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Maths Report Comments

Create your primary maths reports quickly using these 280 differentiated maths report comments for KS2. The subject of maths is broken down into 7 skill sections, relevant for all year groups, with 4 ability groups provided. Use the girl and boy versions to save time, just quickly choose the right comments to suit each child. There are enough comments to create different personalised paragraphs of comments for at least a whole class of 30 children. High Quality Written for the whole of KS2 focusing on learning aptitudes and the general areas of maths. Some spaces are left for you to add some relevant objectives for your year group. These are perfect for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 as they cover: Attitude Mathematical concepts Lesson content Operations and calculations Mental strategies Reasoning Problem Solving Understanding, explaining and checking solutions Strengths and Assessments Presentation Targets Differentiated Maths report comment banks for four different ability groups are provided with at least 70 comments in each, so a minimum of 280 different statements for your reports. Easy to Use They all come in a girl and a boy version saving you having to change any pronouns. All names are shown with 3 stars so you just have to find and replace, to insert names. Save Time Teaching is busy enough without report writing as well, save time whilst doing a good job. Easily copy and paste these thoughtful comments to create personalised and admired reports. Also… Check out these other handy end of year resources: General Report Comments 320 English Report Comments Geography Report Comments
Musical MathsQuick View

Musical Maths

This is a pack of 3 worksheets containing mathematical exercises that use musical symbols alongside numbers. The exercises are: 1. Adding & subtracting (24 questions) 2. Multiplication & division (24 questions) 3. Basic Algebra (12 questions) The musical symbols covered are semibreves, minims, crotchets and quavers. This pack was designed to be used with Key Stage 2 and 3 students but could be used with other age groups. Answers are included This is a great way to build cross curricular links between Music and Math.
Year 8 Maths bookletQuick View

Year 8 Maths booklet

A workbook that teaches you as you work through it. This workbook can be completed on their own or with as much help as they need. It is colour coded to make it easy to understand and prevent boredom. Workbook contains: Fractions- adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
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Euro 2020 Maths Treasure Hunt

Enjoy the excitement of the Euro 2020 football competition with this maths treasure hunt. This pack contains a set of 36 maths questions, each one linked to a participating country or a host city of the competition. Starting from any question, students are then challenged to answer a maths question before ‘travelling’ to another participating country or host city by identifying their associated flags. All cards are colour coded so that the teacher can easily separate the countries based on their geographical location in Europe (i.e. Northern, Western, Central or Eastern Europe). The pack also includes a student record sheet, teacher answer sheet and a labelled map of Europe. The flags of the participating countries are also provided so that students can use this for reference (or alternatively atlases could be provided to further support cross-curricular links with geography). The questions included in the pack are aimed for upper Key Stage 2 students and cover a wide range of mathematical topics. Questions, however, are all editable to allow teachers to tailor these specifically for their students/ class. All questions are part of a loop, so students can start from any question.
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Maths Working Wall - Focus - reasoning KS2

Question titles and resources for a working maths wall aimed at KS2 - focus Reasoning. Also, includes Place Value resources linked to Y5 expectations. PLEASE NOTE: The resources come in the format of an Activeinspire Promethean Flipchart (editable) and a non-editable PDF document. Thank you for downloading.
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Functional Skills Maths Revision Bundle both levels

6 Resources
This is a complete revision bundle for functional skills maths level 1 and level 2 includes both my revision guides and answers. Plus the fact sheets and the revision bingo. updated 2019 reformed non calculator booklet now also I have also added for a limited time my bridging the gap resource Look out for my new resources for the reformed functional skills including the level 2 calculator and non calculator work book Now working in partnership with Cre8tive Resources. You can also explore lots more great maths resources here:
Math Art – Rotational Symmetry – Mandala PatternsQuick View

Math Art – Rotational Symmetry – Mandala Patterns

A fun activity for your students when studying geometry or cultural celebrations such as Diwali (The Festival of Lights). Students use the grid lines and lines of symmetry to help them draw the pattern in the other sections of the circle. The lines are light grey and they will become less visible after colouring. Included: ♦ 3 different patterns ♦ Blank template (students can make up their own pattern) For each of the 3 patterns: ♦ student template with grid lines. ♦ completed student template (great as a reference during the lesson). ♦ the pattern without the grid lines (could be used as a simple colouring activity if desired). An example of what is included for each of the 3 patterns is included in the images. Provided in 2 different paper sizes: ♦ A4 size paper ♦ Letter size paper Make ... colour ... cut ... display The blank template includes: grid lines, lines of symmetry, outer circle. © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
End of Year 4 Maths Test AssessmentQuick View

