Household tasksQuick View

Household tasks

<p>PowerPoint Presentation of household tasks - all given in the infinitive</p>
household tasks - frenchQuick View

household tasks - french

This task is differentiated for students to choose which level they would like to aim for. It assists them with writing a paragraph in French.
AQA A level Sociology Families and Households Division of labourQuick View

AQA A level Sociology Families and Households Division of labour

A Lesson aimed at AQA A Level Sociology based on the division of labour debate. The lesson contains numerous activities related to the sociology of household chores and key studies and explanations within this area. The lesson has engaging group work, statistical analysis, newspaper articles, a summary task and a 10 mark question along with a mark scheme. The lesson comes fully differentiated via SOLO Taxonomy.
French vocabulary: Household ChoresQuick View

French vocabulary: Household Chores

powerpoint with vocab and games to present taches menageres. Worksheet with writing tasks and an extended reading. I did this with a middle to high ability year 7 class. I hope you like it.
Household tasks / Christmas / Simple FutureQuick View

Household tasks / Christmas / Simple Future

Suitable for KS2 and 3. Useful for teaching future tense whilst introducing household tasks and using a Christmas theme. Use the powerpoint to introduce or revise household tasks. It also prints well as flashcards. Thanks to tes user 'erad' for this presentation. Then revise the simple future and use the letter template to get students to write what they promise they will do if Father Christmas brings them lots of presents eg Je vais faire mon lit.
Prezi to intro household tasks - 1950s style!Quick View

Prezi to intro household tasks - 1950s style!

This is a Prezi to introduce and practice household tasks orally. It progresses from providing all the words for the students, to having them supply it all themselves. I have just updated it to include time phrases and negative expressions. You can download it or play it from the internet. Great for IWBs and projectors, or upload it to your VLE/blog for students to revise from.
French texts about household choresQuick View

French texts about household chores

A pair of texts in French about household chores, one more detailed and more complex than the other. Parts of speech are highlighted in different colours, according to a key. Different tenses and justified opinions are included. Would make a good basis for a reading comprehension or grammar task.
Families and Households - PowerpointQuick View

Families and Households - Powerpoint

Looks at different family types and how they have changed. Many tasks embedded throughout. If you buy this resource please email me on for the accompanying sheets.
Sociology- Types of Family and HouseholdsQuick View

Sociology- Types of Family and Households

The PPT supports the New AQA, AS and A-Level Sociology. In addition, the PPT includes detailed and essential content, a range of activities/ tasks, research tasks and homework based on introducing different types of family and households.
File Folder Activities {Household Themed}Quick View

File Folder Activities {Household Themed}

Instructions and printables to make 8 file folder activities to learn about common household items! Work on sorting, non-identifcal matching, discrimination, function, and feature - all with a life skills twist! Each file folder task addresses different areas of the house and the items utilized in that area! Having a variety of tasks and examples is critical to teach generalization. Perfect for early childhood or students with autism or special needs! It is essential to work on life skills with our older students and this resource targets this in a structured & visual way! File folder activities included are: - Clothes you Fold vs. Clothes you Hang - Food in the Fridge vs. Food in the Cabinet - Kitchen Items vs. Living Room Items - Bedroom Items vs. Bathroom Items - Laundry Items vs. Toys - Furniture vs. Appliances - Small Household Items vs. Large Household Items - Thins you Clean with vs. Things you Cook with All instructions for setup and labels are included!