Halloween 2017: Halloween QuizQuick View

Halloween 2017: Halloween Quiz

Halloween 2017: Halloween Quiz Audio Quiz: 31 questions, with multiple choice answers, on some the traditions; TV and movies with associated Halloween. https://vimeo.com/237305223
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Halloween: Halloween Puzzle Pack

This fun, but challenging Halloween Puzzle Pack is useful for early finishers at a busy and distracting time of the year! Packed full of engaging puzzles, using key Halloween vocabulary, your students are sure to find something to focus on! ********************************************************** CONTENT • Cover • Wordsearch 1: easy • Wordsearch 2: hard • Wordsearch 3: descriptive • Codebreaker • Secret Trails • Missing Letters • Scrambled Letters • Word Shapes • Alphabetical Order • Word Challenge x 2 • Colour By Code • I Spy Words x 2 • Answer Keys • TOU/Credits PAGE COUNT: 34 ********************************************************** RELATED RESOURCES Halloween Writing Pack Halloween Games Halloween Bundle Halloween Maths Graphing Skip Counting Puzzles ********************************************************** Teacher's Toolkit Halloween
Halloween MathsQuick View

Halloween Maths

6 fun Halloween Mental Maths Hidden Word / Spot the Mistakes Puzzles (and solutions) for Key Stage 2 (KS2) and equivalents. These are perfect for mental maths practice in October. There are 3 Set A puzzles that best suit Year 6 and 5 (P7 and P6) and 3 Set B puzzles originally designed for Year 4 (P5) - and Year 3 (P4) if all concepts have been covered. Both sets could be used in the same class for differentiation if required. Set A might also suit some early KS3 classes. An engaging alternative to worksheets, these make ideal starter, early finisher or homework activities for that spooky time of year! Similar to codebreaker puzzles, a Halloween-related word is revealed after completing mental arithmetic calculations. Each puzzle contains a grid. Within each box is a calculation and a letter. Pupils circle any boxes containing mistakes. Then they assemble letters from the circled boxes to reveal the Halloween word. Puzzles can be completed individually or in pairs / groups. Pupils often forget or avoid checking their work for errors so it’s great to get them carefully checking in these puzzles. Spotting common errors may help them remember to check their own work and help them avoid common errors themselves. Concepts include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Times Tables, Doubling and Halving, Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100, Place Value, Negative Numbers, Fractions, Percentages and Decimals (Not all concepts feature in Set B) See more Hidden Word Numeracy Puzzles for different concepts in this great value KS2 bundle: Maths Hidden Word Puzzles What about this festive version? Avoid adding to your workload at this busy time of year - simply print and photocopy: Christmas Mental Maths Puzzles My Crossnumber Puzzle Packs have been especially popular. See more through these links: Place Value Puzzles Mental Maths Puzzles Year 5 / 6 Mental Maths Puzzles Year 4 / 3 Many thanks for your interest. For engaging, time-saving printables and presentations to plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, visit FullShelf Resources
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Spooktacular Halloween Bundle

