Year 5 RE Planning - SalvationQuick View

Year 5 RE Planning - Salvation

7 RE lesson plans with differentiation (accompanying resources not included) Christianity Focus - Based around the salvation of Jesus Great topic to teach during the lead up to Easter Objectives covered: I can outline the Easter Story. I can give reasons for Jesus' death. I can explain how Christians celebrate the Eucharist. I understand the impact of sacrifice in my own life. I can explore Bible texts. (Isaiah 53 and John 19) I can explore how Christians put their beliefs into practice. I can consider the impact Jesus has had on the world today.
Child-Led Collective Worship planning and supportQuick View

Child-Led Collective Worship planning and support

These resources aim to support Christian schools (I designed this for a Catholic School) to guide their children in creating and leading meaningful collective worship or prayer and liturgy within their classrooms or year groups. The model uses the GATHER, LISTEN, RESPOND, GO FORTH format. It is colour-coded, memorable and extremely easy to follow. You will need to cut and laminate the smaller picture resources to allow children to manipulate them and decide on how they can best deliver their collective worship by adding them to the larger colour coded sheet (best printed and laminated on A3) Also included is an informative support booklet for the children when it is their turn to lead. It guides them to decide on a theme and how to consider what to do in each aspect of the service. There are some helpful pages how to select Scripture, with verses included, depending on their theme, rather than starting with nothing. I know many teachers in Christian schools have found this to be a really useful resource for their class and I hope your class enjoy using it.
The Last Supper Lesson Plan and Resources - KS2 (Easter)Quick View

The Last Supper Lesson Plan and Resources - KS2 (Easter)

This resource is a plan for a lesson about The Last Supper, suitable for using with Key Stage 2. The 4 page pdf plan includes a starter, a main drama activity, a written activity and a plenary drama activity. There is a 21 Slide animated PowerPoint presentation of the story of The Last Supper to use to introduce the lesson and a document with Da Vinci's painting, around which the writing activity is based. The PowerPoint is not editable. Please click 'Read Only' to open. A fun, interactive lesson. A version of the PowerPoint is also available separately: You might also be interested in the KS1 Last Supper Lesson Plan and Last Supper Assembly:
Easter - without lesson planQuick View

Easter - without lesson plan

In this lesson students consider the symbolism of Easter, why it is an important festival for Christians and asks students to compare the theological importance of Easter with that of Christmas.
Lent - without lesson planQuick View

Lent - without lesson plan

This lesson explore the theological basis of lent and encourages students to reflect on why the practice of giving up things we love/enjoy can be beneficial for ourselves and wider society.
KS2 Ash Wednesday Lesson Plan (Lent)Quick View

KS2 Ash Wednesday Lesson Plan (Lent)

This is a lesson plan (pdf) to teach children all about Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. It is perfect for ages 7-11. The lesson is highly interactive and contains details of a starter, introduction to the topic, main task and plenary. There are whole class discussions and written activities for children to undertake. It includes objectives for children with three levels of abilities. Also included is a 20 slide animated PowerPoint with useful facts for the lesson and the Bible story around which the lesson is based. (This is not editable. Click the 'Read Only' button to open the PowerPoint. Some of the images are only revealed when the PowerPoint is played as a slideshow with the animations.) There is an optional template for the written activity. No further preparation required. You might also be interested in our Ash Wednesday assembly and Ash Wednesday lesson plan for KS1:
Celebrations PlanningQuick View

Celebrations Planning

8 Weeks of planning around the topic of celebrations. Focuses on Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Covers R.E, History, D.T, and Geography. Most suitable for year 1 and year 2.
Lesson PlanningQuick View

