Venn Diagrams - 3 SetsQuick View

Venn Diagrams - 3 Sets

This resource comprises 6 worksheets with answers to give students confidence in dealing with set notation for 3 intersecting sets. Use set notation and words to describe complements, intersections and unions. GCSE 9-1 reference P6 For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop

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Venn Diagrams & Probability - 7 worksheetsQuick View

Venn Diagrams & Probability - 7 worksheets

These 7 worksheets are aimed at the new GCSE requirement for students to use and understand Venn diagrams. They approach the topic from different angles using word problems and set notation. The sheets are mainly at foundation level and only include two sets. Students can shade which areas on the diagram represent particular sets or subsets and then progress to sorting data based on two conditions e.g. Do you drink tea, do you drink coffee ? The later sheets also involve probability questions including conditional probabilties e.g. What is the probability that a swimmer also cycles regularly ? There is also a page for sorting numbers as multiples, factors, primes etc. The answers are included. GCSE 9-1 references P6, P9, N4, N2 For more resources like this please visit the SKILLSHEETS Shop

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Venn Diagrams & ProbabilityQuick View

Venn Diagrams & Probability

This lesson is demonstrates through worked examples how Venn diagrams can be used to obtain the probability of a given event. The lesson also has a worksheet attached.

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Venn Diagrams Worksheets for GCSE 9-1 MathsQuick View

Venn Diagrams Worksheets for GCSE 9-1 Maths

A set of worksheets covering all of the required Venn Diagrams topic for the new GCSE 9-1 Maths syllabus. Includes: - Shading sections of Venn Diagrams based on set notation - Finding probabilities from Venn Diagrams - Completing Venn Diagrams from given information - Conditional probability with Venn Diagrams - Identifying exhaustive, mutually exclusive and independent pairs of events from Venn Diagrams These worksheets match perfectly with our interactive teaching tools at MathsPad. The first one is free and can be found at

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Venn Diagrams lesson observationQuick View

Venn Diagrams lesson observation

Here is a lesson I put together for a lesson observation and received lots of credit. There are two options of starters (I personally would pick the T-shirt starter). The lesson is differentiated to ensure all learners progress. The lesson is suitable for both KS3 and KS4. Starter Starter 2 optional Main worksheet differentiated Extra challenge questions Flipchart with suitable examples, assess and show progression Detailed lesson plan

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Venn Diagrams (Mystery)Quick View

Venn Diagrams (Mystery)

Promote independent thinking and problem solving strategies with this resource on Venn diagrams. Pupils must use their mathematical knowledge along with the clues provided to solve the 'mystery'. This will require them to draw a Venn diagram and then interpret it - an area which has been added to both tiers of the GCSE for 2017. Full instructions, ideas for support and extension, and a solution are provided in the resource - what more could you need? Get this resource plus 15 others in the mysteries bundle for only £2.99 - less than 20p per resource Try a resource like this for free!

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Venn Diagram Probability - Card SortQuick View

Venn Diagram Probability - Card Sort

RAG differentiated card sort for Venn diagrams. - Venn diagrams - Statements about the shaded area of each diagram - Frequency tables for each diagram - Probability statements for each diagram

By MerrittMaths

Venn diagrams New Spec GCSEQuick View

Venn diagrams New Spec GCSE

Venn diagrams is new on the 1 - 9 GCSE spec this year and I have thought about a good solid constructive lesson that will win students understanding with this. Firstly, I have based each question around two visual events (i.e. even numbers and prime numbers). The idea here is that students say which numbers are which and then place them into the Venn diagram. Then they are asked to calculate one probability question from it, they will struggle with this but that's where you step in to make sense of them with the example ready at the board. See the cover image as an example, I have made up 8 questions, each with a different probability. The lesson is an ActivInspire flipchart, explanations and answers. Students can work from a friendly worksheet. I have put in a suitable starter (listing multiple, factors, primes, cube numbers etc). I have also included in this lesson blank diagrams with the probabilities they need to be able to shade (answers included).

By revelsum

Kandinsky Venn DiagramQuick View

Kandinsky Venn Diagram

Art, Maths & Literacy! It's not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for analysis you are doing just that. Pupils write about each picture and then in the middle of the diagram write what the similarities between the two artworks are. Simple!

