The Science of SuperheroesQuick View

The Science of Superheroes

A collection of 3 lessons looking at the Science of Superheroes and students designing their own superhero. Used with year 7 students, but could be used for the rest of KS3 and higher up KS2. All worksheets are included within the PowerPoint (as hidden slides, that just need printing off). Lesson 1: Starter-listing superheroes and thinking how we can group/classify them. Activity- look at origins of powers, types of powers and features to think about in designing a costune. Introduce task of designing a superhero, start some rough planning work. Plenary- thinking how magnetic powers might be useful in day to day life. Lesson 2: Starter- true or false activity about real life 'superpowers'. Activity- designing superhero, thinking about powers and origin of powers. Plenary- what does groot need to grow/survive. Lesson 3: Starter- peer assess each other work around the classroom using post it notes, then making some improvements. Activity- A story/cartoon strip about an accident in the lab where their superhero is first on the scene. Plenary- answer the questions before magneto pulls the objects to him (questions could be changed to cover topics done recently).
Deadpool - Superhero Coordinate GraphQuick View

Deadpool - Superhero Coordinate Graph

Students review their x and y axis coordinate skills by plotting and drawing out this superhero themed picture of Marvel's Deadpool. Blank graphs to copy on 11" x 17" paper included.
Superhero Tray Labels - editableQuick View

Superhero Tray Labels - editable

Use these Superhero Tray Labels to organise your classroom during a Superhero unit. The PDF file is editable so you can type in your children's names or resource labels and make an awesome Superhero classroom that your class will love!
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Code breaking superhero murder mystery

Code breaking murder mystery activity that uses the Atbash cipher, Ceasar shift, Morse code and the Pigpen Cipher. Fantastic end of term activity. Appropriate for KS3 to KS4 depending on how much support you give. Solutions and answers are included. Pupils will need to be introduced to these before the activity. You will need to print off some Ceasar shift wheels for the pupils to use.
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Superheroes Unit of Work - Comics in the Classroom

With Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Aquaman, the animated Spiderman and Disney's Incredibles 2 all hitting cinema screens this year, comic book fever is gripping the world. Use mrwatt1's lesson pack to heat up your classroom. Although it might seem strange to ditch Dickens for Marvel or Shakespeare for DC, there's more to these popular publications than meets the eye. Comic books and superhero films explore the culture of our time, just as great novelists delved into the social issues of theirs. This is a unit based on comic books. Detailed resource containing a range of writing activities: short story, informative, biography and comic strip. Contains a huge number of resources and detailed lesson plans. I have included a selection of powerpoint lesson presentations - but I also use a lot of film clips to highlight points, especially explaining character motivation etc. These resources have been recommended by TES several times over the years! "The country that gave us Spider-Man, Batman and the Incredible Hulk is still obsessed with superheroes - particularly in the classroom. One of the nation's favourite resources is this series of PowerPoints and worksheets designed to help pupils understand the genre while developing their own storytelling skills. Pupils analyse film clips and comic books, develop character profiles by creating top trumps cards and design a map of a fantasy city for a superhero to live in. They then create their own superhero, write their biography and develop a short story on the theme "The day I discovered I had superpowers"." Victoria Grace Walden - TES article
Wonder Woman - Superhero Coordinate GraphQuick View

Wonder Woman - Superhero Coordinate Graph

Students review their x and y axis coordinate skills by plotting and drawing out this Wonder Woman themed picture. Blank graphs to copy on 11" x 17" paper included.
Superheroes  Planning and Resources - EYFS/ReceptionQuick View

Superheroes Planning and Resources - EYFS/Reception

Rescue your evenings and weekends with this pack of planning and 25 teaching resources. The fully editable planning pack meets the requirements of the current EYFS and consists of a medium term overview and detailed short term activity plans. The medium term overview details possible learning experiences, learning objectives and resources for each of the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum. The short term planning consists of a grid for each area of learning, showing learning objectives, resources, learning experiences and 'look, listen and note' guidance. There are 42 learning experiences planned in total, suitable to use over a half term topic. This topic is aimed at Reception, although it could be adapted for younger children. Many of the resources support the activities described in the planning pack. They include simple texts to decode, thinking skills games, role play display cards, maths activities, writing frames and more.
Superheroes! AssemblyQuick View

Superheroes! Assembly

‘Superheroes!’ is one of a series of outstanding assemblies created for primary school children, which includes full script songs and prayers with a part for every child. This assembly is ready to go! ‘Superheroes’ links with many areas of the National Curriculum, including the: English, Music, Drama, History and PSHE spheres, with a theme that is rooted in upstanding values and is relevant to the children’s everyday lives and interests - including a healthy ‘self-esteem’ injection for all! This assembly is all about recognising the ‘superhero’ in you, giving each child the chance to shine by stating their own unique ‘superhero’ power - from amazing reading skill or artistic genius to the sports star or reliable friend. This assembly also teaches to spot the ‘superhero’ in others and to be thankful for those who support and save us in a hundred little ways every day. There is a part for every child - whether acting, singing, dancing or leading a prayer! Plans created by an Ofsted Good - Outstanding primary school teacher - History and Drama coordinator with over ten years of experience. These outstanding assemblies have consistently engage and excited all 30 performers in class… and have even got the adults in the audience up on their feet!
End of Year Class Awards Superhero themedQuick View

End of Year Class Awards Superhero themed

A set of 56 superhero themed certificates includes general awards as pictured and also specific awards for areas such as super reading, excelllent listening etc so something for everyone! Also a ticklist for you to keep track of what you have awarded. Instead of buying class presents I set up an awards ceremony with a litte red carpet and give these out, the children love them and treasure them far more than anything else i could buy.
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Superheroes SOW

Superheroes SOW. Please rate. If I can help further, or you have any questions - please do get in touch. Thank you.
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Superhero Posters

This set of 12 posters using colourful superhero images with motivational quotes make a great display to promote self-belief and a growth mindset culture in your classroom. Our posters will make a valuable addition to your superhero classroom décor - hang them in your classroom, office or hallways for maximum effect! All images are provided in PDF and JPG image formats. I hope these posters provide inspiration and motivation for your students! We value your feedback, so please let us know if you have questions or comments about any of our products. We enjoy hearing from our valued customers. Thanks for stopping by! For more posters, head over to our other classroom posters for more inspiration! Clipart from: Clipart Queen Molly Tillyer Thank you!! All other images from and and licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.
Superheroes!Quick View


What is a superhero? A focus on superhero logos. Allows opportunities to think about what makes a good logo.
Superhero ApostrophesQuick View

Superhero Apostrophes

Let Wolverine and Iron Man guide your children through the possessive use of the apostrohpe and its use in contractions. A PowerPoint to show KS2 children all about how to use the apostrohpe correctly. Worksheets differentiated three ways and audio track with Wolverine + Iron Man talking included for the PowerPoints
Role Models and SuperheroesQuick View

Role Models and Superheroes

Originally a ‘learn to learn/Citizenship’ lesson for a SEN low ability special needs class. Has been adapted slightly. It asks pupils to think about role models, characteristics, and what we should aspire to. I normally hand draw a ‘superhero’ body outline and ask pupils to use colours and design to reflect a villain side and a hero side - this way they have to consider colour connotations too!
Superhero Tray Labels Blue - EditableQuick View

Superhero Tray Labels Blue - Editable

Use these Superhero Tray Labels to organise your classroom during a Superhero unit. The PDF file is editable so you can type in your children's names or resource labels and make an awesome Superhero classroom that your class will love!
Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage IQuick View

Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage I

Superheroes Assembly for Key Stage I Duration: Around 10 – 15 minutes depending on how many ‘superhero demonstrations’ there are. The first ‘speaking’ part of the assembly is around 5 minutes reading time. The rest of the assembly is down to the teacher in charge as explained in Production Notes. Cast: Written for cast of 30 but easily adaptable up or down. The cast comprises class teacher as narrator plus children 1 – 30. This assembly or class play is in roughly two parts - the first deals with the qualities of a superhero and how a superhero would change the world; the second is a demonstration of 'superpowers' by different 'superheroes'. It is very much a 'movable feast' - the children can make their own choices re: how they'd change the world; and likewise choose which superheroes they'd like to portray - they can even make up their own. I have thus provided a 'template' which can be adapted according to class numbers and 'members'. Sample Text: Narrator: Good morning and welcome to our assembly on Whole cast: (Together) Superheroes! Narrator: So, for the benefit of our audience, what makes a superhero? Or maybe I should ask the question, what makes a hero super? Child 1: Super powers, of course! Child 2: You can’t do much without them! Child 3: Especially against those horrible baddies! Narrator: So. Let me get this straight. Heroes are always good? Child 4: Right. They fight for what is good in the world Child 5: Against all that is bad! Narrator: That must take a lot of courage! Child 6: That’s why they’re superheroes! Child 7: Brave! Child 8: Strong! Child 9: And determined! Child 10: It’s not always easy being a superhero! Narrator: (To cast) So. If you had the powers of a superhero, what would you do to make the world a better place? Child 11: I would take food to everyone who was hungry. Child 12: I would give shelter to everyone without a home. Child 13: I would hug everyone who feels unloved. Child 14: I would drive around in a Ferrari! Narrator: (Snorting) Oh really! And how is that going to improve the world? Child 14: Well, it would certainly improve mine!


This is a comprehensive, effective and fun spelling programme, which covers a wide variety of spelling rules. The programme complements English Mastery as, rather than prompting the student to memorise words, each set of exercises promotes understanding of a spelling rule and gives many opportunities to put it into practice. The pdf prints out as 9 individual booklets, with the first 8 each having 3 sections (covering spelling conventions including soft ‘c’ and soft ‘g’, short vowel doubling, prefixes, suffixes etc) and the final booklet is for revision/testing. Each section takes about 15-20 minutes to complete making it ideal for a lesson starter or intervention during tutor time.