9-1 Efficient Calculator Use (Treasure Hunt)

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This Treasure Hunt activity has been prepared to practice the efficient use of a calculator, in particular for the new 9-1 GCSE calculator papers. This works great with our 9-1 Efficient Calculator Use Worksheets. Check out our blog post on the different ways Treasure Hunt cards can be used (link in the resource).
It is differentiated to two levels of difficulty; amber (pp. 5-7) and green (pp. 8-10) covering the following topics;
Amber (level 1); Finding remainders, calculating with fractions, improper to mixed, area of fraction of circle, product of primes, Pythagoras, Rounding
Green (level 2); Trigonometry, remainders, compound interest, density, rounding, area of sector, scales, conversions, using formula.
It comes complete with instructions, treasure hunt cards and solutions.
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