By TheArtyTeacher

Venn Diagrams 9-1 LessonQuick View

Venn Diagrams 9-1 Lesson

A series of lessons on Venn Diagrams which involve drawing information from a Venn Diagram, drawing venn diagrams and calculating probabilities from Venn Diagrams. This lesson can be aimed at middle and high ability and all tasks are differentiated to at least 2 different levels. All tasks have solutions and is ideal to use with a new curriculum topic. Used with year 11 and pupils engaged and being challenged at all levels.

By IanBrennan

Venn Diagrams - NEW GCSEQuick View

Venn Diagrams - NEW GCSE

This is a PPT I made to cover the new GCSE topic of Venn diagrams. It goes through set notation and includes a matching activity where students have to try and match the notation to the shaded diagram. It then goes into finding probabilities for a two-set Venn, including 'given' questions before extending this to three-set Venns, including ones that need to be filled in. It also has a worksheet to go with it that increases in difficulty, and one of my bonus Throwback Thursdays!

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Structured Venn Diagram QuestionsQuick View

Structured Venn Diagram Questions

Worksheets for structured Venn Diagram questions (3 with two circles, 3 with three circles). I used these with my set 4 year 10 class and it really helped them understand how to fill in a Venn diagram. I went through the class examples on the board using highlighters and then the students were able to answer the worksheets independently. Also suitable for Statistics GCSE. UPDATE- Worked solutions added with colour coding to help with explanations.

By SiouxzieD

Venn Diagrams 8 - ProbabilityQuick View

Venn Diagrams 8 - Probability

This is a rich Venn Diagram activity on Probability, including work with fractions. To access all the Venn Diagram activities in this collection, as well as teaching notes, please visit: Here is why I love Venn Diagram activities so much: 1) Students can always make a start. If they can think of a number/expression/object or whatever it might be, it has to go in one of the regions on the diagram, so they are up and running 2) The more regions student find, the more challenging the task gets, which adds a nice element of differentiation 3) They are incredibly versatile, and can be used for almost all maths topics for all ages and abilities 4) They are easy to tweak by simply changing one of the circle labels if you find they are too difficult/easy 5) Students can create their own as an extension task I hope you and your students enjoy them.

By MrBartonMaths

Venn DiagramsQuick View

Venn Diagrams

A comprehensive resource pack that explains more complex Venn diagrams in detail. The PowerPoint is extremely clear, taking the pupils through the concept of the intersection of two and three sets. There is a fact sheet for pupils as well as a worksheet to consolidate the concept. Answers are supplied.

By grallert

Problem solving with Venn diagramsQuick View

Problem solving with Venn diagrams

Power Point presentation, 10 slides, Explaining with examples how to solve problems using Venn diagrams up to three sets. For a preview of the power point copy the following link on your browser:

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Venn Diagrams RAG differentiated taskQuick View

Venn Diagrams RAG differentiated task

Resource: Differentiated Task on Venn Diagrams. Red ( foundation Stage) ; Drawing Venn Diagrams Amber (Developing Stage); Venn Diagram - Notation Green (Secure Stage); Probability using a Venn Diagram Pupils choose which colour they feel confident attempting. If they are really confident they should choose green, the secure option, if they are struggling they should choose the red or amber option (foundation – basic assessment of skill, amber is a little bit harder). Pupils show the questions, working out and answers that they have attempted in their class book. Pupils self assess or peer assess at the end of each activity to show themselves how much progress they have made. Answers provided for each stage. Printing tip; Print - fit to page or fill entire page so they only print on A4. Choose this option on your printer. I have changed the background to white to make it cheaper. Terms of use; Please use only by the customer paying for the resource.

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Sets and Venn Diagrams CodebreakerQuick View

Sets and Venn Diagrams Codebreaker

The usual lame joke (quite guess-able hence the anagram version) but sets and Venn diagrams covered in this one. This could lead to discussions and students inventing their own jokes.

By alutwyche

Set Theory and Venn DiagramsQuick View

Set Theory and Venn Diagrams

Everything required to teach set theory for the iGCSE. Includes worksheets that run along side the PowerPoint. The homework worksheet with answers can also be used as a mini assessment.

By bdsouza1

Reading Writing & Maths Venn DiagramQuick View

Reading Writing & Maths Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram for Reading, Writing and Maths in PowerPoint. To add your pupils just insert a text box where they need to go. This is a simple tool for class teachers to use to track the progress of the pupils in their class throughout the year.

By mrichmond