Macbeth: Macbeth Murder MysteryQuick View

Macbeth: Macbeth Murder Mystery

A crime scene investigation style lesson to introduce KS3 and KS4 students to the main plot ideas and themes of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. All activities are fully differentiated. Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop: Lead Practitioner’s Shop
Murder Mystery Investigation!Quick View

Murder Mystery Investigation!

There's been a murder! This exciting, engaging investigation activity allows students to control the direction of their own learning, through speaking, listening, discussing, and reasoning. I initially created these resources to provide something interesting for the students to engage with for their Functional Skills Speaking and Listening discussions, but it has since been used across Citizenship and PSHE departments, as well as by form groups, as a catalyst for social and moral discussions. Students play detectives aiming to solve the case of a death of an old lady. Using a range of evidence, from video clips, to interviews with key suspects, to positioning events on maps, students work in teams to try and solve the case. They must use skills of communication, to decide which leads to prioritise, and which evidence to discount. They also need to use their skills of literacy, to read and understand key evidence, and skills of numeracy to ensure that they keep their case within budget! Included in this resource pack are: - Full PowerPoint lesson talking students through the case; - A range of 'Exhibits' - evidence that the students use to build a case, including video clips; - A map of the local area, to help visualise the events leading up to the death; - Budgetting and recording sheets to track their progress; - A prime supsects list; - Clue cards containing interviews with prime supsects; - Full teacher guidance. Considering the time and effort that it took to create these resources, I think that they offer exceptional value. Whenever I have used this activity before, it has taken at least 2-3 lessons, including the introduction, investigation, conclusions, and evaluation. I orignally have used this with lower ability Year 8,9, and 10 groups, but colleagues have adapted it easily for students of all key stages. All images have been cited at the end of the PowerPoint presentation and are licensed for commercial use.
WORLD CUP Maths Murder MysteryQuick View

WORLD CUP Maths Murder Mystery

Please redownload - the when in the higher version is now sorted. World Cup Maths Murder Mystery - great for revision, end of year, football lovers. Suitable and differentiated for KS2. Topics included - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement (time, perimeter), fractions, square numbers, etc. Celebrate the coming World Cup with this fun and engaging activity. Answers included on the last page. Please feel free to browse my other murder mysteries: Addition and Subtraction Telling time General Revision General Revision Fractions General Revision Halloween
Winter /Christmas Maths "Murder" Mystery (revision)Quick View

Winter /Christmas Maths "Murder" Mystery (revision)

PLEASE REDOWNLOAD (small error on page 6 has been corrected) Fun differentiated activity for the holiday season - a Christmas Maths Mystery. Children solve a number of mathematical problems to help Santa find the elf responsible for a mishap in the workshop. Great revision tool with a number of topics covered - basic operations, time, times tables, etc. 3 versions included - easy, medium and hard. Suitable for KS2. The resource has 7 pages (6 for the activity and 1 with Hoppy Times' terms and conditions and solution). Thank you for your interest in my products!
Murder Mystery Reading ActivityQuick View

Murder Mystery Reading Activity

Children will read a scenario about a murder taking place in a manor house. Children then have to play detective and read (and take notes from) statements taken from nine suspects. One suspect's story will not be consistent with any other statement, this suspect is the murderer! This activity is good for children to practice note taking and summarising skills. Can be used as an individual task or children could be given one suspect statement each and then discuss these as a group. Could also be used as a drama activity where children have to read the statements and act out the characters.
A Christmas Murder Mystery - Complete LessonQuick View

A Christmas Murder Mystery - Complete Lesson

A Christmas Murder Mystery - Complete Lesson On Christmas Eve a train gets stranded in a snowdrift in the middle of nowhere. A group of passengers decide to leave the carriage and take refuge in a nearby hotel, only to discover in the morning, trapped and cut off from the outside world, that one of them has been murdered… Visually attractive Christmas murder mystery story lesson complete with all resources needed for a fun engaging lesson. Power point includes: * Title page. * Complete lesson objectives and outcomes (WALT and WILF) - with the focus on higher attaining students to use descriptive language for effect and to build up tension and drama within the story. * Lesson starter – winter weather anagrams. * Story scenario – dramatic scenario (as above) * Copy and complete first paragraph starter prompt – used in order help students start the story effectively (also given as a handout resource.) * Mini word bank. * Mini-prompt paragraphs two and images to help students write. * Fantastic “murder mystery bingo” plenary activity with teacher’s callers card and 30 unique bingo cards (with instructions on how to best play the game included.) * All resources included at the end of the Power Point. If you liked this resource, you will also enjoy – A Spooky Christmas Story: (Royalty free images included and bingo cards created from
World Cup Murder Mystery!Quick View

World Cup Murder Mystery!