Spooktacular Halloween Bundle / Autumn activities This bundle contains 9 of our spooktacular Halloween Resources: Halloween - Playing Cards Snap or Go Fish: This pack contains 52 playing cards that can be printed out onto card and used as a fun Halloween resource. We recommend that you print out TWO sets and use them and pupils can use them to play snap with the deck.Alternatively, ‘go fish’ whereby all cards are put face down on the table and pupils have to try to match pairs. In both cases the person with the most sets wins. It is entirely up to you how you prepare these cards, But we recommend that you print them out, in colour onto paper or card cut around the top and bottom card (on the top and bottom left). We then fold the middle section and glue the pieces together and laminate the card to ensure it’s durability. Alternatively, you can just use the front of the card for ease of use. Halloween - Spooky Reward Jars: This PowerPoint Contains four spooky reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour management strategy! Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it. Halloween - Witches Brew - Random Name Generator: This is a fun way to ensure pupil participation in lessons this Halloween season. The PowerPoint is completely editable. It has space to up to 36 pupil names. We have suggested three of the 36 slides be used as 'teacher to answer' but this can easily be edited depending on the number of pupils in each class. Pupils names can be added to each slide and once in presentation mode, click anywhere on slide two and a name will be generated. N.B. the same pupil can be selected more than once on this presentation. Halloween : Design your own Halloween Costume: This is a fun Halloween activity that can be used as a fun Tutor Time activity or a whole school competition. You have a choice of giving the pupils a sheet with male and female figures to design their own costume or they can choose between a male or female figure on which to design their own wacky Halloween outfits. We print these out on A3 paper and display the best submissions on the wall. Pupils have to label each aspect of their costume and on the back of this sheet write a paragraph about their design together with some Halloween facts and information about the symbolism of each item they have used. Halloween Conveyor Belt: This is based on the Generation Game activity. Surrounding some of the symbols oh Halloween. Useful for Starter, Plenaries and mini AFL activities throughout the lesson-Pupils love this activity! Halloween Countdown Timers: This is a really spooktacular Halloween timer selection - If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes complete with music! This is a fun countdown timer selection that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 1, 2 or 5 minute, 10 or 15 minute timers and two different styles The Halloween bubble or the Jack-o-Lantern. You can alter the timings in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer should you so wish. These Halloween timers can be copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish. Halloween: Bingo: Super fun-Halloween Bingo: The PPT: 3 slides Booklet: 35 This PowerPoint contains 40 different Halloween items and 33 pre-set placemats. We have included a blank placemat for you to create your own if you so wish. We usually laminate the cards so that they can be reused by each class. Slide 3 contains 40 cards (facedown) click on a card to reveal the picture. Pupils must mark off this picture on their bingo card. The first person to mark off all of their icons is the winner. Halloween: Full Moon Timers: This resource contains 6 PowerPoints complete with spooktacular Halloween full moon timers - If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes complete with music! This is a fun countdown timer selection that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 1, 2 or 5 minute, 10, 15 or 20 minute timers that can be used in full slide mode or can be used as a small timer in the corner of your own presentation. These Halloween timers can be copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish. Please note-Due to file size, upon purchase you will be able to download a file that will give you a direct link to these resources. The Spooktacular Halloween Quiz: This Spooktacular Halloween Quiz is FULLY INTERACTIVE and contains spook Halloween themed music. This can be used within lesson , during Tutor Time or during an assembly for an 'inter form' end of term activity/ quiz. This PowerPoint contains 114 slides.It even comes with a team selector and an interactive score board for you to keep tabs on the team's points. There are 10 rounds that are randomly selected using the Spooktacular Selector. These are: Skullteasers-This round contains 5 brain teasers riddles that pupils must try to solve. Witches' Brew-This round contains 8 word scrambles. The first team to get the answer right is awarded the point. Zombified-This round contains 10 Movie trivia questions. Trick 'R Treat-This round contains 12 slides. Each containing two doors. The team must pick a door behind it will either be a trick or a treat. Your teacher will decide what the trick or treat will be. You could choose to take a point off their overall score or some sweets/chocolate! It is totally up to you what treat or forfeit they will encounter. Scaredy Cat- This round contains 6 hair-raising celebrities in disguise. You can take away individual bits of the disguise by clicking the answer button. Mind's Eye- This round contains 7 Halloween items. Pupils must choose two members of their team to play this game. They sit back to back (one facing the board, the other facing away). They will have one minute to describe to their partner how to draw the item NOT THE OBJECT ITSELF! e.g. ‘place the pencil at the bottom of the paper in the centre and draw a diagonal line up to the middle of the page’ etc. This is a tricky game. So, pupils must concentrate. You can award the point to the team that performed the best. Boo or False- This round contains 8 Halloween statements. Pupils must use the ‘show me boards' or pieces of paper to write down if you think the statement is boo or false. Each team will be awarded a point for the amount you get correct. When discussing the answers they can 'Boo' for a true statement and groan like a zombie for a false statement. Possessions-This round contains 8 questions based on the symbols of Halloween. Once again, it is useful to have ‘show me boards' to write down the answer. Jack-O-Jukebox-This round contains 12 SONG SUGGESTIONS relating to Halloween. The suggested songs are in the notes section of the PowerPoint. The songs can easily be found on YouTube should you not own copies. PLEASE NOTE that we have not included the songs due to copyright restrictions, but we have included the suggested songs for your reference. Ghostly Game- 8 items here pupils have to describe the item to the player without using the word. Please note due to the file size you will receive a Dropbox link to download your purchased resource directly from us. We hope that you enjoy this resource bundle! We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeachEliteRE and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeachElite/
French Halloween BundleQuick View

French Halloween Bundle

Haunted House video PowerPoint Presentation Wall words Follow me Cards Bingo cards Colouring sheets (colour by French colour) Magic Potion Writing activity
The history of Halloween - Reading Comprehension WorksheetQuick View

