The BIG Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

The BIG Christmas Quiz 2017

This amazing quiz can be used for Key Stage 3, 4 or 5 and you can pick/choose the rounds you want to use with the easy-to-follow layout. Rounds include Festive Knowledge, Music, Christmas Number Ones, Celebrity Face Swap, Celebrity Santas, General Knowledge about 2017 and so much more. This quiz is a mash-up of many different resources. I do not hold the rights to any images or audio included in this presentation but I did edit/design/compile it myself. I genuinely don't think you'll find a better quiz for this Christmas (biased, I know!) If you have any difficulties or questions please let me know and I'll adjust ASAP. Your feedback would be valued. Happy quizzing!
Literacy, Grammar + Punctuation QuizQuick View

Literacy, Grammar + Punctuation Quiz

A whole school literacy question generator which covers all the essentials: Homophones, punctuation, sentence types, spelling, verbs, grammar.... everything. Great for English lessons, tutor time, immersion groups or any lesson that involves extensive writing. All the questions are phrased in student friendly language and each slide contains the answers and explanations of why this is the case. All our resources are always editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
The Ultimate Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

The Ultimate Christmas Quiz 2017

Make the Christmas Quiz of 2017 the stuff of legend with this action packed and fully resourced 'mother of all quizzes'. 110 slides of action packed fun consisting of 6 rounds: 1. Picture round 'who is hiding behind Santa's presents?' 2. 2017 in the news 3. Christmas through the ages 4. Spot the difference (timed round and interactive egg timer included on the powerpoint) 5. General knowledge 6. Christmas hits (music and observation round) Full instructions, answers and guidelines are provided, the PowerPoint is visually impressive and easy to follow. Suitable for all subjects and curriculum areas as a one off fun lesson that your students will never forget: all you need to do is provide the prizes! Unfortunately, the TES preview feature doesn't seem to be working properly for new uploads so I've attached an image so that you see what your'e getting. All resources download properly when purchased. Feedback welcomed and appreciated.
Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

Christmas Quiz 2017

A Fully resources quiz with 10 rounds and Team Answer Sheet: (All answers run through on PPT) Round 1: Christmas Films (5 questions) Round 2: 2017 Songs (5 questions) Round 3: Christmas covered Celebs (5 questions) Round 4: This Year in pictures (12 questions) Round 5: Christmas Catchphrases (5 questions) Round 6: Christmas Close Up (5 questions) Round 7: Christmas TV Specials (5 questions) Round 8: Christmas Trivia (5 questions) Round 9: General Knowledge (5 questions) Round 10: Find the Christmas Items (1 question) Total: 53 questions, 124 slide PPT and Answer Sheet attached Font: Grilled Cheese- may need to be downloaded on some computers.
End Of Year Quiz 2017Quick View

End Of Year Quiz 2017

Well it is that time of year again so here is this years edition. As always the quiz is designed to last an hour with going through the answers as well. The quiz consists of five rounds: * Maths - Key vocab * Geography - Recognising flags * English - Characters from books * Picture - Popular animation * Music The rounds with a time limit on them (all bar music) are designed to move on automatically (after 5 minutes for the majority or 20 seconds per picture). It is only the introduction to each round that you need to click past. I have included all the required sound files (copyright to their respective owners) just make sure that you place them all in the same folder as the PowerPoint itself for the links to work correctly. Please feel free to leave feedback / suggestions for future rounds / any issues in the comments section and I will address them as quick as possible. Thank you and have a lovely Summer!
End of Year Quiz - Summer 2017Quick View

End of Year Quiz - Summer 2017

A fun, yet challenging, quiz to end the academic year with for KS3, 4 and even 5. Contains rounds on... *The School Year - questions about events and news that have happened from Sept '16 through to July '17. *Movie Round - movie posters released this academic year *Music Round - questions about music released this academic year *Intro Round - intros from chart hits (you guessed it, from this academic year!) *Celebrity Face Swap - guess the celebs with the wrong bodies *Bridge Over Troubled Water - perhaps a controversial round - aimed to make students aware this year has had tragedies too - name the singer from the music video *Sport - questions about sporting events from this academic year. Any questions - please ask. I've tried to ensure all hyperlinks work but do let me know if there are any issues. This quiz has been cobbled together from lots of other sources - I'm a bit of a resource magpie! ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE SICK CHILDREN'S TRUST. My son had viral meningitis last summer and the charity were amazing - letting me stay in free accommodation with a bed, hot shower and laundry facilities while my 5-week-old was in Intensive Care.
Science Christmas Quiz 2016 / 2017Quick View