Lesson Planning

19 Resources
Back To School : Essential Toolkit - Bundle Worth almost £60! The resources included in this bundle are: Back to School - Behaviour-O-Meter: A great visual way of letting your class know how well they are behaving!! A visual PowerPoint display that you can use with your classes for behaviour management. We have included an editable and an uneducable version purely due to the fonts we have used. There are also Poor, improvement and Excellent behaviour certificates that can be printed out and given to the child to take home. These can be edited on the PowerPoint if you wish to add a reason for certification, for example. A PDF version is available for ease of printout also. Back to School - Noise-O-Meter: his is a great visual way of letting your class know just how loud they are!! This visual PowerPoint can be used with your classes for noise management. There are instructions in the PPT on how to use this INTERACTIVE resource. Please note, This doesn’t automatically measure the noise levels within the classroom. It is for the teacher to determine whether the noise levels are acceptable and to click the appropriate segment for the relevant message to be displayed. Back to School - Plenary Generator: WOW!! WORTH £50/ $100. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY TEACHER - ANY SUBJECT, ANY AGE! To view a sample of this resource please follow this link: PowerPoint: & Booklet: This is priced @ £3 as an introductory offer - for a limited time only. RRP £50 This is a fully INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC. The PPT consists of 70 Slides . Use the Plenary Generator Wheel to select one of the 10 plenaries within this presentation. Press the ’Start’ Button to spin the wheel and the 'Stop’ button to select a number. Each plenary should last 10 minutes. Please note…Some of these plenaries require printouts-Supplied with this resource. It is suggested that copies are printed in bulk in preparation for use. List of plenary Activities: 1. Tree Climb Activity 2. Pass the Bomb PLEASE NOTE: there are two versions of this resource so as to include ‘Beat the Clock’ alternative to ‘Pass the Bomb’ as we realise that this could be a sensitive activity for some pupils. 3. Letter Investigator 4. Beat the Clock – Balloon Timer 5. Opinion Line 6. Chatterbox /Cootie Catcher 7. Memory Game 8. We Say, You Play 9. Reverse Cognition 10. Emoji Graph Final Task: Exit Pass Back to School - Random Name Generator: This is a fun way to ensure pupil participation in lessons. The PowerPoint is completely editable. It has space to up to 35 pupil names. Pupils names can be added to each slide and once in presentation mode, click anywhere on slide two and a name will be generated. N.B. the same pupil can be selected more than once on this presentation. Back To School - Random Playing Card Generator: This resource is based on a standard deck of 52 playing cards. For this resource you require a deck of cards. You should then give every child in your class a card and use the random generator to select a card and the person with the chosen card gets asked a question during the lesson. There is a selection of options for you to use. Shuffled cards with music, Shuffled cards without music and an un-shuffled deck. Each of the options is presented in two different ways for you to use. You can copy and paste the playing cards on the next slide into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource. Click on the playing cards to start it and to stop it click it once more. Back To School - School Subjects Clipart: A selection of doodles that represent the school subjects. These include: Drama PE Music English History Maths Art Religious Studies ICT Science Geography All images are pin (transparent background). Comes with a PPT slide as displayed in the image. Back to School Conveyor Belt - Subjects: This is based on the Generation Game activity. Surrounding the subjects in the secondary school curriculum. Useful for Starter, Plenaries and mini AFL activities throughout the lesson-Pupils love this activity! Back to School! Emoji Selector-Interactive: This is a really fun AFL Activity!Teacher Instructions: You can copy and paste the Emoji selector slide into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource. Click on the spin button to start the selector and the stop button to stop it. You can reset the selector at any time to restart the process. Class Instructions: The Emoji Selector will generate three emotions. You must press ‘spin’ to start the selector and ‘stop’ to stop it spinning. The pupils will have to give reasons as to how each of the selected emotions relate to the lesson. I.e. if the selector lands on ‘Happy, Frustrated & Shocked’ the pupils have to give one thing that made them happy, one thing that frustrated them and one thing that shocked them during the lesson. Back to School- Starter Generator-Fully Interactive: Following on from the success of our best-selling Plenary Generator, we decided to create a fully interactive presentation using Starter activities. This is a fully INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC. The PPT consists of 37 Slides and a 7 page booklet. Check out the Book: Use the Starter Generator Wheel on slide 3 to select one of the 10 starters within this presentation. Press the ’Start’ Button to spin the wheel and the ‘Stop’ button to select a number. You can then click on the coloured segment selected to take you to that particular starter. If you wish to be taken back to the Starter Generator wheel, there is a signpost on the dividing page at the end of each starter task. Once the starter has been completed press the ‘Start the Lesson’ sign to take you to the generic title page. Each starter should last around 5-10 minutes. Please note…Some of these starters require printouts-Supplied alongside this PowerPoint. It is suggested that copies are printed in bulk in preparation for use. 1. Doodles 2. Think, Pair, Share 3. Give me 5 4. Pupil Questionnaire 5. The Rainbow Game 6. Beat the Teacher 7. 5Ws 8. Question Matrix 9. Verbal Tennis 10. Act it Out Exit Pass: A slip to be handed to pupils as a plenary and then handed to you as the exit the classroom. The questions are centred around learning and how they would improve their learning styles. Fun Hand Timer: This is a fun countdown timer that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between two different hand styles and can easily alter the timing between 1-5 minutes 2 or 5 minutes. Simply delete a hand (this takes away a minute at a time. The timings can easily be altered in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer should you so wish. Each hand style can be added to your own slides and displayed in the right hand corner if you so wish! How to Create Graphs:A pupil friendly tutorial on how to draw three types of numerical graphs- Bar, Line and Pie Chart. A way to introduce numeracy into lessons across the curriculum. Letter Investigator: A PPT that you can customise with text or a picture. Pupils should then write as many words they can think of relating to the test or picture. Marking Doodles Clipart: Here are 15 marking codes that will prove invaluable for you when marking your pupils’ digital work. Included in this bundle are the red, green and off white/grey codes. Simply drag the doodle into the document you are marking, right click the item and select the wrap text option, ensure that it is placed ‘In front of text’. You will be able to place this anywhere in the document with ease! Included in this resource is a PowerPoint with the explanation of the marking codes. Gone are the days when you have to print out pupils work and make short comments by hand! Philosophical Questions P4C Debate starters: This is a fully interactive PowerPoint. pupils are able to choose an icon, click on it and they are taken to a slide with a question relating to that icon. There is an arrow icon to click on to take you back to the main screen. There are 15 philosophical questions in total. Rainbow Dice: COMPLETE WITH MUSIC If you like this, take the opportunity to download one of our excellent grab and go resources. For FREE if you are a new account holder to tes. Enter code: STARTJULY @ checkout and have a resource for FREE (up to the value of £3.80). This is a great addition to any activity. Included in this PPT are two dice (with the colours of the Rainbow-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet with the addition of pink! :-) ). They can be copied and pasted into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource. Click on each dice to start it and to stop it click it once more. Teacher Feedback Sheet: For use when marking books as a summative feedback for pupils and parents. The Ultimate Bubble Timer: This is our new Ultimate Bubble timer. If you love our other timers you will certainly love this! It comes with popping sounds and music! This is a fun countdown timer that can be used as a time management tool in any lesson. You have a choice between a 4, 3 or 2 minute, 80, 60 or 30 second timer. The bubbles can easily be altered in the animation pane to make the timer shorter or longer should you so wish. The bubbles can all be selected, copied from this presentation and pasted and inserted into your own or on top of any slide you wish alternatively, there is a section of slides on the PowerPoint where you can choose a timer and copy and paste the bubbles as a frame around your own slides too (just copy and paste them into your presentation. Dice - Interactive: If you like this, take the opportunity to download one of our excellent grab and go resources. This is a great addition to any activity. Included in this PPT are two dice (with numbers 1-6). They can be copied and pasted into any presentation you wish or use the slide as a standalone resource. Click on each dice to start it and to stop it click it once more.
Understanding Christianity: Salvation Y1 Medium Term PlanningQuick View