There has been a murder at the world cup! A problem solving murder mystery where children need to use different maths strategies to solve clues to eliminate suspects from a list until only one is left - the murderer. Children will have to solve worded maths problems, multiply, divide and decode to solve the mystery. Great activity for this time of year, children find it enjoyable. Works well in mixed ability pairs.
Linear Functions Murder MysteryQuick View

Linear Functions Murder Mystery

A murder mystery to help your math detectives solve a crime for the NYC Police. Students will go through a series of puzzles to determine the perpetrator. This 4 clue murder mystery requires students to use knowledge of determining slope, identifying x and y-intercepts, graphing linear functions and using linear functions to solve word problems, Our students love this activity as a review or test prep. Assign to a group or individual. Answer key included.
Murder Mystery - Video Based Interactive Detective StoryQuick View

Murder Mystery - Video Based Interactive Detective Story

An interactive multi-media murder mystery for groups of students that is both engaging and designed to be adapted to any grade. Following the classic manor house mystery genre, the materials here can be used with students of any level for a variety of different skills, including the basics of listening, writing, vocabulary and grammar or more advanced skills such as use of inference and critical thinking. Great for regular writing classes, group work, homework assignment or a fun fill in class. The main advantage of this resource is that the teacher can mix and match the materials outlined below to work with any class. There are materials for print only, display (slideshow), multimedia classrooms, or student iPad/laptop use. This gives the teacher the flexibility to make a lesson adapted to not just the age or level of the class, but the available technology as well. In addition, there are teacher explanations for each resource. Included: 1. Six short online videos that can be accessed via PDF print links. One of these is of the murder scene. The other five are suspect alibis. 2. An PDF slideshow that outlines the background to the murder of Mr. John Sanders. It has a link to a short animated video of the murder along with an introduction to the 5 suspects in the house and the clues and evidence found at the crime scene. 3. A plan of the crime scene. (PDF) 4. A useful vocabulary task sheet for use with reading or writing a murder mystery. (PDF) 5. A teacher and student version of an interactive suspect and timeline PDF task sheet. The teacher version can be used in a multi-media classroom or internet connected screen. The student version can be printed out, or used on student iPads. Both versions have interactive links to videos of suspect alibis and space for notes on a timeline and connecting evidence. 6. Task sheets (PDF) for each of the five suspects that contain a facial image and sections for notes on alibi and motive for each. There are 4 different versions of this for Teacher, younger, older and ESL students. Instructions on use are provided for each. 7. A set of 5 A4 size color images of the suspects that contain Q codes that students can use to access the online video alibis of each suspect. 8. A separate 5 suspect set of motives that can be printed on the reverse of the Q code image cards. 9. A two page comic book extension that can be used with higher level students to demonstrate their writing skills. Each comic displays one of the suspects as the murderer and has sections for students to draw and write in. Great for inference or critical thinking skills. 10. Printable murder alibi cards. 11. Answer key. #63 PDF pages Similar lesson Murder Mystery 2-Video Story-The Art of Murder
Jesus : Jesus Murder MysteryQuick View

Jesus : Jesus Murder Mystery

Jesus : Who is responsible for Jesus’ death? ( Murder Mystery Style Resource) Easter Activity This resource contains six Fact Files on characters that are relating to the Passion narrative within the Bible. Pupils can be divided into groups and asked to collect evidence on each character and build up a convincing argument as to why this person may be responsible for Jesus death. This activity works well when ended with a class debate on this topic.
Jesus : Jesus Murder MysteryQuick View

Jesus : Jesus Murder Mystery

Easter : The Death of Jesus CSI ( This is designed in the style of a Murder Mystery Investigation ) Could be used with KS3, 4 & 5 Our Death of Jesus Character Fact Files would be the perfect accompaniment to this resource! This is a FULLY resourced Grab & Go Easter resource that can be taught over two hours. Let your pupils take ownership of their lesson with this Easter CSI on the last week of Jesus life / The Easter story Included in this pack is a PPT (33 slides) & Work Booklet ( 28 sheets) This lesson pack contains... 6 Biblical study ’witness accounts’ of the Easter story ’ Last week of Jesus’ life event matrix Suspect report cards Evidence Chart Final Report worksheet 2 TeachElite timers Opinion line activity Music! We hope that you enjoy this resource! If you review this resource we will give you another resource of the same value for FREE. We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: and Facebook:
Porphyria's Lover Murder MysteryQuick View

Porphyria's Lover Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery lesson to uncover what happened to Porphyria in the classic poem by Robert Browning. I didn't tell my students anything about the poem, or even that we were studying a poem, before hand. Used with both higher and lower ability Year 8 students.
The Missing Horse Murder MysteryQuick View

The Missing Horse Murder Mystery

This is a murder mystery where students are given five different texts in five groups. The information in each text is read and digested by the groups, who then get together in new groups in which each member has read a different text. They share their information and solve the mystery. It takes from 50 minutes to an hour. Useful speaking practice for EAL students, particularly. Revise language of speculation before putting them into their groups. There are five texts, some questions on each text and a teacher's guide.
Murder MysteryQuick View

Murder Mystery

Resources include a Powerpoint presentation with a description of the victim, suspects and a series of clues. Confession worksheet will require pupils to put paragraphs in order to reveal the mystery. Teacher copy also included.
Murder Mystery! Solving Linear InequalitiesQuick View

Murder Mystery! Solving Linear Inequalities

A fantastic murder mystery to help your investigators practice solving and writing linear inequalities. Students are given a scenario in which they will help investigators solve a murder. Four clues have been left behind to help them figure out the perp. Knowledge of solving equations, solving inequalities and writing and solving inequalities from word problems is necessary to catch the criminal This is a great activity for classwork, assessment, homework or stations. It is very flexible! Absolute Value Function Characteristics Scavenger Hunt Regression Obsession - Linear Modeling Project, Linear Regression Task Cards and Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Regression Stations Multiplying Complex Numbers Scavenger Hunt Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Regression Stations 64 Quadratic Task Cards - Vertex, Solutions, Factors, Quadratic Formula and More! 16 Trigonometry Task Cards - Word Problems Finding Unknown Sides and Angles Linear Modeling Projects Bundle