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Suffragettes: Suffragettes + Women's Rights

Suffragettes: Suffragettes + Women's Rights. This hour long lesson focuses on whether the Suffragette movement was the most significant event in women gaining equal rights in the UK. Included is a fully resourced powerpoint, differentiated tasks throughout, worksheets, clip links and accompanying tasks. Designed to meet Ofsted Good-Outstanding criteria by a experienced History teacher in a UK secondary school.
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The Suffragettes

A series of 3 lessons looking at arguments for and against women getting the vote, tactics used by the women and why women won the vote. Attached is also an assessment that can be used at the end of the 3 lessons which follows the new GCSE style of questions. Ideal for KS3.
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Suffragettes and Suffragists Resources/SOW

A set of 8 lessons on the Suffragettes and Suffragists, suitable for Year 8 or Year 9 students. All lessons include learning objectives, a variety of activities, challenge and extension tasks and worksheets/resources. These lessons have been updated from my previous uploads. Great reviews and downloads previously! :-) NB: The 'Evidence' is for L4. Emily Davison murder mystery.
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The Suffragettes

This lesson is pretty straightforward and looks at why the Suffragettes were set up and how they were treated when they campaigned.
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The Suffragettes

This is a lesson that worked well with both year 8 and 9 this year. Pupils have worksheet with levels that they fill in as they go along. they complete the first few levels using powerpoint. Harry Enfield worked well as immidiate reaction was that it was anti women but after discussion a number of pupils were able to identify the opposite. Pupils then decided on what activity they wanted to do, hence so many different sheets. I colour coded these to help pupils make choice. Any comments suggestions appreciated !
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Who were the suffragettes?

Students create Top trump cards for 4 influential female suffrage campaigners. They do this by attributing scores for various factors based on the information given. This gives the students an overview about who the suffragettes were and their actions. Other activities included also involve creating a fact file. Differentiated and easy to follow instructions.
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The Suffragettes

Learning Objectives: To find out who were the suffragettes and which methods did they use to try and get women the vote. The main tasks in this lesson are a source about Emmeline Pankhurst with PEE showing pupils how to answer a source question and then a presentation task were pupils have sources and then use the sources to create a presentation about the suffragettes, using the structure provided. I used the song from Mary Poppins, 'Sister Suffragette' with this lesson as well.
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Suffragette Assessment

Complete Suffragette Assessment including mark scheme. Differentiated for mixed abilities. Includes worksheets and slides. Leave a review and choose any resource for FREE! Visit my SHOP for many more great resources
Suffragettes - 100 years of women voting  February 2018  (Britain) - KS2Quick View

Suffragettes - 100 years of women voting February 2018 (Britain) - KS2

6th February 2018 marks 100 years since women over 30 were given the vote in Britain. Celebrate this historic anniversary by teaching your KS2 children about the suffragettes and the Bill in Parliament that allowed women to vote. This resource is a 22 slide detailed, editable PowerPoint, perfect for teaching your children about this important topic. The slideshow covers women's rights prior to suffrage, the actions of the the suffragettes, the arguments on either side, a detailed look at five particular suffragists, women during the war, the Act in Parliament, women in the 20th century and suffrage around the world. It concludes some questions for further conversation. It is suitable for using with KS2 children and could be used for an assembly, a filler or a lesson introduction. I hope you enjoy teaching about this historic event! (Please note: This PowerPoint is adapted from the secondary school version to make it appropriate for primary aged children.)
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The Suffragettes

A source based lesson looking at the suffragettes and whether or not women should be given the vote. Students to look at different sources to look at the reasons behind the vote. Also, students will examine the different tactics used by the Suffragettes and decide which was the most effective Different activities for different students
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Suffragists V Suffragettes

This lesson focuses on comparing the two groups with an aim of deciding who was the better group Students will look at source material for each group. They will then create 3 questions/answers for each group and test their partner on their knowledge of each group Students then decide which group they believe was the better and create a facebook profile page on their chosen group To finish, I have students engage in a silent debate -arguing who was the better group and why
Were the Suffragettes terrorists?  Full lessonQuick View