End of Year 4 Maths Test Assessment

This resource is to support teachers with end of year progress assessments by assessing against the Year 4 mathematics objectives from the National Curriculum. It also includes a tracker sheet to help identify gaps in knowledge. For more Assessment resources, visit our website here.
KS2 Football Statistics MathsQuick View

KS2 Football Statistics Maths

This resource has 4 differentiated levels and is aimed at Years 3 - 6 to practise their reasoning skills by analysing football data. You can find more football themed resources here:
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Maths Mastery Times Tables Activities.

Engaging activities for multiplication facts. These multiplication fact sheets have been a great hit with my students, and I’m sure they will be with yours too. They will help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize their multiplication facts. They can be used as morning work, bell work, extra activities for early finishers, or even homework. Every page is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Students will learn to: - identify numbers in times tables - work out spellings of numbers in cryptic puzzles. - sequence numbers forwards and backwards - explore the relationship between multiplication and division - compare calculations - process information in word problems The activities not only test a child’s math skills, they also encourage them to use logic, reasoning and comprehension skills. Each worksheet is double sided and space is maximised to challenge your children with TEN different times table related activities linked to the table you are studying. Answers are provided. Your children will become familiar with the format as they work their way through the exercises table by table. Your children will certainly enjoy this different approach to learning their times tables! CONTENTS 3x table activity sheet 3x table answers 4x table activity sheet 4x table answers 5x table activity sheet 5x table answers 6x table activity sheet 6x table answers 7x table activity sheet 7x table answers 8x table activity sheet 8x table answers 9x table activity sheet 9x table answers 11x table activity sheet 11x table answers 12x table activity sheet 12x table answers
Transition into Year 7 - Maths - AlgebraQuick View

Transition into Year 7 - Maths - Algebra

Our ‘Introduction to Year 7’ booklet is designed to assist transition from Year 6 to Year 7 with Maths (Algebra) and can be completed in the summer term of school or during the summer holidays. Covering topics such as: Representation of number by using letters Number sequences and patterns Plotting graphs using co-ordinates Solving equations Simplifying equations Input, output and mapping diagrams Most topics have an accompanying puzzle from secret messages to hidden numbers and shapes. All clip art is from OpenClipArt and is covered by a public licence for personal and commercial use. Please let us know if you would like us to amend our resource to suit your children. Answers are provided. Many thanks and enjoy! Tutortastic
Fortnite in Maths: CoordinatesQuick View

Fortnite in Maths: Coordinates

This powerpoint can be used as a short 20-minute introduction to reading coordinates as well as mapping them. There is a game at the end to help solidify the knowledge. All of the data is based on the popular game ‘fortnite’. Students were engaged with the lesson and understood the content due to the real-life application of the source.
KS2/KS3 Maths: Converting MeasuresQuick View

KS2/KS3 Maths: Converting Measures

Part 1: Converting between metric units of length, mass (weight) and capacity. 1. PowerPoint demonstrating converting units 2. Worksheet including a crossnumber (Number crossword) and problem solving and reasoning questions. 3. Answers included on the PowerPoint. Update: Crossword has been fixed. Part 2: Imperial Units Contains examples, conversions and problem solving on the following: Converting between imperial units Converting between imperial and metric units.
Transition into Year 7 - Maths - NumberQuick View

Transition into Year 7 - Maths - Number

Our ‘Introduction to Year 7’ booklet is designed to assist transition from Year 6 to Year 7 with Maths (Number) and can be completed in the summer term of school or during the summer holidays. Covering topics such as: Mental Maths Strategies, Highest Common Factors, Lowest Common Factors, Square Numbers, Square Roots, Ratio & Proportion, Rounding Whole and Decimal Numbers, Calculating Percentages, Using Brackets, Comparing Decimals, Simplifying Fractions & Adding & Subtracting Fractions. Most topics have an accompanying puzzle from secret messages to hidden numbers and shapes. All clip art is from OpenClipArt and is covered by a public licence for personal and commercial use. Please let us know if you would like us to amend our resource to suit your children. Many thanks and enjoy! Tutortastic
Maths BingoQuick View

