The Spanish ArmadaQuick View

The Spanish Armada

Two lessons covering the topic of the Spanish Armada: L1: Causes of the Spanish Armada - introduces the Spanish Armada and students must consider the most important causes L2: Why was the Spanish Armada defeated? - includes ranking causes in order of significance on a thermometer. Challenge activities (in pink bubbles) have also been included in each lesson. Used with a higher-ability Year 8 class, but can easily be adapted to fit other ages and abilities. Some parts, i.e. information, have been taken from other resources, but most activities are my own. Please rate my resources! Thank you and I hope your students enjoy these lessons as much as mine did :)
Spanish A Level Grammar BookletQuick View

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet. This booklet (120 pages) provides a very comprehensive study of the main grammar points needed at A level (sections of the booklet can also be used at GCSE level). Each section includes an explanation of a grammar point and a variety of activities to consolidate knowledge and understanding. The booklet is divided into the following sections: 1. Nouns 1a. gender 1b. number 2. Articles 3. Adjectives 4. Comparatives and superlatives 5. “Por” and “para” 6. Contractions 7. Negatives 8. Questions 9. Personal a 10. Relative pronouns 11. Possessive adjectives and pronouns 12. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns 13. Direct object pronouns 14. Indirect object pronouns 15. Direct and indirect object pronouns used together 16. Apocopation 17. “Ser” and “estar” 18. Conjugating verbs 19. Present tense 19 a. regular verbs 19 b. irregular verbs 19 c. stem-changing (or radical-changing) verbs 19 d. reflexive verbs 19 e. “gustar” 19 f. back to front verbs 20. Preterite tense 21. Imperfect tense 22. Preterite vs imperfect 23. Present perfect 24. Past perfect (or “pluperfect”) 25. Future simple 26. Conditional 27. Commands (the imperative) 28. Present progressive (or “present continuous”) 29. Present subjunctive 30. Passive voice (and how to avoid it) 31. Conditional clauses


Attached is a comprehensive revision booklet (52 pages) with plenty of key vocab and structures drawn from the Edexcel exam list and split into topics. It also includes 15 reading activities and some useful exam tips. Can be used in class or independently by the students. This resource is suitable for Foundation and Higher Level students and fits all exam boards, including Igcse.
Spanish Subjunctive Booklet for AlevelQuick View

Spanish Subjunctive Booklet for Alevel

This booklet is a 22 pages booklet that includes the regular and irregulars that students could have to face using the mnemonics WEIRDO and DISHES. It also includes the subjunctive stem changing verbs, verbs that have a spelling change and IR verbs. Preview does not show much of it but there is plenty of practice. You will also be able to find the Juanes song, A Dios le pido and conjunctions that need the subjunctive. The practice that students have in this booklet includes verb drills for regular and irregular verbs, gapfills (AS style) and translations. Also attached the power point with the Subjunctive Phrases you can find in the booklet and the answer to those match ups. Power point comes with two plenaries: a heads and tails and a Twitter one.
AQA Spanish Reading WorkbookQuick View

AQA Spanish Reading Workbook

Based on the model answers for my Spanish Writing Workbook, this reading workbook contains 3 reading worksheets for every topic in the new AQA Spanish GCSE syllabus plus answers for every task at the end of the document. Ideal for reading practice and assessments in Key Stage 4, revision and independent work for Year 11, or extension work for more able Key Stage 3 students. This can also be used for cover lessons with non-specialists as the tasks are straightforward and there are answers provided. As well as the Word document, I have included a PDF in case the fonts are not available on certain computers and the formatting therefore doesn't work properly on the Word doc. All questions and answers are my own, based on the new specification GCSE reading papers, and the photos are from royalty-free websites and it is all therefore photocopiable.
Pointless GCSE Spanish Vocabulary GameQuick View

Pointless GCSE Spanish Vocabulary Game

Designed for GCSE. Can be used as a starter, revision, introduction to a topic, plenary, motivator and lots more. Gets the whole class involved and keeps them engaged. <br /> <br /> This is a fully interactive game which incorporates lots of GCSE Spanish vocabulary and cultural knowledge. <br /> <br /> click on the box to launch the pointless animation <br /> the slide will automatically go back to the previous screen<br /> reveal the answers by clicking on the points circles<br /> show an incorrect 100 points screen by clicking the background<br /> play in teams for a fun revision activity<br /> great for starters to motivate the students
GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam PackQuick View

GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam Pack

This is a complete Speaking Pack for GCSE Spanish. The main presentation included in the pack has hyperlinks to allow you to easily navigate the menus and switch between candidate, teacher and example cards. It will guide both teachers and students through all parts of the new speaking exam. Easy to follow marking grids for all aspects of the speaking exam for both foundation and higher tiers Top tips for Role-Plays, Photo Cards and General Conversations Example Student cards Example Teacher cards Example scripts for Role-Plays Printable Student and Teacher Cards Printable marking grids for student feedback Printable worksheet for Top Tips This is the one-stop resource for seeing your students through this vital element of their Spanish GCSE. (DESIGNED FOR AQA. Could also be used for EdExcel GCSE Spanish, but will need some adapting for the marking sheets)
Spanish GCSE 2018 revision guideQuick View

Spanish GCSE 2018 revision guide

69 pages Core vocabulary sheets for all main topics. Photo description vocabulary + examples. Bilingual list of key structures for all topics. Sentence builders. Grammar practice. Reading strategies. A+ /9 phrases List of speaking questions for all topics. Exemplar essays and answers to oral questions.
GCSE Spanish photo card matQuick View

GCSE Spanish photo card mat

A speaking mat to help students of all abilities to successfully describe a picture in Spanish. Really useful for both KS4 and KS3 students. Suitable for foundation and higher tier. Can be used for speaking practice, as well as for practice for question 1 on foundation writing paper.
Spanish Cover WorksheetsQuick View

Spanish Cover Worksheets

A set of 13 time-saving worksheets to set quick, simple cover work. Suitable for younger students. Each worksheet includes bilingual vocabulary lists and simple activities (with instructions in English) for the students to complete at their own pace.
Spanish clothing - la ropa - puzzlesQuick View

Spanish clothing - la ropa - puzzles

Fun puzzles - word search, crossword, missing letter, anagrams plus a handout - to practice Spanish clothes vocabulary - los pantalones, los pantalones cortos, la camisa, la blusa, el suéter, la falda, el vestido, la camiseta, la chaqueta, la bufanda, los guantes, el sombrero, las botas, las zapatillas, los calcetines, los zapatos. These puzzles are also included in our Spanish clothing activities, games and puzzles topic set - flashcards, write around the room, flip book, Los Amigos booklet, bingo, dominoes, matching cards and more. Please don't purchase this puzzle set if you have already bought the complete topic set. You may also like our: Spanish clothing Go Fish! game Spanish Teddies - clothing and color vocab Spanish Topic Sets Bundle - clothing, beach, pets, colors, body, fruit, vegetables, bedroom, farm, classroom
Navidad - Spanish Christmas vocabulary, worksheet, games and Spanish Christmas cardQuick View

Navidad - Spanish Christmas vocabulary, worksheet, games and Spanish Christmas card

Spanish lesson teaching key Christmas vocabulary and a Christmas card activity with a twist! PowerPoint presentation includes: starter activity, vocabulary drilling slides, vocabulary consolidation games, printable vocabulary worksheet, Christmas card activity with examples and vocabulary support. You will need - coloured card/paper and coloured pens/pencils + scissors, glue (optional) Notes are provided on the notes section underneath each slide (when not in slideshow view) with suggestions/guidance on how to use each activity. (PowerPoint 2013 version and 97-2003 compatible version)
Spanish speaking cards for new A level specifications AQAQuick View

Spanish speaking cards for new A level specifications AQA

These speaking cards are aimed for year 12 and year 13 students, according to the new specifications. I have been carefully looking at the changes in the speaking test in A-levels and looking at the exam papers given by AQA. Due to the lack of any past exam papers, I have decided to create my own so that students have plenty of resources to be ready for the new A-levels exam.
New Spanish GCSE - Speaking Test Booklet (updated)Quick View

New Spanish GCSE - Speaking Test Booklet (updated)

Support booklet to prepare students for the new GCSE speaking exam. The booklet includes a detailed summary of the requirements of the new speaking exam (role play, photo card and general conversation), both at foundation and higher levels, explained in a student-friendly way, as well as the mark schemes for each element of the test, examples of role plays (foundation and higher) and photo cards (with foundation and higher questions), and a very comprehensive list of questions for the general conversation. All the questions have been translated to allow the teachers to use them in the classroom, set them as homework or tell the students to work independently on them . Additionally, the resource includes a foundation and higher check-list to provide the students with immediate, personalised feedback.
Spanish DirectionsQuick View

Spanish Directions

Asking for and giving directions in Spanish - This powerpoint Tutorial includes some grammar on del/de la. (LY)
Festivals (Spanish)Quick View

Festivals (Spanish)

Power-point to look at various festivals from the Spanish Speaking world with a more in depth-focus on La Tomatina. Includes various activities and could be adapted for different levels / year groups
The Spanish ArmadaQuick View

The Spanish Armada

Very simple version of this topic, designed to facilitate inclusion in Year 4. Simply worded sentences which appear one at a time. Clear pictures. Short quiz at the end.