Science Christmas Quiz 2016 / 2017

*NEW ROUNDS ADDED FOR 2017* Christmas Quiz for use within Science lessons towards the end of term. There are 19 Quiz rounds to choose from (I usually have the folder open on the board and let one team at a time choose which round we do). There are several science based rounds, as well as some generic Christmas and music rounds.
Mega End of Year Quiz 2017Quick View

Mega End of Year Quiz 2017

MEGA - End of Academic Year (2017) Quiz covering: general knowledge, current affairs, famous places, celebrities, music, sport - answers included. This is intended for UK settings, however, other countries may find it useful and can adapt questions to suit their settings. Have a great Summer Holiday! Enjoy...
Science End of Year Quiz 2017Quick View

Science End of Year Quiz 2017

End of Year quiz for use within Science lessons towards the end of term. There are 17 Quiz rounds to choose from (I usually have the folder open on the board and let one team at a time choose which round we do). There are several science based rounds (including CB1-6 specific questions from the Edexcel combined science GCSE that I'm sure fits with other schemes), as well as some generic rounds.
Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow EditionQuick View

Christmas Quiz 2017. Christmas Quiz Slideshow Edition

New Buyers: 90% off with code: NEWYEAR90 Return Buyers: 50% off with code: UMZQ53TF enter @ checkout! TOP SELLING quiz globally last Christmas. Updated and improved for 2017 to include a visual round and a hilarious "True or False" round. Get your copy and give students a Christmas challenge with this big, challenging Christmas quiz. 40 questions, 10 visual questions and 25 True or False questions that will really challenge students knowledge about all things to do with Christmas. If you do purchase this resource you can choose another resource from our shop free of charge up to the value of £20. Simply visit our shop, look through the 1000 + resources on offer and email me at Click here to go to our shop and have a browse! Our little Christmas present to you! Provided in easy to print list form and also as a visually festive slideshow with a slide per question so that questions can be displayed on the whiteboard. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Start Education! Christmas Xmas quiz 2017 - It's just fun!


Christmas End of Year Term Quiz to use with all secondary year groups and classes, maybe years 5 and 6 too. SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO WITH SAMPLE SLIDES QUIZ ROUNDS :- 1 CELEBRITY MASH UP BONUS – BABY FACE 2. NEWS 3. MOVIES 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 5. MUSIC BONUS – VIDEO MUSIC MATHS PROBLEM ANSWERS TIE BREAKERS BONUS ROUND JUST DANCE "KUNG FOO FIGHTING" (FORFEIT FOR LOSING TEAM, PUPILS LOVE THIS) Questions, Answers, MUSIC, VIDEOS all self-contained in one easy to follow PowerPoint. Very easy to use, minimal work from the teacher:) MASSIVE 200MB (FILE SIZE) QUIZ If you are using an older version of PowerPoint please email me – SOME REVIEWS FROM MY PREVIOUS QUIZ :- Brilliant resource! So brilliant that our maths teacher beat me by playing it first so the kids knew the answers. However he didn't play the dance of the loosing team and we did. We had so much fun! Thank you very much for your fantastic work! Absolutely brilliant. Worth every penny. Usually do one myself so you have saved me hours of prep. Looks terrific and the kids have loved it. A huge thank you! What an absolutely amazing end of term quiz! I did this with an assembly group and they had an absolute blast! ( Admittedly - they all presumed I had taken the days of work it must have taken you to produce such a great quiz- and I didn't correct them ;-) ! ) Thank you so much for increasing my credibility amongst my colleagues and my students alike! A great quiz- I look forward to purchasing the next one and this was the first thing I have bought from TES as a user for over 10 years! I will buy from you again B1CEPS! Well worth the money. If you want a memorable end of term- then you must get this quiz! Thanks again! “AMAZING ! best resource I've spotted on tes in ages. Superb quality” “Great graphics and slick use of PP! Long enough to fill an 1hrs lesson!” “Absolutely fantastic - I'll be returning to you for the 2017 version!! “Absolutely brilliant! They loved it. Other teachers popped their heads in and asked me for it. I referred them here! Thank you.” “Excellent! Well worth the £2 for the amount of work put into it. Thanks”
End of Term Quiz #2Quick View

