing, and science activities and centers to use for the month of October. The ideas in this pack are intended to reinforce the skills you are already learning in the classroom. Here is what's included in this pack: Math: Coordinate Grid and Ordered Pair Left, Right, Center with addition or multiplication Pumpkin Sticks -addition or multiplication Catch A Snack - addition or multiplication Odd/Even Game Combination Pumpkins M&M Activity using addition/multiplication Pumpkin Math-use a real pumpkin to estimate, weigh, and measure Freaky Frank Math Reading/Writing: Syllable Game or Center-Use Halloween words to find how many syllables are in the words ABC Order Race It used to be a pumpkin seed... Boggle Board Noun/Verb/Adjective Game Science: How many Candy Corns can you stack before it falls? Will the candy sink or float? What happens when you put a piece of candy in water? Other: Game Board for any subject. Use the game boards for other games using spelling words, math facts, and/or reading comprehension questions. A recipe for Roasting Pumpkin Seeds. Many activities to keep students busy all month long!
Halloween Cutting Strips and Math ActivitiesQuick View

Halloween Cutting Strips and Math Activities

Designed for either student or teacher use: 1. Print multiple copies and have students practice their cutting skills. Students can then use the pieces in an art or other center. 2. Or, laminate and cut out to make your own math centers. *** Includes 75 halloween image cards ( number, numeral, operations, and single image cards). A "Haunted House Story Mat", Venn-diagram, 5 and 10 frame, and sorting cards.
Ready to Print in Spanish - Free Halloween Edition/ LiteracyQuick View

Ready to Print in Spanish - Free Halloween Edition/ Literacy

This is a gift for Halloween time due to the number of followers in my store. You will find 5 worksheets in Spanish: 1. Primera Letra: mira el dibujo, di la palabra y colorea la opción correcta. 2. Mezcla de Vocales: encuentra y pinta los fantasmas que contengan las vocales. 3. Letras Miedosas: escribe la primera letra de cada dibujo. 4. Sustantivos comunes: colorea los dibujos que contengan sustantivos. 5. Colores en Noche de Brujas: colorea el dibujo de acuerdo al código.