Maths Bingo

A powerpoint of maths bingo. Get pupils to copy down 9 numbers from the initial grid then let the powerpoint run. Can be easily modified for different year groups and lessons.
PE Game (Maths)Quick View

PE Game (Maths)

PE, Numeracy and communication skills mix in this fun active relay fitness game for Primary (KS2, especially Year 4, 5 and 6). Great for outdoor learning or special events such as National Maths Week, to have children practising mental calculations in another curriculum area. Alternatively, use this activity as a warm up to add variety to your normal Physical Education programme. Good teamwork and communication should be encouraged as teammates help each other to work out the calculations and guide each other to the possible answer cards, while navigating around the hidden Exercise Cards (which force the team to divert onto a variety of athletic challenges!). 4 files are included: large versions of game boards and cards, small versions, plus editable exercise card files (both sizes), in case you wish to add some of your own exercise ideas. Print and laminate the boards and cards you require. No equipment is necessary and the game can be played in a gym hall or outside space. Answer key included. INSTRUCTIONS (Also included within the file): Split students into up to 7 groups, giving each a calculation board. Shuffle the number cards and as many exercise cards (12 included) as you wish, spreading them out face down at the other end of the playing area. You may wish to remove the answer cards for any board not in use. Teams send one person at a time running to collect a card. On each go, students must only turn over one card. If they know it is not an answer to any calculations on their board, they replace it, or else they can bring it back to their team to check and the next team member can replace it if it is not required, before collecting another card. If a player turns over an Exercise Card, they must bring it back to their group and the whole team must perform the stipulated exercises. When all members are finished the exercise, the next runner can set off for another card. The winners are the first team to cover all their calculations with the correct answer cards. There are two of each number card, as each answer features on two boards, helping to ensure a faster game. To speed up the game or to add an extra element, include as many Pass Cards as you like. If children turn over a Pass Card they can place it over any calculation they want, for instance if they are finding a calculation too difficult or if there is an answer card they are struggling to find. For differentiation, use mixed ability groups or else grant certain groups extra pass cards to cover more challenging calculations. To ensure a smooth game, circulate with the answer key for at-a-glance checking. If groups have accidentally taken another group’s answer card, ensure they quickly replace it so as not to hamper the progress of other teams. Thank you for your interest.
Christmas MathsQuick View

Christmas Maths

A selection of Christmas maths problems which I acquired somewhere. I've used them over the years with Years 5 & 6 and they always enjoy them.
Halloween MathsQuick View

Halloween Maths

Fun KS2 Halloween activities for your maths lessons this October (Year 4, 5 and 6 especially), ideal for starters, warm ups, early finishers challenges and homework tasks! There are 6 printable mental maths puzzles worksheets with no prep required: 3 puzzles (Set A) originally designed for Y6 and Y5 and 3 more (Set B) originally designed for Y4 - and Year 3 if all concepts have been covered. Both sets can work well in the same class for differentiation. Set A might also suit some early KS3 classes. The puzzles are in PDF format within the Zip file. Full Answer Keys included. You might also like: Bonfire Night Mental Maths Puzzles Christmas Mental Maths Puzzles SAVE by purchasing these Halloween Puzzles as part of these BUNDLES: Halloween Maths Activities BUNDLE Halloween and Bonfire Night Puzzles BUNDLE Autumn and Winter Maths Puzzles BUNDLE An engaging alternative to worksheets, these make ideal starter, early finisher or homework activities for this spooky time of year! Similar to codebreaker puzzles, a Halloween-related word is revealed after completing mental arithmetic calculations. Each puzzle contains a grid. Within each box is a calculation and a letter. Students circle any boxes containing mistakes. Then they assemble letters from the circled boxes to reveal the Halloween word. Puzzles can be completed individually or in pairs / groups. Students often forget or avoid checking their work for errors so it’s great to get them carefully checking in these puzzles. Spotting common errors may help them remember to check their own work and help them avoid common errors themselves. Concepts include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Times Tables, Doubling and Halving, Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100, Place Value, Negative Numbers, Fractions, Percentages and Decimals (Not all concepts feature in Set B). See more Hidden Word Numeracy Puzzles for different concepts in a great value KS2 bundle: Maths Hidden Word Puzzles My Crossnumber Puzzle packs are popular: Place Value Puzzles Mental Maths Puzzles Year 5 / 6 Mental Maths Puzzles Year 4 / 3 Thank you. Please visit FullShelf Resources