Geographies of TourismQuick View

Geographies of Tourism

11 fully resourced lessons on the Geographies of Tourism. Interactive and engaging powerpoints supported by a 30+ page resource pack. An end of unit assessment is also included. The lessons cover rural and urban tourism, conflict in national parks, dark tourism (thanatourism), space tourism, movie tourism, the impacts of tourism, ecotourism etc. Feedback appreciated; enjoy!
Tourism in KenyaQuick View

Tourism in Kenya

Introductory lesson to tourism in Kenya before moving onto ecotourism. A range of activities within this lesson, including a group decision-making exercise/role play. Students really got into this exercise and it helped them to formulate their own ideas around the advantages and disadvantages of mass tourism. Used with high-ability Year 8, but could easily be adapted for other year groups :) Please rate my resources! Thank you :)
GCSE French -Voyages et tourisme (Travel and Tourism) (2016+) (New AQA / Edexcel)Quick View

GCSE French -Voyages et tourisme (Travel and Tourism) (2016+) (New AQA / Edexcel)

This PowerPoint helps to cover the sub-theme on 'Travel and tourism' under the 'Local, national, international and global areas of interest' theme. It includes activities such as verb conjugation, key vocabulary, translations , a role play, photo card activities, a discussion, reading comprehension and written tasks. It is a resource designed to introduce or revise several aspects of the topic area. A total of 33 slides Typo corrected on 5 Dec 2016
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Exploring Tourism

Learning goals: • to develop student thinking skills, particularly to predict consequences • to help students understand more about what impact tourism has on the country being visited, both good, bad and interesting • to have students think about and understand people’s reasons for visiting particular places • develop students' note-taking skills • develop students' ability to inform others about issues using creative forms such as poster or song.
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Kenya Tourism

Lesson 11 Kenya Tourism from module "Fantastic Places" - year 7. By the end of this lesson students will be able to explain key tourism features of Kenya. Outcomes: Stretch: Students will be able to efficiently and accurately use evidence in their tasks. (Level 6/7); Some students will be able to evaluate and argue positives and negatives of tourism in Kenya. (Level 5/6); Most students will be able to describe and begin to explain ways in which Kenyan tourism could be improved. (Level 5); All students will be able to understand what the keyword tourism means. (Level 4).
BTEC Travel and Tourism Unit 2_Learning Aim A LessonsQuick View

BTEC Travel and Tourism Unit 2_Learning Aim A Lessons

This is the lessons for the first Learning Aim in Unit 2 of the NQF BTEC Travel and Tourism Level 2 Course. There is content and activities that develop the learners understanding of some UK Travel and Tourism destinations and there are blank maps that relate to the tasks on the first Authorized Assignment brief.
Exploring Careers:  Hospitality & TourismQuick View

Exploring Careers: Hospitality & Tourism

This career unit gives students an introduction to the hospitality and tourism career cluster and what a career in this field would be like. This is perfect for a career, technology, CTE or business class. The included PowerPoint presentation can be used by the teacher for whole class instruction, or provided to the students electronically (or as a printout) for them to review individually. Students use close reading skills with a short informational passage to learn about the career field and answer questions to use critical thinking skills and demonstrate their understanding. Two different puzzles are included to learn different jobs in the career and to reinforce vocabulary skills. An individual project to create a restaurant menu using Microsoft Word (or Google Docs) offers students an opportunity for a real-life look into this career. A group project to create a presentation to encourage visitors to a city is provided to simulate a career with the Department of Tourism and allow students to utilize critical thinking skills and teamwork. Finally, a short reflection questionnaire gives students the opportunity to reflect and analyze their learning as they determine if this career field is of interest to them. The project was created for grades 7-8 but could easily be used with high school students. The teacher can choose to use some or all of the provided lesson options included in this resource. Files Included with this Lesson • Teacher & Student Notes and Resources • Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Careers PowerPoint presentation (editable) • Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Careers Research Reading and Questions • Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (includes answer key) • Job Type Word Search Puzzle (includes answer key) • Individual Menu Creation Project expectations, resources, and rubric • Team Project: Department of Tourism Simulation (technology based) Instructions and Rubric • Hospitality & Tourism Career Reflection Questions (MS Word)
Impacts of TourismQuick View

Impacts of Tourism

Lesson 4 - Describe whether tourism positive or negative. Card sort included to highlight the positive and negative impacts of tourism. High level thinking and decision making through the use of a conflict matrix and then an opinion line to complete the lesson.
(Edexcel) Tourism Lesson 7 and 8: Impacts of Tourism Malham (UK)Quick View

(Edexcel) Tourism Lesson 7 and 8: Impacts of Tourism Malham (UK)

Students are to classify the impacts by adding them under the correct heading and can self assess their answers once they have completed the activity. Students are to place the information from the Edexcel textbook, about the impacts of tourism at Malham, under the correct heading on the worksheet. Students are to then answer an exam question: Describe one social, one economic and one environmental effect of tourism on Malham, UK. (Lesson 2) Students are to create a mind-map about the two case studies they have researched (Machu Picchu and Malham). Students are given rules to follow and heading to put the information under - colour coding and picture are essential.
Antarctica tourismQuick View

Antarctica tourism

This a resource developed for a KS3 (Year 8) observation where it was noted that the resources and differentiation were outstanding. It involves summarising the positive/negative impacts of tourism before asking students to write a speech about whether tourism should be allowed in Antarctica based on information sheets. (Writing frames are provided). Three tiers of differentiation for the main 'speech' task offering different points of view on the positives or negatives of Antarctic tourism. (Greenpeace v Tour Operators). Different stakeholder information sheets are within the powerpoint. Writing frames etc. are separate. The layout of the slides has been adapted from another TES resource but the content is different. The resource includes: - Lesson powerpoint (style adapted from another TES resource, content differs) including stakeholders info - Impacts of tourism card sort - Lesson plan for lesson structuring - Writing frames for the speeches (differentiated depending on stakeholder) - Success criteria for writing speeches
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Homework is a difficult part of the job that very few get right, including myself. I designed this homework sheet so that all students in year 7 can access homework when we were completing the topic tourism. The homework sheet consists of 6 tasks, 3 of which students must complete. They are given 6 weeks to do all three tasks, which is about the duration of the topic. This fits in with my departments homework policy which is to provide one piece of homework every two weeks. The sheet can be easily adapted to fit your schools/departments own homework policy.
Tourism in the ArcticQuick View

Tourism in the Arctic

A lesson designed to teach students about the various tourist activities in the Arctic and the potential positive or negative impacts this may have on the area. I used this lesson with a low mixed ability year 7 class. The lesson contains differentiated resources and a structured homework task (to design a postcard for the Arctic).
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This 52 page booklet allows students to explore the unit of tourism from its definition, the types of tourism and their impacts. Chapters include: Leisure Or Tourism? We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday Where Do We All Go? Types Of Tourism How Have Our Holidays Changed And Grown? Tourism As An Economic Activity Impacts Of Tourism – Antarctica Impacts And Management – National Parks Sustainable Tourism Eco-Tourism Butler’s Model – The Cycle Of Tourism Movie-Induced Tourism Welcome To The United Kingdom Brit Tours