WORLD CUP Maths Murder MysteryQuick View

WORLD CUP Maths Murder Mystery

Please redownload - the when in the higher version is now sorted. World Cup Maths Murder Mystery - great for revision, end of year, football lovers. Suitable and differentiated for KS2. Topics included - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement (time, perimeter), fractions, square numbers, etc. Celebrate the coming World Cup with this fun and engaging activity. Answers included on the last page. Please feel free to browse my other murder mysteries: Addition and Subtraction Telling time General Revision General Revision Fractions General Revision Halloween
Maths Working Wall - Focus - reasoning KS2Quick View

Maths Working Wall - Focus - reasoning KS2

Question titles and resources for a working maths wall aimed at KS2 - focus Reasoning. Also, includes Place Value resources linked to Y5 expectations. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.
White Rose Maths Year 1 - Measuring with a RulerQuick View

White Rose Maths Year 1 - Measuring with a Ruler

Differentiated worksheets for White Rose Maths Planning, Year 1, Spring 2 (Length and Height) - Measuring using a ruler. Worksheets for SEN/LA, MA (2 pages), HA, Problem Solving and Reasoning Challenge. Worksheets all produced in Publisher. I have added the worksheets in PDF format as well.
Maths World Cup ProjectQuick View

Maths World Cup Project

Excellent Project work for students!! Students must manage a budget and build stadiums and facilities to host a Work Cup in the UK.
IB Maths Studies SL - Complete NotesQuick View

IB Maths Studies SL - Complete Notes

About 30 pages of neatly handwritten notes for the course for Maths Studies, as well as a revision checklist. You can download Topic 1 on its own for free if you want to take a look.
Ofsted Outstanding Year 3 Maths Money LessonQuick View

Ofsted Outstanding Year 3 Maths Money Lesson

I taught this lesson to my Year 3 pupils and was observed by Ofsted. My head remarked (after Ofsted's feedback) that it was outstanding, and it was mentioned in the report. The objectives are: We are learning to solve one or two step problems involving money. Success criteria: Remember to use notes, numbers or pictures to help you solve your problem. Remember to explain your methods. The theme is space and the game was incredibly engaging. This is differentiated 4-ways and everything you need is here.
Year 6 maths SATs revisionQuick View

Year 6 maths SATs revision

30 activities and resources to prepare your year 6 children for SATs. Useful for classroom revision, starter activities, developed as part of whole less sequences, booster classes or homework.
Christmas Maths QuizQuick View

Christmas Maths Quiz

This series of slides consists of twenty mathematical questions with a Christmas theme. The idea is to keep students entertained in the final days/weeks of the term whilst also doing some good quality maths work. The questions can be answered with or without a calculator. Answers are provided at the end. Merry Christmas.
Key Stage 1 Maths Working at the Expected Standard EvidenceQuick View

Key Stage 1 Maths Working at the Expected Standard Evidence

11 question sheets to provide evidence to show pupils working at the expected standard for new Key Stage 1 Maths interim teacher assessment framework. 1 question sheet for each of the 11 assessment statements as detailed in the new exemplification document. Completed pupil work will show evidence of them working at the expected standard for Key Stage 1 Maths.
Christmas Tree Maths JigsawQuick View

Christmas Tree Maths Jigsaw

Matching maths jigsaw that forms together to make a Christmas tree. It covers basic skill so ideal for most levels, it is also possible to edit if you want to change any question/answers. The files are office publishers files so can be easily opened and edited.
Complete Lesson - Year 5 Maths - Converting units of measure - lengthQuick View

Complete Lesson - Year 5 Maths - Converting units of measure - length

Year5 Maths Animal themed -Converting km, m, cm. A zoo animal themed activities to converting kilometres to metres, metres to kilometres, centimetres to metres and metres to centimetres. Real photos - copyright of the author. Lesson Plan Starter game described in lesson plan. Differentiated worksheets Loop game Homework sheet.
Year 2 Maths TAF Evidence Book 2018-19Quick View

Year 2 Maths TAF Evidence Book 2018-19

Brand new Year 2 Maths TAF Evidence Book for the new teacher assessment framework for 2018-19. Available in cursive and non-cursive. An activity page for each statement listed in the new 2018-19 framework. Highly recommended by moderators and teachers with everything you need all in one place.
Maths Problems Year 2Quick View

Maths Problems Year 2

A variety of problem solving worksheets to support Year 2 maths topics including: Number Time Multiplication Doubling Fractions Money Division Addition