Were the Suffragettes terrorists? Full lesson

This is a full lesson. It includes a starter, main tasks, clip links, final GCSE style source question with mark scheme and plenary. The aim is for students to evaluate whether the Suffragettes were freedom fighters or terrorists. No textbook needed. See free powerpoints for my style of lesson planning.
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Women's Suffrage/The Suffragettes

Lesson about Women's Suffrage/The Suffragette Movement. Pupils are given one suffragette to 'be' during the lesson. Starts with background discussion and laws affecting women from the 1800's to now. Pupils responded well to this and help set the scene and give them some background about inequalities in the past - some links to modern laws are quite shocking for the pupils but provokes great discussion. Pupils then complete 5 different tasks as a carousel: videos, silent debate, ranking, making a hunger strike medal, post-it responses etc. Plenary on Emily Wilding Davison to bring the lesson together and discuss martyr. All information required is included, all links to YouTube included and all resources included. Used for Year 8 Inspirational People in RE but content would work for History/PSHCE/General Studies.
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Lesson on the aims and methods of the Suffragettes/Suffragists involving card sort task and subsequent application of the knowledge to a famous cartoon 'Shrieking Sister' which involves inferring and evaluating the message and purpose.
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The Suffragettes

A seven lesson pack focusing on The Suffragette movement. The topics covered are: 1. Women in the 1900s 2. Why the vote? 3. Tactics 4. Emily Davison (two hour lesson) 5. The Cat and Mouse Act 6. Opposition 7. The Suffragists Lessons are ready to teach with all resources attached. Includes literacy, numeracy and stretch and challenge activities.
Emily Wilding Davison - A Suffragette Suicide? HISTORY MYSTERY!Quick View

Emily Wilding Davison - A Suffragette Suicide? HISTORY MYSTERY!

The death of Emily Wilding Davison at The Derby in June 1913 was one of the key events of the Suffragette movement in the UK. When she ran in front of the King's horse, Anmer did she intend to commit suicide or was she merely trying to break up the race in protest? This has interested historians for over one hundred years. This lesson asks whether her death was a suicide or a protest 'gone wrong'. Your students must gather the evidence and evaluate it to ultimately come to a decision on what they think. They then use this to write an extended piece supported by the evidence available. The lesson contain: *13 slide animated PowerPoint presentation *A full lesson plan * A clue sheet * Evidence graphic organiser. This is great lesson for developing your students' historical skills as well as improving their knowledge of women's history and the campaign for the right to vote. Thanks ***************************************************************************** TERMS OF USE: This download (free or purchased) is for your own personal use in your classroom or your home. Please do not share my resources with others unless given explicit consent by me. Please direct them to my store instead. You may not share this download. You may not alter any item in this download, resell and claim as your own work. Similarly, you may not sell or share these resources with anyone and you may not use the contents of this download to create anything for commercial purposes or other commercial products. If you are an education board or school and would like to use my resources district wide, please contact me about licensing. © A. Hughes (MsHughesTeaches), 2017 All rights reserved.
Australian History in Song: Activities for Grades 4, 5 & 6Quick View

Australian History in Song: Activities for Grades 4, 5 & 6

Sing your way through Australian History! Use the Australian History in Song Resource Bundle to engage your students in Grades 4 to 6 in the topics of the First Fleet, colonial warfare, and women's rights! Australian Curriculum Links: ACHASSK085, ACHASSK086, ACHASSK108, ACHASSK135 This resource is delivered as a 24 page PDF in A4 size. So, what's included? ✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce each topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it! ✓ Three engaging songs (lyrics and link to audio) by Unsung Heroes of Australian History: To Parts Beyond the Sea, The War Without a Name, and Louisa. ✓ Comprehension worksheets for each of the above songs. ✓ GRADE 4: Mapping the Lady Juliana worksheet. ✓ GRADE 4: Show, Don't Tell worksheet ✓ GRADE 4/5: Frontier Peace vs. Frontier Violence worksheet ✓ GRADE 4/5: Frontier Violence image analysis ✓ GRADE 6: Women's Suffrage cartoon analysis ✓ GRADE 6: Suffragette Profile worksheet Purchase Issue 28 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag.