8x Judaism kS3 complete lessons, 40x worksheets, 8 fully differentiated PPs, clip links, KS3 (easily adapted for KS4 / GCSE) Also includes two different assessments and markschemes - one on Jerusalem and one on Hanukkah. Theres about 8 hours worth of planning here - I use all these lesssons myself as head of Citizenship and RE. If you like this and it's saved you time, check out my 1 WHOLE YEAR's WORTH OF RE bundle (36 lessons) available here:1 Year’s worth of RE All are - complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets Suitable for KS3 mainly but easily adapted Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Judaism: Introduction to JudaismQuick View

Judaism: Introduction to Judaism

Judaism ks3 RE resources: 1hr PP, clip, worksheets, differentiated fully KS3/4. Complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets, suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either. Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core and designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Judaism Tenakh and TalmudQuick View

Judaism Tenakh and Talmud

Lesson covering the importance of the Tenakh and Talmud in Judaism, aimed at the new Edexcel Religious Studies GCSE - Judaism as a second religion module. Lesson includes video clip to encourage discussion, a sorting exercise and three levels of differentiation via sample assessment questions.
Judaism- GCSE- Edexcel 2016Quick View

Judaism- GCSE- Edexcel 2016

Hi all, Here is a collection of the Judaism course for Edexcel's new Spec A. It contains about 18 lessons on the topic following the book called Catholic Christianiy. All lessons are ready to be taught and are planned from the spec in regards to teachings of wisdom and authority.
Judaism - The nature of the AlmightyQuick View

Judaism - The nature of the Almighty

Fits into Sources of Beliefs and Teachings in Judaism...includes full ‘Judaism - The nature of the Almighty' lesson with worksheets to assist (worksheets can also be found in the PowerPoint itself). This is a ‘flipped’ classroom approach to learning. Students will need to complete pre-reading before this lesson. Pre-reading can be found in the worksheet ‘Almighty God – characteristics’. Learning objective: To explore how the characteristics of the Almighty are shown in Torah (Jewish Holy Book). Learning outcomes: Explain the idea of God as the creator and almighty. Apply the characteristics of God that are shown in the Torah to an exam question. Compare and contrast the Jewish and Christian beliefs about God as ‘one’ and as the ‘trinity’. This is for use with the new AQA/Edexcel Catholic Christianity specification. However it could be used with other GCSE specifications.
Judaism Beliefs and Teachings Revision and AssessmentQuick View

Judaism Beliefs and Teachings Revision and Assessment

This resource is based on the new AQA GCSE Specification. It is suitable to both Specifications A and B. it includes an Assessment with mark scheme and DIRT activity. Also attached is a revision PowerPoint and accompanying worksheet to review the beliefs and teachings unit of Judaism in preparation for the assessment.
Judaism, new GCSE revision  EDUQASQuick View

Judaism, new GCSE revision EDUQAS

Revision book containing Beliefs and Teachings and Practices. It has a good overview of information including QR codes for videos to enhance learning and revision for all boards, especially EDUQAS Route A (Component 3, option 4) and Route B
Judaism RevisionQuick View

Judaism Revision

Judaism : Judaism Revision This Bundle is designed to help you and your pupils with that last minute cramming needed for the GCSE Judaism exam! The resources included are: Pre-Exam Last Minute Tips!! GCSE Judaism Last Minute Revision session: This PowerPoint is designed to be delivered during a 15-20 minute session just before the pupils enter the exam room. It has a few handy hints and tips for pupils to use, that it is hoped, will be fresh in their minds during the exam. GCSE Judaism Flashcards: A set of flash cards based on the WJEC Specification A Judaism paper. Past paper questions with specific content. Included in this resource is a topic overview sheet for teacher and pupil. This is basically a breakdown each topic we teach for this course. Death & Afterlife according to Judaism-Key Concepts: An activity sheet based on the key words used to revise about death and the Afterlife according to Judaism. Judaism Rites of Passage Revision Booklet: A Grab and Go Resource! Zero Prep Required. This is booklet with is really useful to sum up rites of passage. Pupils can be given a a few lessons to research, use their existing work and complete the worksheets within the booklet. They are then tasked with creating their very own revision aid on the topic. We usually collect these in and photocopy them and distribute to the class as a handy home revision summary. The Booklet includes information and worksheets on the four main rites of passage: Brit Milah, Bar Mitzvah, Marriage, Death. Also Included: The role of the parents in these and a page in which there are arguments for which rite of passage is superior (to answer a specific exam style question). To view the contents of this booklet, please check out our sample available at: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/judaism-rites-of-passage-revision-booklet-sample-11586091
Judaism: Practices Learning Mat BundleQuick View

Judaism: Practices Learning Mat Bundle

6 Creative and visually engaging learning mats / revision sheets for Jewish Practices: 1. Worship 2. Shabbat 3. Synagogue 4. Rituals 5. Festivals 6. Daily Life, inc. Kosher and the Tenakh/Talmud Created with the WJEC / Eduqas RS GCSE in mind, though can be applied across specifications and qualifications. As an examiner for this specification, I have used what I know of the course to create this resource. Please give feedback! I am always happy to respond to comments - whether positive or constructive - this will help to improve the quality of my resources in the future and, more importantly, the quality of pupils' RE/RS education in general - which is what we're all here for!
Judaism Covenants: Abraham, Moses, Ten Commandments GCSEQuick View

Judaism Covenants: Abraham, Moses, Ten Commandments GCSE

A suite of lessons on the key covenants between God and Abraham and between God and Moses (including a lesson on the Ten Commandments). Each lesson entails engaging/settling starters and plenaries with a variation of activities which have been enjoyed by both a Y9 group and a top set Y10 group - the lessons are easily adapted to suit the different classes. The questioning is set to the Eduqas exam board but is left basic to adapt questioning to different exam boards (I have adapted it to AQA when working in another school). All lessons are on one PowerPoint with an overall Lesson Objective and Learning Outcomes which can be fine tuned for each lesson. All resources referenced are included. Enjoy!
GCSE Religious Studies- Judaism Revision packQuick View

GCSE Religious Studies- Judaism Revision pack

edexcel paper 2- JUDAISM 2.1- Beliefs and values 2.2- Practices Includes; 2 powerpoint presentations topic by topic with accompanying worksheets A-Z BOOKLET for independent completion
GCSE RE: Judaism Knowledge Revision packQuick View

GCSE RE: Judaism Knowledge Revision pack

GCSE Religious Studies: Judaism Revision Topics include: Mosaic Covenant Abrahamic Covenant Mitzvot Kosher Festivals Rituals Shabbat Synagogue Prayer 6 Revision worksheets included Will suit AQA, Edexcel and WJEC/ Eduqas exam specifications
Judaism / Christianity : Abraham and IsaacQuick View

Judaism / Christianity : Abraham and Isaac

Complete lesson with 1 hour PowerPoint and additional worksheets. Differentiated to 3 levels throughout with a storyboard of Abrahams life, clips, his ties with monotheism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. KS3/4.
GCSE RS Judaism: ShabbatQuick View

GCSE RS Judaism: Shabbat

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2: Judaism 2.2.6: Shabbat Lesson includes; Differentiated outcomes divergent Jewish views links to video clips Accompanying worksheet
JudaismQuick View


Facts all about Judaism - Can be used for your knowledge or the childrens...