Visual Art Resource - 30 Images of BirdsQuick View

Visual Art Resource - 30 Images of Birds

This Visual resource comprises 30 high quality images of birds to provide inspiration for Art students of all ages. This resource can be used in conjunction with other Art resources by Mael Matthews on TES.
The Great Art Quest: Visual Art and StorytellingQuick View

The Great Art Quest: Visual Art and Storytelling

Visual Art and Storytelling activities by professional storytellers and artists experienced in delivering workshops for children. The storytelling activities encourage children to look critically at artwork and work in groups to think up stories based on the chosen pictures. The art activities cover several artforms, including drawing, 3D installations, animation and clay. A running theme is learning about the environment and nature through art, with many of the activities focussing on the outdoors: trees, plants, seeds, found and natural objects, waste etc.
Visual Literacy PPTQuick View

Visual Literacy PPT

Visual Literacy PowerPoint Presentation suitable for all Secondary Year Groups. Covers; Shape, Line, Colour, Gaze, Symbols, Salience, Body Language, Framing, Juxtaposition, Light and Shade, Composition, Size, Angles, Setting, Vectors, Intertextuality and Deconstruction. Excellent for students to understand the key terms , with examples.
Visual Literacy used in MAUS by Art SpiegelmanQuick View

Visual Literacy used in MAUS by Art Spiegelman

These are worksheets developed to assist in analysing Art Spiegelman's graphic novel, MAUS. They examine the visual techniques used by the illustrator and author. Key words: visualisation, graphics, comic, NAZI, germany, cartoon, illustration, technique, device, feature CHECK OUT MY STORE FOR OTHER RESOURCES, INCLUDING BUNDLED SAVINGS!! CHECK OUT THE TES AUTHOR'S BLOG ARTICLE I FEATURED IN: I am a TES endorsed author - "Author on TES: English expert, Resourcesyouwant":
Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) SymbolsQuick View

Visual Timetable using Widgit(T) Symbols

A timetable of 32 Widgit(T) word and symbol cards that together create a visual timetable for use in the classroom. When printed, symbols measure approximately 7 x 6cm. The symbols included are: Maths - English - Science - Phonics - D.T. - French - Music - P.E. - Art - Spelling - Handwriting - Geography - History - R.E. - Computing - PSHE - Topic - Assembly - Registration - Playtime - Lunch - Club - Hometime - Golden Time - Story - Circle Time - Guided Reading - Swimming - Surprise - Rehearsal - Snack - Choosing Sold under licence from Widgit(T). Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002 - 2015
Space and Perspective in Visual ArtsQuick View

Space and Perspective in Visual Arts

Two-page lesson plan with 3 activities and examples on two key concepts: one-point perspective and overlapping to give illusion of 3D depth on flat surfaces. Materials required: ruler, pencil and paper. Paint is optional. Duration can vary greatly from one hour up to 3 hours.
Islamic/Moroccan Art Visual Resources and Scheme of Work.Quick View

Islamic/Moroccan Art Visual Resources and Scheme of Work.

This presentation includes lesson objectives and criteria for success for 3 outcomes, all based on Islamic art. The outcomes include - *Card babouche slipper *Repeat pattern drawing *Arabic inspired typography. A scheme of work is also included. The project was originally designed for Year 8, however the SOW could easily be adapted for other year groups.
Visual Arts: Elements and PrinciplesQuick View

Visual Arts: Elements and Principles

A lesson plan introduction outlining the elements and principles of visual arts with examples, an activity and a link to a 71 page PowerPoint presentation explaining concepts in further detail. The activity included can be as short or long as you'd like to make it depending on your preference and students' pace.
Visuals. ART. Architecture. 100 ImagesQuick View

Visuals. ART. Architecture. 100 Images

Over 100 high quality images of architecture and architectural details. Suitable for Art and Design inspiration. A wide variety of styles and ages of building. Ideal as visual support for STEAM lessons.
The Visual Arts Observing Creating ReflectingQuick View

The Visual Arts Observing Creating Reflecting

1. ART ANALYSIS WORKSHEET ( graphic organiser) While analysing art works, students record observations and information related to the art elements, art principles, style, technical skills, energy states, mood and emotional states. This can be used as a preliminary activity to write an art critique. 2. DALI INSPIRED PASTEL DRAWING After studying The Elephants by Salvador Dali, students create their own Surrealist artwork. 3. ARTWORK REFLECTION WORKSHEET Students evaluate their own artwork.
Visual Art Resource - GraffitiQuick View

Visual Art Resource - Graffiti

This Visual resource comprises 30 high quality images of graffiti to provide inspiration for Art students of all ages. This resource can be used in conjunction with other Art resources by Mael Matthews on TES.
Careers in the Visual ArtsQuick View

Careers in the Visual Arts

A slideshow/presentation listing 33 career opportunities for students studying, or interested in studying visual arts. Each slide contains detailed information about the job/career and includes a QR code for scanning. The QR code directs the user to much more details information about each career/job, making this an interactive resource. Use: > Whole-school assembly > Options evenings > Department/ school display screen(s) > Printable for individual resource/activities > Printable for classroom display posters > Careers coordinator reference/resource
Color Theory in Visual ArtQuick View

Color Theory in Visual Art

An understanding of color theory is key to a visual arts education. This two-page lesson plan outlines the basic color schemes with a description on the effect the colors will have in a composition. Four examples are included and students are asked to identify color scheme used in famous paintings (answer key included) An activity is also included. Duration can vary widely from 45 minutes to two hours. For more thorough examples of color schemes, there is a 71 page PowerPoint link included in the Visual Arts: Elements and Principles lesson plan.
Visual Art Forms PosterQuick View

Visual Art Forms Poster

A poster displaying different forms of Visual Arts. Good for children who need to widen their thinking about what is art.
Composing Music for Visual ArtQuick View

Composing Music for Visual Art

A worksheet for initial composition ideas. I use this within an 'Art of Music' SoW for my year 7s. This is to get them thinking about the link between music and art - Graphic Scores. Enjoy. Please review.