Venn Diagram (WHOLE LESSON)Quick View

Venn Diagram (WHOLE LESSON)

A power point to help pupils to get to grips with drawing, interpreting and using Venn diagrams to calculate probabilities. This lesson also contains a worksheet with a range of different questions that could be asked in an exam but also an extension task to show pupils the types of exam questions that can be asked. The answers for the worksheet is on the PPT and the mark scheme for the extension is also attached.
Venn Diagrams & Probability - 7 worksheetsQuick View

Venn Diagrams & Probability - 7 worksheets

These 7 worksheets are aimed at the new GCSE requirement for students to use and understand Venn diagrams. They approach the topic from different angles using word problems and set notation. The sheets are mainly at foundation level and only include two sets. Students can shade which areas on the diagram represent particular sets or subsets and then progress to sorting data based on two conditions e.g. Do you drink tea, do you drink coffee ? The later sheets also involve probability questions including conditional probabilties e.g. What is the probability that a swimmer also cycles regularly ? There is also a page for sorting numbers as multiples, factors, primes etc. The answers are included. GCSE 9-1 references P6, P9, N4, N2 For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop
Venn Diagrams Set Notation - ONESIEQuick View

Venn Diagrams Set Notation - ONESIE

Colourful differentiated A4 page worksheet (with answers), challenge Q , exam question, keywords and 'rate yourself'. Answers provided. Easy for cover work and printing. Answers provided for rapid self assessment (when projected on the whiteboard). Two A4 pages in total. Updated resource 17/11/2018
Probability! (Intro, Sample space, Venn diagrams, Tree diagrams, Relative frequency)Quick View

Probability! (Intro, Sample space, Venn diagrams, Tree diagrams, Relative frequency)

Full probability topic, all ready to go! I have used these lessons with year 7-10. Using the full lessons as introductions to the topic for year 7s and then putting activities from different lessons together for recaps for other years. Each lesson includes: 5 a day starter, lesson objectives with progress tick slide, differentiated, colour coded questions WITH answers. Lesson 1: Introduction into probability! Intro to probability scale and using words such as impossible, likely, etc and intro into how we use fractions to measure probability with whiteboard progress checks included. Lesson 2: Mutually exclusive and sample space diagrams! Intro into when events are mutually exclusive and that probability adds to 1, includes RAG AfL activity to check progress. Intro into sample space diagrams with worksheets AND answers, and fun horse race activity to end. Lesson 3: Relative Frequency! Intro into predicting outcomes, with theoretical and estimated probabilities. Includes a coin toss experiment to show difference in the two probabilities. Lesson 4: Venn diagrams! Intro into how venn diagrams can be used to find probability, with all worksheets and answers included. Lesson 5: Tree diagrams! Intro into probability tree diagrams with and without replacement, all worksheets and answers included! Probability Learning Objective sheet! Activity which can be used in lesson as a consolidation task or as a homework. Has a question on each part of probability students have learnt, with self assessment RAGG tick section. A series of five lessons, ready to use but can be edited for your needs! Hope this is useful for you. If you like my lessons, or think there is more I could do to improve them, please rate or comment! Thanks =]
Venn Diagrams - 3 SetsQuick View

Venn Diagrams - 3 Sets

This resource comprises 6 worksheets with answers to give students confidence in dealing with set notation for 3 intersecting sets. Use set notation and words to describe complements, intersections and unions. GCSE 9-1 reference P6 For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop
Venn Diagrams & ProbabilityQuick View

Venn Diagrams & Probability

This lesson is demonstrates through worked examples how Venn diagrams can be used to obtain the probability of a given event. The lesson also has a worksheet attached.
Venn diagram worksheetQuick View

Venn diagram worksheet

Differentiated worksheet on venn diagrams. Covers calculating probabilities from ready made venn diagrams, drawing venn diagrams from sets and notation. Really good resource to use.
Classifying Animals in Carroll Diagram & Venn Diagram KS2 Lesson Plan, Sorting Activity & WorksheetsQuick View

Classifying Animals in Carroll Diagram & Venn Diagram KS2 Lesson Plan, Sorting Activity & Worksheets

Classifying animals in carroll diagram and venn diagram KS2 lesson plan and worksheet: - classifying animals in carroll diagram and venn diagram KS2 lesson plan. -KS2 classifying animals in carroll diagram and venn diagram sorting activity. - worksheets for KS2 classifying animals in carroll diagram and venn diagram . There is a PDF of all of the files and an editable version of each file (you just need to delete the watermark logo from each of the editable files). You can find more KS2 Science lesson plans, worksheets and teaching resources on the Save Teachers' Sundays website.
Factors, Multiples, Primes into Venn DiagramsQuick View

Factors, Multiples, Primes into Venn Diagrams

A lesson to remind students how to classify types of number ideal for Ks3 or Ks4 Foundation GCSE. See my Free "Bingo" resource for an ideal starter or plenary depending on the group. The worksheets allows students to do a bit of fun shading, and likewise also introduces Venn Diagrams which have been added into the GCSE curriculum.
Venn Diagram StarterQuick View

Venn Diagram Starter

This starter is a reminder to students of the important divisions of Venn diagrams. (they may have met Venn Diagrams in simple form at primary school) It is Intended to be used for questioning consolidating student understanding. A simple word document, shapes begin on the outside of the diagram and can be moved on the smart board as students identify their characteristics.
Venn Diagrams (Mystery)Quick View

Venn Diagrams (Mystery)

Promote independent thinking and problem solving strategies with this resource on Venn diagrams. Pupils must use their mathematical knowledge along with the clues provided to solve the 'mystery'. This will require them to draw a Venn diagram and then interpret it - an area which has been added to both tiers of the GCSE for 2017. Full instructions, ideas for support and extension, and a solution are provided in the resource - what more could you need? Get this resource as part of our great value Mysteries Bundle Try a resource like this for free!