Understanding Christianity: Salvation Y1 Medium Term Planning

I created this planning after I attended the Understanding Christianity Ks1 course. Covers 6 questions across 6 lessons: Where does salvation fit into the big story? To know the Easter story and how it links with the ideas of salvation. (What is the Easter story? ) What instructions does Jesus give on how to behave? Think, talk and ask questions about whether the story of Easter has anything to say to them about sadness, hope or heaven, exploring different ideas. (What emotions are shown through the Easter story? ) How do Christians show their beliefs about the Easter story? Give at least three examples of how Christians show their beliefs about Jesus’ death and resurrection in church worship at Easter.
RE planningQuick View

RE planning

Primary School detailed Medium Term RE (Religious Education) planning. Year groups 1-6 Covers all religions Very simple to follow Tasks added at the end of each planning
Family PlanningQuick View

Family Planning

For teachers of GCSE Religious Studies. This covers the practicalities and ethical choices of contraception and family planning from a secular and Christian point of view. Each are accompanied with tasks, (including a thought-provoking starter, discussion points and plenary), to ensure that students get all the important bits written up in their text books. In other words, everything students need to know accordingly to the GCSE specification.
RE PlanningQuick View

RE Planning

Complete KS3 RE Planning - all schemes of work for Year 7, 8 and 9. The packs are editable, three way differentiated and have been created for the EC Publishing Complete KS3 RE Package, although can be used by anyone planning their RE units. Assessments are at the end of each unit. The schemes have all been written with consultation of a collection of UK city SACRES, so follow the instruction that RE should be in the main, Christian (this is about 60%). Units covered: Year 7 1 Introduction and overview lesson 2) Religious Festivals 3) Christianity 4) World Religions - Beliefs , Life and Death 5) Sikhism 6) End of year RE fun lesson Year 8 Exploring Islam Exploring Judaism Exploring Hinduism and Judaism Religion, Peace and Conflict Philosophy and Ethics Religion and the Afterlife Year 9 New religions, alternative movements and cults Exploring Christian denominations Religion, science, medicine and ethics Religion and Human Rights The packs have been really well received so far - and can be found here: Complete Year 7 RE Complete Year 8 RE Complete Year 9 RE There are hundreds more free and inexpensive resources for PSHE, Citizenship and RE available at my store. Who are EC Resources? EC Resources are the top TES PSHE providers and are a group of teachers who work together to create easy to use, high quality and editable lessons and units of work. We have created lessons for The Bank of England, The Children’s Commissioner, MACS Charity, Tes, LikeToBe Careers, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (UK Gov) and have also completed PSHE and Citizenship commissions for schools across the UK. Check out our RE and PSHE Packages here: One Year of KS3 RE Complete KS3 PSHE and RSE Complete KS4 PSHE and RSE One Year of KS5 PSHE and RSE One Year of Citizenship and British Values Complete Careers and Employability AQA Citizenship GCSE Mega Pack We also run and you can contact us at
AS Essay PlanningQuick View

AS Essay Planning

This resources provides students with signpost words / key features of theories and arguments for the topics (Edexcel AS Religious Studies / Philosophy & Ethics) - Teleological argument - Problem of evil and suffering - Situation ethics - Utilitarianism Prepare for students as a card sort - each topic in a different colour. Project different past questions onto the board, students must select most relevant headings and order from the cards to address the question. Repeat this process and swap topics around between pairs. Follow-up activity could include mind mapping what students know about the key features/how they connect then pass the mind map on to another pair to add what they think has been missed.
Chrsitmas PlansQuick View

Chrsitmas Plans

A 3 week block (or maybe a week in last week) about Christmas, ending with a debate (link to literacy). Please leave a comment so I know if they are of any use ot not. Thanks
Contraception and family planningQuick View

Contraception and family planning

Third lesson for GCSE AQA Theme A: Relationships and families. This lesson focuses on the differnet types of contraception and reasons for and against their use. Students look at the Catholic viewpoint on contraception. Power point includes details of lesson tasks and relevant information for students to make use of during lesson. Features - On screen task management board for SEN students. Differentiated questioning for HAT/MAT/LAT students by Gold, Silver, Bronze task. Worksheets included in powerpoint ready to print. Additional slides to use if you have time in lesson.
KS1 Islam Lesson plan, PowerPoint and WorksheetsQuick View

KS1 Islam Lesson plan, PowerPoint and Worksheets

KS1 Islam lesson plan, PowerPoint and worksheets. There is a PDF and an editable version of the worksheets. You can find more planning and teaching resources for teaching Islam to KS1 on the Save Teachers’ Sundays website. Please note: This lesson was updated on 30th August 2022. If you downloaded it before this date, please download and use the updated files.
KS1 Who is Jewish and what do they believe PLANNING, SLIDES and ASSESSMENTQuick View

KS1 Who is Jewish and what do they believe PLANNING, SLIDES and ASSESSMENT

YEAR 1 AND 2 - mixed class planning suitable for Y1 or 2 or both. Differentiated for year groups Planning for 8 weeks of the RE topic on Judaism: Who is Jewish and what do they believe FULLY EDITABLE Assessment: pre unit quiz and recall quiz included in planning ALL slides with video links - POWERPOINT SLIDES all resources - challenge included for each lesson L1- recall L2 - what is judaism? L3 - synagogue L4 - how God is remembered L5 - Shabbat L6 & 7 - Passover L8 - Hanukkah
RE lesson plan Christianity/ BaptismQuick View

RE lesson plan Christianity/ Baptism

Thought i’d share this with you I submitted this lesson plan as part of an assignment and got a good mark. I have found it very difficult to find any lesson plans for RE. What do you think?