3D Shape Construction Project

Group project involving 3D shapes. Children design a scene to be constructed using 3D shapes. Over 2 lessons, children design a scene, and are given 3D shape nets to colour in and assemble to bring their scene to life.
Children also fill in a project booklet that requires them to count the number of faces, edges, and vertices for each shape, record the amount of each shape they need, and the total amount of faces, edges and vertices in their entire scene.
A multi-faceted project involving shape, teamwork, design, planning, construction, counting, multiplication and addition.

Included in the pack:
- Lesson plan (one for each day)
- Notebook presentation to introduce and guide children through the project
- Group booklet - includes tables, charts, fill in the blanks, and a group feedback sheet for each child to fill out upon completion of the project.

*Nets of shapes not included*
All 3D shape images courtesy of clker.com


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