End of Term Quiz #2

After the popularity of my first one, I thought I'd share my latest one An interactive, End of Term Quiz. This has a variety of rounds - TV Intros, Children's Literature, Film, Science, Dingbats etc. There's nothing really time-sensitive here: although there is a slight Christmas flavour to the movie round. It's aimed to be accessible across the Key Stages - I've done it with 7s (with a few clues) up to 13s. It should happily take up a lesson - the answers are included at the back.
Summer 2017 End of Term QuizQuick View

Summer 2017 End of Term Quiz

A 7 round quiz that will keep a class happily busy for at least an hour. Rounds include: Music, General Knowledge, Current affairs, Celebrity picture mashups, Maths (eek), Movies and even a Wine round ;-p The format is similar to those used on TES in the past and you can easily edit bits and pieces if you wish. The presentation runs seamlessly and music etc should all play automatically. Enjoy! I'm sure your pupils will and it should cover all secondary school ages.
2017 Geography Christmas QuizQuick View

2017 Geography Christmas Quiz

Seven rounds: Where did Santa leave his presents? Christmas logos Country catchphrase Christmas food miles Where did Santa leave his hat? Flags of the World? Where do Santa's letters come from?
Christmas 2017 End of Term QuizQuick View

Christmas 2017 End of Term Quiz

A 9 round quiz that will keep a class happily busy for at least an hour. Rounds include: Adverts, Confectionery, True/False Xmas Facts, Logos, Music, Celebrity Photo Mash-Ups, Christmas Movies, Statistics and General Xmas knowledge. The format is similar to those used on TES in the past and you can easily edit bits and pieces if you wish. The presentation runs seamlessly and music etc should all play automatically. My particular favourite is the advert round, pupils will hear the advert and need to guess the High Street shop/brand behind it. Enjoy! I'm sure your pupils will and it should cover all secondary school ages. Thanks to all for the success of my last Quiz (Summer 2017), this Quiz will once again be at rock bottom price for you.
French quizQuick View

French quiz

This is a quiz for top set KS3 or mixed ability KS4. 5 rounds (Geography, History, Famous French, Sports and food) of 5 questions with multiple choice answers. Lasts 40 minutes approx.
The Big Quiz of the Year 2017! - End of Term / Christmas Quiz - Music, News, Sport, TV, Film etc.Quick View

The Big Quiz of the Year 2017! - End of Term / Christmas Quiz - Music, News, Sport, TV, Film etc.

A 72 Slide Quiz that could be used as a fun activity towards the end of the winter term with secondary students. This powerpoint is easy to use and requires very minimal effort, just print the answer sheet for students and load on powerpoint. Quiz Rounds: Music Round - 10 music clips embedded into the powerpoint ready to play! (YouTube links provided if you are on an older version of PowerPoint) Film Round - 10 film posters that have be put through photo effect software making them difficult to recognise. News Round - 10 multiple choice questions on the news throughout 2017, featuring the new pound coin, Donald Trump and storm Doris! Picture Round - Guess the items by using the pictures to 'say what you see'. Sport Round - 5 multiple choice questions across 5 sports. Television Round - Identify the show that the presenter or actor is famous for. The answers are revealed at the end of the powerpoint and there is a corresponding answer sheet provided for teams, although this would not be a necessity if you were short of time, scrap paper will do! This has taken over 5 hours to make, you will find nothing old here, the content has all been made from scratch so students will not have done this before. Please leave a review if this is what you were looking for!