The history of Halloween - Reading Comprehension Worksheet

This Reading Comprehension worksheet is suitable for higher elementary to proficient ESL learners or native English speakers. The text describes the origins of Halloween and explains how some of our modern day Halloween traditions came to be. The text also gives an account of how this ancient holiday is celebrated around the world in our modern day and time. After carefully reading a text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: comprehension questions, True or False exercises, gap filling exercises and a fun word search. The text can also be used for vocabulary building purposes. The handout can be completed in class or assigned for homework.
Halloween 2017: Scary Sounds of Halloween QuizQuick View

Halloween 2017: Scary Sounds of Halloween Quiz

Halloween 2017: Scary Sounds of Halloween Quiz Audio Quiz: 31 questions, with multiple choice answers, on some the sounds; music; TV and movies with associated Halloween. https://vimeo.com/236242551
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL- The History of Halloween- KS3Quick View

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL- The History of Halloween- KS3

A one-off Halloween special lesson. Students discover new facts about the origins of Halloween and then use their new knowledge to become to teacher. Includes: - PPT Presentation - Halloween facts - Learning objectives - Extension task
Halloween Pumpkin Bundle Lesson Plans and Resources PackQuick View

Halloween Pumpkin Bundle Lesson Plans and Resources Pack

Complete Pumpkin Bundle which includes The Pumpkin Life Cycle Resource Pack, Measuring Pumpkins and Pumpkin Pancakes. This complete pack includes lesson plans, presentations and resources ready to use for Kindergarten and 1st grade children. The lessons in this pack can also be purchased seperatly. Life Cycle: A complete lesson plan including resources for teaching your pre-schoolers, Kindergarten and Nursery and Reception children about the life cycle of a pumpkin. The lesson plan guides you with teaching the life cycle of a pumpkin and the PowerPoint aids this. There are also worksheets included which are differentiated into 3 abilities. Learning Objectives are included to show what the children are learning from this plan. The Areas of Learning are taken from Development Matters, England. Measuring Pumpkins for Halloween: A complete lesson plan and activity for teaching your pre-schoolers, Kindergarten and Nursery and Reception children about measurement. The lesson plan guides you with teaching how to estimate and find out by measuring with interlocking cubes (ideal units for young children). It also teaches children positional and mathematical language when, for example, identifying position and comparing in relation to the other (bigger than, the same as, next to) Areas of Learning/ Learning Objectives are included to show what the children are learning from this plan. The Areas of Learning are taken from Development Matters, England. Pumpkin Pancakes: A complete lesson plan and activity for baking Pumpkin Pancakes! This is suitable for Kindergarten, First Grade, Nursery, Reception and Year 1children. The lesson plan first guides you with teaching a carpet session on baking, discussing the ingredients and process with the children. Areas of Learning/ Learning Objectives are included to show what the children are learning from this plan. However, these are just examples as there are many Learning Objectives which could be applicable. The Areas of Learning are taken from Development Matters, England.
Pumpkin Soup story resource pack- Halloween, AutumnQuick View

Pumpkin Soup story resource pack- Halloween, Autumn

This pack is designed to be used with the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper which is a lovely story for Autumn about sharing and working together. The pack includes: Display banner- a long colourful banner with a picture of the characters Story word cards- great to add to a display or use in the writing area Display border- A themed display border to print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size Title poster- An A4 sized poster with the title on and author/ illustrator Picture flashcards- Flashcards with words and pictures of the props and characters Story questions- colourful cards for a display with questions about the story Colour face masks- of the characters in the story- great to use foretelling the story or for making up new stories Colour puppets- make your own stick puppets of the characters in the story to retell the story or make up your own stories An A4 word card with pictures- great to use when writing about the story Speech bubbles worksheets- three different worksheets for children to fill in the speech bubbles and then colour the picture Worksheet- write a book review about the book Alphabet line- an alphabet line on wooden spoons Writing sheets- various worksheets with borders to use for writing activities or in the writing area My favourite part of the story- a worksheet to draw and write about their favourite part of the story A number line- a colourful number line on pumpkins Counting cards up to 10- count the number of pumpkins on each cards- these could also be used for number ordering Pumpkin missing numbers- differentiated worksheets to fill in the missing numbers on the pumpkins Number worksheets- colour in the correct number of objects- 2 different worksheets Five little pumpkins rhyme- a rhyme card for this counting rhyme, rhyme props to use when singing the rhyme and face masks to make Stick puppets- make your own character stick puppets for retelling the story Face masks- colour and decorate the face masks for retelling the story or making up your own stories Tracing pictures- trace over the dotty lines and colour Colouring pictures- pictures of the characters and some scenes to colour Pumpkin recipes- a collection of recipe cards Draw the scene- draw the scene through the window of the old white cabin Games to make and play Letter matching pairs- find the lower and upper case matching pairs on the pumpkins- plus an ideas sheet for further activities Find the caterpillars- choose cards to see how many caterpillars you have found hiding in the pumpkin patch Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.
Halloween creative writing PowerPointQuick View

Halloween creative writing PowerPoint

A creative writing lesson that starts by creating a word bank, discusses the structure of a story and sets a task that is a 100 word writing competition. A complete download and use resource- no printing all that is required is lined paper.


A selection of activities to practice Halloween vocabulary in French. There is a vocabulary worksheet to label images. There is a worksheet to practice the expression 'Il y a...' saying how many objects there are. There is a worksheet to say where the ghost is, which revises the expression 'Il y a ...' and items of furniture. There is also a picture to colour, which enhances reading skills and also revises colours. To complete the Halloween activities there is a wordsearch and a completed TC. If you consider this worth buying, 'un très grand merci.' Joyeux Halloween à tous... My thanks to clker.com and cliparts.co for the use of the clipart images.
Halloween Special - The Halloween Murder Mystery – Creative Writing StoryQuick View

Halloween Special - The Halloween Murder Mystery – Creative Writing Story

The Halloween Murder Mystery – Creative Writing Story A fantastically engaging lesson with arresting imagery. Students write a Halloween murder mystery story following a set scenario. The scenario: On a stormy Halloween night, you and your friends set off to attend a ‘spooky’ Halloween fancy dress party. You make your way through the storm in good spirits and arrive at the house on the hill where the party is taking place. Inside the house, the party is in full swing and you are happy to take shelter from the storm and join in the fun! Until… You realise someone has been murdered… But who and why? And will you make it out alive? Highly attractive Power Point includes: * Full lesson scenario * Starter task * Lesson objectives * Planning sheet * Writing and discussion prompts * Interactive murder mystery bingo with callers card and 30 individual bingo cards (from myfreebingo.com) Also included: things to include in descriptive writing, writing checklist and word banks! All the material for an excellent, one-off lesson or lessons. For great more lessons and resources visit my shop here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/EngageinEnglish (Copyright free images from patheos.com, npr.org and wallpapervotex.)
Halloween Murder Mystery (Problem Solving)Quick View

Halloween Murder Mystery (Problem Solving)

This is a murder mystery activity set in a haunted house. Children must use a range of maths and problem solving strategies to solve clues and work out who the killer is. Strategies and skills used in this task include elimination, solving worded problems, addition, subtraction,multiplication, division, decoding and use of fractions. The resource includes answer sheets for pupil or teacher assessment and also printable certificates for children to receive on completion of the task. This task works well with mixed ability pairs.
HalloweenQuick View


These are two simple PowerPoint presentations to introduce Halloween vocabulary, both in French and in German. Each PowerPoint contains an introduction of vocabulary, a game of 'what's missing?' and a game of SPLAT.
Halloween QuizQuick View

Halloween Quiz

A short Halloween quiz containing sample questions taken from a 50 question interactive quiz on Halloween. See details below See below for details Halloween PowerPoint Quiz - 50 Questions This resource contains an interactive and colourful 50 question PowerPoint quiz on Halloween and all things spooky! Ideal for use with a tutor group or for an assembly during Halloween. There are 3 multiple choice answers. It can be administered in a variety of ways - to individuals or teams. Answers can be given either as you go through the quiz or at the end. An answer sheet is provided to record answers. Sample questions: 1. What date is Halloween celebrated on? 2. What do pumpkins grow on? 3. What did Michael Jackson turn into at the end of the Thriller video? 4. In Scotland, what vegetable was traditionally carved into a jack-o-lantern? 5. Why did people put lanterns outside of their homes? 6. What is the name given to a ghostly light seen by travellers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes? 7. What is the name for the fear of Halloween? 8. How did Dorothy get rid of the Wicked Witch of the West? 9. What does a real-life vampire bat live on? 10 . In Harry Potter when does Remus Lupin become a werewolf? Other Halloween Resources Halloween Lesson / Assembly Presentation This is a 45 slide, fully editable and informative assembly/lesson PowerPoint on Halloween. The PowerPoint makes reference to: 1. The Origins and History of Halloween 2. The Origins of the Jack O' Lantern 3. The Origins of Trick-or-Treat 4. The Origins of Apple Bobbing The PowerPoint illustrates how, over time, Samhain, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day have merged to create the Halloween we know today. It ends with some questions to promote discussion. Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this 'must have' step by step guide. How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide